Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS



1. The administrator has requested that we ____ our thermostats to 19″ C.
A) must lower
B) may lower
C) ought to lower
D) lower
E) will lower

2. It’s preferable that you ___ with the manager.
A) mustn’t argue
B) are not going to argue
C) not argue
D) didn’t argue
E) don’t argue

3. ___ the blues of the Southwest in a 11-meter boat is _____ I want to
do when I retire.
A) Sailing / which
B) Sail/what
C) While / which
D) Sailor / what
E) To sail / what

4. Have you decided ___her for her anniversary?
A) what are you going to get
B) what you are going to give
C) which are you going to buy
D) where are they going
E) where you taking

5. Weakened by his long sickness, ___ by the unaccustomed effort.
A) he is exhausting
B) he will be exhausted
C) he was exhausted
D) exhausting
E) to exhaust

6. ____, a police officer signalled me to stop.
A) While backed the truck into an alley
B) In order to back the truck into an alley
C) While I was backing the truck into an alley
D) I backed the truck into an alley
E) I was backed the truck into an alley

7. Being young and restless, _____ by the long stage of inactivity.
A) I was bored
B) I was boring
C) boring
D) after I was bored
E) before I am bored

8. The woman remained hesitant of her status in the household
A) but Tom had predicted
B) neither had Tom predicted
C) also Tom had predicted
D) if Tom had predicted
E) as Tom had predicted

9. Mr. Dobbswow is busy most of the afternoon; _____, he could see you at four-thirty.
A) in spite of
B) lest
C) so long as
D) however
E) because

10. ___, I wanted to stop over at Haroldon’s house.
A) There was a delay
B) In spite of the delay
C) Because of the delay
D) There must be delay
E) When there is a delay

11. The cook left in a week, ___ she had family troubles to take care of.
A) to say that
B) said that
C) after said that
D) saying that
E) she is saying that

12. ___ when he entered, Melly stood behind the doctor.
A) Thought to surprise him
B) After she was thought to surprise him
C) She was surprised
D) She was thought to surprise him
E) Hoping to surprise him

13. The sergeant conducted his own inspection, cautiously ___ into our footlockers and ___ our uniforms.
A) looking / examined
B) looked / examining
C) looking / examining
D) looks / examines
E) looking / examines

14. ___ when he graduated, Ted added the additional course to his program.
A) Wishing to earn more money
B) He wishes to earn more money
C) He wished to earn more money
D) Wished to earn more money
E) After wished to earn more money

15. ___, Marilyn seized the letter and fled to room.
A) To see her chance
B) Seeing her chance
C) It is her chance
D) She must see her chance
E) Unless Margaret saw her chance

16. Henrew picked over the apples, ___.
A) to choose only the ripest
B) while choosing only the ripest
C) choosing only the ripest
D) although choosing only the ripest
E) to have been choosing only the ripest

17. ___, he broke into a wide grin.
A) Hearing his name called
B) Calling his name
C) To call his name
D) Heard his name calling
E) If he heard his name

18. Henrew sat next to me, ___.
A) to puzzle over the test questions.
B) after he had puzzled over the test questions
C) puzzled over the test questions
D) in order to puzzle over the test questions
E) puzzling over the test questions

19. ___, the boss handed the guarantee back to me.
A) Shook his head
B) He wanted to shake his head
C) Shaking his head
D) To shake his head
E) In order to shake his head

20. ___, the nurse placed the coffee out of reach.
A) She wanted to do her job
B) Trying to do her job
C) Tried to do her job
D) After she had tried to do her job
E) To try to do her job

21. Most of the schoolboys were indifferent to money, ………….
A) to work only when they felt like it
B) working only when they felt like it
C) that they worked only when they felt like it
D) they work only when they felt like it
E) if they want to work only when they felt like it

22. ___, Mr. Hudsonhawk groped for the light switch.
A) Coughing
B) Cough
C) Coughed
D) In order to cough
E) Why to cough

23. ___, she only asked why he had not phoned earlier.
A) Forgiven
B) After forgiven
C) Forgiving him
D) Forgive him
E) Forgives him

24. ___, the artist and her husband to pause for only one more picture.
A) Ignored the questions
B) They ignored the questions
C) Ignoring the questions
D) By ignoring the questions
E) While ignoring the questions

25. Laurella can leave her Toyota for you at the airport, ____ rent a car there.
A) or you can
B) but you can
C) or you had to
D) or you can have
E) but you may have

Cevabı Göster
1 C 1 D 1 C 1 A 1 D 1 D 1 B 1 C
2 C 2 A 2 C 2 D 2 C 2 C 2 E 2 B
3 E 3 E 3 C 3 C 3 E 3 C 3 C 3 C
4 C 4 C 4 A 4 B 4 B 4 B 4 E 4 B
5 A 5 A 5 A 5 A 5 C 5 D 5 D 5 A
6 B 6 D 6 B 6 C 6 C 6 B 6 C 6 C
7 C 7 E 7 A 7 C 7 A 7 E 7 C 7 B
8 E 8 D 8 C 8 A 8 E 8 B 8 A 8 D
9 E 9 B 9 D 9 D 9 D 9 C 9 E 9 B
10 A 10 D 10 E 10 B 10 C 10 A 10 D 10 B
11 D 11 C 11 D 11 C 11 D 11 E 11 C 11 D
12 C 12 E 12 B 12 E 12 E 12 D 12 C 12 A
13 B 13 D 13 E 13 D 13 C 13 C 13 D 13 C
14 D 14 E 14 B 14 A 14 A 14 C 14 D 14 C
15 A 15 C 15 D 15 B 15 B 15 C 15 B 15 E
16 D 16 B 16 A 16 D 16 C 16 B 16 D 16 E
17 B 17 E 17 A 17 B 17 A 17 D 17 C 17 D
18 B 18 B 18 B 18 C 18 C 18 B 18 C 18 C
19 E 19 D 19 E 19 A 19 C 19 C 19 B 19 A
20 C 20 A 20 B 20 D 20 B 20 B 20 B 20 E
21 B 21 C 21 D 21 E 21 B 21 E 21 D 21 B
22 A 22 E 22 A 22 C 22 A 22 D 22 C 22 E
23 C 23 D 23 C 23 B 23 C 23 D 23 E 23 A
24 A 24 A 24 E 24 B 24 C 24 A 24 C 24 B
25 A 25 D 25 D 25 C 25 A 25 D 25 C 25 C

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