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1) You ………. till the traffic lights were green before crossing the road. You wouldn’t have got a ticket.
A) must have waited
B) had to wait
C) should wait
D) had better wait
E) ought to have waited

2) I’ve bought two bottles of coke – that ………. enough.
A) must have been
B) could have been
C) ought to be
D) had to be
E) should have been

3) He ………. a parachute, or else, he would have been killed.
A) should have had
B) had to have
C) might have had
D) must have had
E) may have had

4) A: I couldn’t sleep yesterday evening.
B: You ………. some yogurt at dinner.
A) should have eaten
B) had better eat
C) must have eaten
D) ought to eat
E) could eat

5) Josephina bought a toaster which broke after three months. She didn’t do anything about it and now the six-month guarantee has expired. Comment on this situation. She ………. it back to the shop immediately.
A) had to take
B) was to have taken
C) should have taken
D) may have taken
E) ought to take

6) He ………. his clothes. His grandmother had always done it for him.
A) didn’t need to wash
B) wasn’t used to washing
C) needn’t have washed
D) wouldn’t wash
E) isn’t used to washing

7) I ………. early. I’ve been doing it for three years.
A) used to get up
B) was used to getting up
C) would get up
D) would have got up
E) am used to getting up

8) I………. when I was at school, but now I smoke eleven cigarettes a day.
A) used to smoke
B) was used to smoking
C) didn’t use to smoke
D) would smoke
E) got used to smoke

9) The political prisoners are excited since there are rumours of a possible amnesty. They ………. soon.
A) could be released
B) might release
C) will have released
D) may have released
E) must have been released

10) You ………. that job last month. It’s no use worrying about it now.
A) had to finish
B) should have been finished
C) ought to have finished
D) must have finished
E) could have been finished

11) ………. her, I’d be very grateful if you’d give her my regards.
A) Would you see
B) Should you see
C) Will you see
D) Had you seen
E) Are you to see

12) Supposing she ………. , how many hours a day would she work?
A) can choose
B) are to choose
C) will be able to choose
D) could choose
E) were able to be chosen

13) All orders ………. in by 29 March. Otherwise, they won’t be accepted.
A) should sent
B) should have been sent
C) must have sent
D) are to be sent
E) were to have been sent

14) You ………. this under any circumstances. You may get killed.
A) shouldn’t have touched
B) may not touch
C) aren’t to touch
D) had better not touch
E) weren’t supposed to touch

15) A: I’ll iron my T-shirts.
B: You ………. mine too.
A) might iron
B) could have ironed
C) have to be ironed
D) might be ironed
E) might have ironed

16) Stephan is out of work and worried that he won’t get another job. You know he’s got good qualifications. You say to console him: You ………. any difficulty getting another job.
A) shouldn’t have
B) aren’t to have
C) might not have
D) can’t have had
E) mustn’t have had

17) You left some clothes at a dry-cleaner’s and were told they would be ready by Friday at the latest. It is now Thursday afternoon. You may say: “They ………. ready by now.”
A) ought to be
B) ought to have been
C) should have been
D) might be
E) would have been

18) My four-year-old son ………. in front of the television whenever I turn it on.
A) would sit
B) used to sit
C) was used to sitting
D) will sit
E) gets used to sitting

19) There ………. a beautiful park here when I was at secondary school.
A) would be
B) could be
C) might be
D) must be
E) used to be

20) “I consider he’s broken his leg, but I’m not sure.” means: I think he ………. his leg.
A) must have broken
B) must break
C) may have broken
D) might have been broken
E) could have been broken

21) “I’m pretty sure she was driving far too fast.” means: She ………. far too fast.
A) must be driving
B) might have been driving
C) could be driving
D) could have been driving
E) must have been driving

22) Oh dear! I ………. my manager however I completely forgot.
A) was supposed to phone
B) had to phone
C) must have phoned
D) ought to phone
E) would rather have phoned

23) Tommy, you’re smoking! But you know you …….. smoke in this room.
A) weren’t to
B) don’t have to
C) haven’t got to
D) aren’t supposed to
E) didn’t have to

24) Lauren is a nurse. She started working nights two years ago. At first she found it strange and didn’t like it. At first she ………. early. But after a while she ……….early. Now she doesn’t mind it at all. She ………. nights.
A) wasn’t used to getting up/used to get up/ is used to working
B) wasn’t used to getting up/got used to getting up/ is used to working
C) didn’t used to get up/got used to getting up/is used to working
D) wasn’t used to getting up/got used to getting up/ used to work
E) wasn’t used to getting up/was used to getting up/ is used to working

25) People don’t work as hard as we ………. .
A) used to
B) are used to
C) were used to
D) would
E) could


Cevabı Göster
1 C 1 A 1 A 1 E 1 E 1 E 1 C 1 A
2 B 2 D 2 A 2 C 2 D 2 C 2 A 2 B
3 D 3 A 3 C 3 A 3 B 3 D 3 E 3 E
4 D 4 B 4 B 4 E 4 E 4 A 4 C 4 B
5 B 5 D 5 E 5 A 5 A 5 C 5 A 5 D
6 C 6 B 6 D 6 D 6 C 6 B 6 C 6 A
7 D 7 C 7 C 7 A 7 B 7 E 7 A 7 C
8 B 8 A 8 B 8 A 8 D 8 C 8 E 8 E
9 A 9 D 9 A 9 E 9 D 9 A 9 A 9 C
10 C 10 E 10 E 10 C 10 A 10 C 10 B 10 B
11 D 11 E 11 B 11 C 11 E 11 B 11 C 11 A
12 C 12 E 12 E 12 B 12 D 12 D 12 D 12 D
13 A 13 A 13 E 13 D 13 E 13 D 13 E 13 E
14 E 14 C 14 B 14 A 14 E 14 C 14 C 14 D
15 D 15 C 15 A 15 C 15 B 15 A 15 D 15 E
16 B 16 B 16 D 16 C 16 E 16 A 16 B 16 E
17 E 17 A 17 A 17 A 17 D 17 A 17 C 17 C
18 C 18 B 18 A 18 E 18 A 18 D 18 E 18 A
19 D 19 C 19 A 19 A 19 C 19 E 19 B 19 D
20 E 20 B 20 B 20 D 20 D 20 C 20 E 20 B
21 D 21 C 21 A 21 E 21 A 21 E 21 C 21 A
22 A 22 E 22 A 22 B 22 E 22 A 22 C 22 D
23 C 23 E 23 C 23 A 23 B 23 D 23 E 23 E
24 E 24 B 24 A 24 C 24 C 24 B 24 C 24 C
25 C 25 A 25 B 25 C 25 A 25 A 25 C 25 A

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