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Cümle Tamamlama Testi


1) _____________, we’ll go on to have a general review over the subject.

A) After I finished repairing the car
B) As soon as we had had a cup of coffee
C) When we have had a rest
D) As soon as I made sense of that speech
E) As there are a lot of things to have a look at

2) Jane and I were having fun playing together ___________.

A) until Jack intruded and spoilt everything.
B) after Jack had come and attacked us.
C) when Jack has entered the game room and seen us.
D) as Jack is insulting us from the other side of the room.
E) as soon as Jack has come into sight and seen us together.

3) ______________, both a British and Swish expedition had already climbed Mt. Everest.

A) Until the English had caught a glimpse of the peak
B) When the Australians have set fire over the summit
C) By the time Americans arrived
D) As the British didn’t have on good terms with the Australians
E) Before Americans had showed up over the peak of the mountain

4) ____________ just as she was slowing down on the road.

A) When my brother’s wife lost her consciousness
B) My friend’s nephew lost control
C) My wife has got out of the right way
D) My elder sister had crashed into a tremendous tractor
E) My wife passed out in front of the steering wheel

5) The man hasn’t been successful in making his two ends meet ________.

A) since he started to make up for his debts of the former days
B) when he got his way for compensating the loss of the fortune
C) as soon as his debts got to be out of control
D) after he has run out of the income from the government
E) by the time his father had passed away

6) My elder brother was still under the influence of great shock because _________.

A) he has come across a poisonous snake
B) he had caught the glimpse of the murder of the actor
C) he is having an interview with a very important person on the telephone
D) his application for the job is by no means acceptable
E) his attention in the exam distracted entirely the day before

7) The inflation had already reached insolvable zenith _________.

A) after the new prime minister had come to the government.
B) by the time the new economical programme is applied.
C) so that the prime minister couldn’t have any chance but accept the offer.
D) when the new party took the country over.
E) though the new regulations are taken every day.

8) ______ by the time my brother arrived at home.

A) His girlfriend had already vanished
B) His girlfriend cooks the dinner
C) His girlfriend will prepare the table for breakfast
D) All the books are being stolen from the library
E) The thief has entirely taken all the valuable furniture

9) All our plans about the building have fallen through ________.

A) after the boss changed her decision.
B) when the workers went on strike.
C) as there had been lots of failures in the architecture.
D) as soon as the company stops supporting us.
E) before the authority couldn’t realize the reason.

10) England entered this war between Russia and Turkey on the side of the Turks because ___.

A) Russia was seeking to control the Dardanelles.
B) the country might not have gone to war
C) the army’s problems were made public by the first real war correspondent
D) the exposure leads to reform.
E) the misunderstood order that leads to the suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade

11) Loneliness hasn’t bothered Michael Kingsley since ………………. .

A) he relocated from East Coast Washington to West Coast Washington.
B) the people are very friendly in America.
C) his culture had got in touch with the one in there.
D) he will find there a good way of living.
E) he has understood that life is perfect here.

12) To the surprise of the manager, __________

A) the company hadn’t got enough budget from others.
B) the system will have proven its efficiency.
C) the bulk of money wouldn’t have gone through.
D) the people suddenly quit working in the place of job.
E) they have never had enough assistance from me.

13) As a consequence of the rise in the Global temperature, the icebergs on both poles started to melt; __________________.

A) with this in mind, the community will have taken some measures
B) therefore, all the disasters followed one another
C) because there was a great deal of air pollution
D) although nobody had died in the end
E) so that people can board up their house

14) ______________________, she decided to get married to the man.

A) When Eva has made up her mind for the marriage
B) Because Eva has bad impressions on the man
C) Whereas the mother supported Eva’s decision
D) By the time Eva graduates from the university
E) Although the mother didn’t approve of Eva’s desire for marriage

15) By the time the football fans arrive at the stadium, ______________.

A) the match will have already begun
B) they will get very upset because of the traffic jam
C) the media had already taken their position for broadcasting
D) the media had great difficulty broadcasting the match
E) the weather condition was extremely bad

16) In the aftermath of the explosion, while the buildings were collapsing, _________.

A) the community tries to find a place for protection
B) the people were only watching the incident
C) the authorities will be combing the debris
D) the architectures hadn’t taken enough precaution
E) the government doesn’t have anything to declare

17) Betty was absolutely tired yesterday ____.

