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Deyimler 1


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer
1. If you feel “Like a fish ________ water” you feel in the wrong place.
a. in
b. under
c. out of
d. over2. His name definitely rings ________, although I can’t put a face to it.
a. a memory
b. a thought
c. a bell
d. a clock

3. Choose a more formal alternative for the words in bold.
Take your umbrella with you – it’s raining cats and dogs !
a. It’s very hot
b. It’s raining a little
c. It will rain soon
d. It’s raining heavily

4. I’m very suspicious of this deal. I can smell ________
a. a rabbit
b. a rose
c. a rat
d. a fish

5. To “_______ around the bush” is an idiom which means to avoid
speaking about something directly.
a. run
b. beat
c. talk
d. look

6. If you make fun of someone, you “pull his or her ________.”
a. arm
b. finger
c. leg
d. toe


Cevabı Göster
IDIOMS 1 answers
a. Wrong.
b. Wrong.
c. Correct. The answer is ‘Like a fish OUT OF water’
d. Wrong
a. Wrong.
b. Wrong.
c. Correct. The answer is ‘a bell’. If something ‘rings a bell’, it is familiar
to you.
d. Wrong.
a. Wrong. But you could say, ‘It’s very wet out there’.
b. Wrong.
c. Wrong, although many people in Britain take an umbrella with them
whatever the weather.
d. Correct. ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ means that it is raining heavily.
a. Wrong, but to pull a rabbit out of a hat would be a good trick.
b. Wrong, but at least it smells nice
c. Correct. To smell a rat is to be suspicious.
d. Wrong, although you could say that the deal is a bit ‘FISHY’. In other
words you are suspicious of it.
a. Wrong.
b. Correct.
c. Wrong.
d. Wrong.
a. Wrong.
b. Wrong.
c. Correct.
d. Wrong.

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