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Duruma Göre Uygun Cevabı Vermek


1) You are waiting for your turn to pay in a shop when you hear an old man asks one of the shop assistants where Swan Park is. The shop assistant seems not to know. You know where it is, so you say helpfully:

A) It is hard to find that park so you need someone to take you there.
B) You had better go and buy a map from the newsagent’s across the road.
C) It is really very close to here. I’m sure you’ll find it yourself easily.
D) I don’t think there is a park by that name around here. I know this area really well.
E) I couldn’t help overhearing. Turn left from here and it is three streets away.

2) In one of the conversations with your friends, he says that his elder brother has warned him not to eat hamburger at Roger’s restaurant, adding that he didn’t get any answer to the reason for this, though he asked several times. In order to draw a logical conclusion, you say to your friend:

A) Your elder brother might think that fast food restaurants spoil people’s health.
B) I think your elder brother demands that you eat healthy food at home.
C) Your elder brother must have tried that hamburger before, if he has warned you.
D) I think you should have insisted on asking him why he warned you.
E) To tell the truth, there are other restaurants which serve more delicious hamburgers.

3) Highly concerned about your aunt, you have been calling her up for days and you are trying to obtain news from her, but you haven’t received any yet. For that reason, you call your mother and ask whether she knows anything about your aunt and she replies that she hasn’t got any news from her either and when she asks you whether you have called her or not, you reply anxiously:

A) I have phoned her many times and even left messages, but she has never returned my call.
B) Last week I had a dialogue with her on the phone, and I haven’t heard from her since.
C) As far as I know, she has gone to her daughter’s home.
D) Whenever I call my aunt, she is always complaining about her daughter.
E) She must have returned from her daughter’s home because when I called her daughter, she wasn’t there.

4) While you and your wife are sitting in the living room, you daughter enters into the room crying and when you ask what is up, she replies that she had a terrible exam though she trusted herself very much in advance of the exam and when you ask her what happened, she responds in a shocked manner:

A) At the very beginning of the exam I was sure that I answered all the questions correctly.
B) On the whole, it is perfect but there are few questions that I couldn’t answer in any way.
C) As you remember, I warned you to go to bed early the night before but you didn’t take my word for it.
D) I cannot understand myself because all my confidence deserted me when I walked into the exam room.
E) As you now, you are to focus your main attention on the easy questions first during the exam.

5) Your friend is trying to decide on a pet animal. You know that utility is more important to him than just fun. With this in mind, you advise him;
A) You should buy a parrot. You can teach it to speak.
B) If you buy a pet, you ought to have it vaccinated at regular intervals.
C) You might as well keep a dog; it will protect you from intruders when needed.
D) I can give you some baby fish providing you first buy an aquarium.
E) If I were you, I would not worry about how to feed a small mouth like a cat’s.

6) You are going to marry in a week and your best friend says that he booked a room in a hotel in Antalya for you and your would-be wife as a wedding present. You know that hotel very well and you realize that it is impossible to stay there, so in order not to hurt your friend’s feelings, you say kindly:

A) Sorry, I’ve forgotten to tell you that I made another reservation three weeks ago.
B) You must be mad if you think that we can stay in that hotel.
C) Sorry but they prefer to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool.
D) If you want, you can stay here with your wife as we don’t like places like that.
E) I wish you had given me a better wedding present.

7) You have accidentally spilt your coffee with milk all over the table cloth at a visit to your aunt. Knowing that she is bad-tempered, you sincerely apologize, saying:
A) So sorry for delaying my visit for so long. I won’t again.
B) It was clumsy of me, auntie. I really beg you to forgive me for that.
C) I had told you not to put any milk in it. Now we can hardly remove this stain.
D) You make everything worse by getting angry easily.
E) I beg your pardon for this nastiness, but it was you who insisted on offering coffee.

8) As a group of actors and actresses, you have long been rehearsing a play named “The Wolf and The Miracle” and it is time to perform it on the stage, and after the performance you ask your director whether the play will be watched by many spectators in the days to come and he responds by stating that it is too soon to be sure about the success of play, so he says:

A) You have just got the praise of that audience and you will be much better later.
B) To be honest with you, all of you were really excited on the stage.
C) It’s early days yet. We don’t know if the play will be a success.
D) You were horribly successful on the stage and you make great fortune out of this.
E) As can be understood from the amount of applause, this play will be successful in the near future.

9) While having a conversation with one of your friends on the new machines that are being produced almost every day, you mention that these new machines come out in such a rate that you find it hard to adapt to them day by day, so you say:

A) I think some new machines that have recently been produced are useless.
B) I cannot understand the reason why old machines are being renewed these days.
C) There are many machines that seem to be useful, but in fact they aren’t.
D) It is increasingly difficult for me to keep up with the new machines.
E) In order to learn how new machines work reliably; we should read their manual books.

