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Eş Anlamlı Kelimeler Testi


Find the synonym of the word in bold in the following sentences.

1) Luckily, she had innate ability to judge people quickly and accurately.

A) division
B) section
C) trial
D) capacity
E) respect

2) Wealth is not necessarily synonymous with happiness.

A) being of great importance
B) having the same meaning
C) carrying the burden of
D) being ignorant of
E) being in full charge of

3) Some people are dying of hunger; meanwhile, others are throwing away food they don’t eat.

A) at the same time
B) at that time
C) from time to time
D) over and above
E) once at a time

4) The committee has decided that henceforth a special test will have to be taken by new students.

A) all of a sudden
B) from this time forward
C) after all
D) all the same
E) within certain limits

5) Many areas of the southwestern United States are arid and desert-like.

A) humid
B) humble
C) soaked
D) damp
E) dry

6) He was immersed in his work and did not even see me.

A) cultivated
B) excelled
C) withdrawn
D) absorbed
E) impressed

7) A tribesman in Africa looks at time from a different perspec¬tive than an American businessman.

A) various aspects of evaluation
B) way of thinking
C) high chances of promotion
D) the likelihood
E) the managing process

8) The Independence Day firework show was quite a spectacle.

A) impressive performance
B) enhancement of knowledge
C) rising of the standard
D) complexion
E) retrospect

9) When you get sick the doctor will often send a sample of your blood for analysis.

A) the cases of infected bodies
B) infected tissues within the body being operated
C) a small amount of substance to be tested
D) variations received during an experiment
E) hygienic standards being applied in a company

10) Before Newton, people had great difficulty understanding how any metal could conduct electricity.

A) transmit
B) emit
C) reveal
D) behave
E) transform

11) Political repression and poverty induced many people to leave their homeland and emigrate.

A) fluctuated
B) terrified
C) caused
D) arranged
E) collapsed

12) Some of the old viaducts are not high enough for today’s tall trucks to go under.

A) a container especially used for making tea
B) a rear settlement
C) the inhabitant in a village
D) a junction on a long road
E) a long high bridge which carries a road or railroad

13) In his defense the lawyer referred to a similar case in 1952 that established a precedent in favor of his client.

A) an event having happened before
B) an intersection on the motorway
C) the once-prime minister
D) the varying data
E) the way that things have always been done

14) Photographic film has to be processed before we get the pictures.

A) progressed
B) pioneered
C) treated
D) wandered
E) withered

15) He looked at the view from his window and contemplated his next move.

A) rendered
B) presented
C) returned
D) supposed
E) resurrected

16) Old people often reminisce about the days of their youth.

A) oppose
B) circle
C) estimate
D) remind
E) remember

17) It’s hard to conceive what an earthquake greater than 8.0 on the Richter scale can do.

A) wonder
B) imagine
C) press
D) coin
E) invent

18) Drastic measures were taken by the government to control the rate of inflation.

A) thunderous
B) dramatic
C) vivid
D) imaginary
E) fanciful


YDS Deneme Testleri, İngilizce testleri


1. D
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. E
6. D
7. B
8. A
9. C
10. A
11. C
12. E
13. A
14. C
15. A
16. E
17. B
18. B


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