A) after she has had an exhausting exam
B) before she is preparing for the final exam
C) when her parents arrive at home
D) because she had had a terrible night the day before
E) until she makes a new design for the party

18) While she was revising the notes she had taken, _________________.

A) she had remembered that the exam was one week later
B) her mother would certainly like to help her with the notes
C) her friends have demanded her to go out with them
D) she realized how much she had to go through
E) she wishes she hadn’t had an exam

19) On a global scale, climate can be spoken of in terms of zones __________.

A) considerably vary from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere
B) so that ancient people could understand the differences in time
C) that meteorologists can detect the amount of rain in a given area
D) it plays significant roles in many philosophical processes
E) that can be traced between the equator and the pole in each hemisphere

20) If more people had bought his first novel, ________.

A) it hadn’t been properly publicised, according to some critics
B) he gave up writing as a career and found a steady job
C) he might have been encouraged to continue writing
D) the competition from more established novelists was too keen for him
E) he may be richer than he is in a short time

21) ___________ so that everybody becomes aware of the dangers that will follow.

A) Many conservationist groups point out the global climatic change
B) In some countries, population planning has stabilized population growth
C) The nature has been faced with numerous man-induced disasters
D) Most governments seem to ignore the deteriorating balance of nature
E) Each person should try to generate as little waste as possible

22) Anything kept long in the refrigerator ___________.

A) unless it is put in the deep freezing part
B) turns out to be rotten though it stays cold
C) when it was taken outside
D) and it cannot be eaten in any way because it has got rotten
E) prove that it has already lost its freshness

23) In my opinion, only if reasonable marketing methods were followed ______________.

A) then the number of our customers should double, or even triple
B) so as to expand into foreign markets
C) that might enable us to compete against our rivals
D) would bring more income with the same amount of output
E) could the sales be increased

24) The scholarships are only given to those with university degrees, __________.

A) so you won’t be able to get one unless you graduate
B) in case you need to spend some money during the holiday
C) when they graduated from their universities with a good degree
D) if only they were really in need of them
E) as long as they are students studying at a university

25) _________________, or she wouldn’t be working as a nurse.
A) My mother would rather my younger sister had studied nursing
B) I insist that your daughter should choose a suitable job
C) Jane seems to enjoy taking care of needy people
D) Terry had to start earning her life at an early age
E) Unless her father failed to find a job

26) John told the waiter that they would eat indoors. __________, but he thought his mother would feel cold.

A) It looked as if it was going to rain
B) He was already feeling very hungry
C) Actually he would have liked to have eaten outside
D) In fact he’d already had a good meal
E) It was very hot inside the restaurant

27) ____________, he put himself to his work with great enthusiasm.

A) Soon after Mark has recovered from his back ache
B) Whenever Mark catches a disease
C) Mark was under the influence of a terrible illness
D) Unless Mark has erased the heavy traces of the illness
E) Once Mark had gotten over his illness

28) According to a study, drinking at least two cups of tea a day ________.

A) are highly beneficial for a person who is under the risk of heart attack
B) those who had heart attack before can minimize the risk in that way
C) may dramatically reduce a person’s chances of dying following a heart attack
D) if anyone is in danger of a possible heart attack
E) because the properties found in black and green tea may be protecting the heart

29) The twin brothers, Gerry and John, were separated at birth, nearly fifty years ago; nevertheless,_______.

A) they have been together for fifty years
B) the two recognised each other the instant they met
C) they had never spent a whole day together in their lives
D) Gerry and Tom spent fifty years in different families
E) their mother is going to have a baby soon

30) Although meteors can be observed with a telescope, ___________.

A) scientists used to observe these meteors without using any aid
B) the naked eye is one of the best instruments for the task
C) the observation done with unaided eyes is not utilized any more
D) there were many instruments which caused that process to be very difficult
E) and for that reason these meteors appear larger than normal


YDS Deneme Testleri, İngilizce testleri


1. C
2. A
3. C
4. E
5. A
6. B
7. D
8. A
9. D
10. A
11. A
12. A
13. B
14. E
15. A
16. B
17. D
18. D
19. E
20. C
21. A
22. B
23. E
24. A
25. C
26. C
27. E
28. C
29. B
30. B


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