10) You want to change the trousers you bought the day before. When you go to the shop you can’t see the shop assistant from whom you purchased the trousers. When you ask another girl behind the counter about her she says:

A) She left an hour ago but I’m sure if you come tomorrow, she will change it.
B) She is off today and I’m standing in for her.
C) Sorry but I can’t change your trousers.
D) I don’t know who you are either.
E) I would like to change these trousers I bought yesterday.

11) You borrowed your friend’s golden wristwatch to wear on a relative’s wedding two weeks ago. It is very expensive and has spiritual value. He asks for it back, but you can’t remember where it is. You know it must be in the safe in your house. Not wanting to lie to him, you say:

A) Oh that. I gave it to a moneylender in return for some money.
B) I returned it to you last week. Don’t you remember?
C) Sorry, I’ve forgotten to bring it today, but I’ll definitely bring it tomorrow.
D) I’m sorry, I’ve misplaced it but I’ll have found it by tomorrow.
E) I haven’t got it any more. Do you want me to buy you a new one?

12) At a meeting, given that playing games of chance is hazardous to everybody when it is done for money, you state that a large number of men are spoiled because of this even if they are good-tempered, so you say:

A) Gambling is an important weapon on the hand of ill-tempered people.
B) Games of chance obsess men and women alike with trivial things
C) Many a good man has even been destroyed by gambling.
D) I am sorry, but I do not agree with you on the subject that playing games of chance is harmful.
E) I do not understand why people are absorbed in playing games of chance while there are important things to do.

13) Your neighbor wants you to look after her 7-year-old boy for the weekend while she visits her sick grandmother. Last time you looked after him this naughty boy made a big mess in your house so you refuse your neighbor kindly by telling her a lie, so you say:

A) How dare you ask me this question after your child had made such a mess in my house?
B) I’d love to but my husband and I will be out of town visiting our relatives this weekend.
C) Sorry, I don’t have to take care of your naughty child! Help yourself!
D) Okay, but would you mind taking care of my children the following weekend?
E) If you pay the babysitter more, I’m sure she will look after your child very carefully.

14) One of your best friends has called you up, telling that he will have a meeting with a famous star in the days ahead, but he is not certain about what kind of questions he should direct to the celebrity and he wants you to give him some opinion. In response, you offer him to ask questions that will enable the celebrity to give long answers by saying:

A) In the interview try to ask questions that don’t just need ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as an answer.
B) I am sorry, my dear but I don’t know anything that works for you in this matter.
C) If you had informed me about that matter before, we would have had to the opportunity to talk face to face.
D) I can only say that famous people always try to refrain from questions about their private lives.
E) In my opinion, you should have made detailed study about that celebrity’s private life.

15) You are out doing shopping, and you happen to see a lovely shirt in the shop window. When you go into the shop, you learn that there is only that one left of that style. So you ask the shop assistant;

A) Why do you put the best items in the window?
B) Would you mind selling me the shirt on display, then?
C) Can you inform me when new styles arrive?
D) I don’t think that shirt suits me, do you?
E) How much reduction can you make for me in the price?

16) You and your wife are on holiday. You have booked a safari tour to a forest far away from the city. On the morning of the tour, you meet a family friend and he invites you on a boat trip, which seems more fun. You ask the tour guide:

A) Is it possible to go to the forest by boat instead of by bus?
B) Could you possibly change the tickets for another day?
C) How long does it take to go the forest?
D) Why don’t you join us for a boat trip? We are sure it will be fun.
E) Sightseeing is more interesting than a boat trip, isn’t it?

17) After watching the film that your close friend, Brian suggested, you encounter him and he asks whether the film affected you or not and in response you state that it deeply did, saying:

A) Generally speaking, the film was good, but it was not so good as you said.
B) I cannot make any comment on the film because I couldn’t understand anything.
C) I was moved by the film so much that I couldn’t help shedding tears.
D) The film was really perfect, but I don’t understand why you insisted on watching it.
E) Brian, to tell the truth, your interest in films does not match mine.

18) One day while having a conversation with your mother, she asks you whether you get any information of where your close friend, Martha lives now and you reply that her exact whereabouts are still a mystery but you guess that she lives in Massachusetts, so you say:

A) Last year Martha wrote me a letter from Massachusetts and she invited me.
B) I made the most of myself to get any news from her, but I couldn’t receive any.
C) We haven’t been in touch with one another for at least four years.
D) I don’t know for certain, but I think she lives in Massachusetts.
E) You know we were once close friends, but we have got offended with each other.

19) While waiting in the queue in order to get your monthly salary in front of the bank, you notice that a man is trying to enter the queue, so you find it necessary to warn him because you think he must be respectful to other people’s rights, so you warn him to give him a lesson:

A) If you want to be respected, you have to be respectful to others at first.
B) I think you cannot get your salary today because this queue is very long.
C) There are many people in the queue today because this is the last day when salaries are delivered.
D) If you had gone out of home early in the morning, you wouldn’t have to wait that long now.
E) Look! The man over there is trying to enter the queue. I think we should warn him.


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1. E
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. D
10. B
11. C
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. B
16. B
17. C
18. D
19. A


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