Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS


Cevabı Göster
1 D 1 C 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 B 1 B 1 B
2 E 2 C 2 A 2 D 2 E 2 B 2 E 2 D
3 C 3 D 3 C 3 E 3 D 3 B 3 C 3 A
4 B 4 D 4 A 4 E 4 B 4 E 4 B 4 C
5 A 5 B 5 A 5 B 5 D 5 C 5 E 5 B
6 C 6 A 6 B 6 D 6 B 6 C 6 B 6 C
7 C 7 B 7 A 7 D 7 D 7 E 7 B 7 D
8 B 8 E 8 E 8 D 8 A 8 D 8 C 8 C
9 A 9 A 9 B 9 E 9 A 9 A 9 A 9 D
10 E 10 D 10 E 10 E 10 D 10 C 10 C 10 D
11 C 11 B 11 A 11 B 11 B 11 A 11 A 11 B
12 A 12 D 12 A 12 D 12 C 12 A 12 C 12 A
13 D 13 C 13 C 13 B 13 A 13 B 13 D 13 A
14 C 14 E 14 C 14 D 14 A 14 A 14 E 14 B
15 C 15 D 15 D 15 E 15 D 15 A 15 E 15 B
16 A 16 C 16 B 16 B 16 A 16 C 16 A 16 D
17 D 17 E 17 E 17 D 17 C 17 D 17 D 17 E
18 C 18 C 18 C 18 B 18 C 18 A 18 A 18 E
19 B 19 C 19 A 19 C 19 B 19 E 19 D 19 C
20 D 20 D 20 E 20 A 20 A 20 A 20 A 20 E
21 B 21 B 21 B 21 E 21 D 21 B 21 C 21 A
22 E 22 A 22 C 22 C 22 E 22 C 22 A 22 B
23 E 23 C 23 D 23 C 23 C 23 C 23 C 23 E
24 B 24 C 24 B 24 A 24 A 24 C 24 C 24 B
25 D 25 D 25 C 25 C 25 D 25 B 25 D 25 A


1) I feel………. better now that I think I can return to work before Wednesday.
A) too
B) of all
C) the whole
D) so much
E) enough

2) Anyone………. anything about the crime is asked to communicate with the police.
A) doesn’t know
B) knows
C) to know
D) to have known
E) knowing

3) ………. a grammatical rule, one should frequently practice it in order to learn it soundly.
A) learnt
B) being learnt
C) having learned
D) to have learning
E) who learn

4) We can help other countries avoid certain problems ………. the lessons we have learned from previous experiences.
A) that taught
B) by teaching
C) being taught
D) to be taught
E) to have teaching

5) …….. 120 names have been made public of people he assisted during the final stage of their lives.
A) so far
B) since
C) although
D) or else
E) except for

6) The country where ………. is one of the major influences on a person’s values and thinking process.
A) you raise
B) you have raised
C) you are raised
D) will have raised
E) you are raising

7) It is essential that those community members of higher socioeconomic status ………. in such an education program.
A) should involve
B) involve
C) be involved
D) has been involving
E) has to involve

8) There is little room ………. error during the process and it is up to us to show the staff initiative and a no-nonsense attitude.
A) by
B) for
C) with
D) like
E) as

9) As we anxiously wait for the next millennium to arrive, many questions……….in our minds.
A) have been formed
B) are forming
C) to have formed
D) will have forming
E) being formed

10) When discussing mental patients, many people are not aware of what the parents …….
A) like are
B) are as if
C) as though are
D) likely are
E) are like

11) Some argue that a mandatory uniform policy tends to penalize everyone as opposed to addressing the children ……. the majority of problems.
A) whom caused
B) caused
C) who cause
D) to cause
E) whose cause

12) Children ………. their sense of connection to all that surrounds them.
A) have not yet lost
B) yet haven’t lost
C) have not still lost
D) have lost hardly
E) never have lost
13) The basic principles of dams still apply today as they did before; a dam must prevent water from……….
A) to pass
B) to have passed
C) passed
D) passing
E) being passed

14) The belief that the black cat brings bad luck is nothing ………. a superstition.
A) through
B) of
C) but
D) for
E) behind

15) I………. a steady boyfriend and we are thinking of getting engaged but my parents ………. I am a child.
A) am getting/already thought
B) got/are still thought
C) have got/still think
D) have been getting/are still thought
E) am to get/still not think

16) This book describes the people who spend their lives………. with the birds, animals and plants in various parts of the world.
A) working
B) to work
C) worked
D) work
E) to be worked

17) The islanders know that if……….tourists-come to the island there will be……….money.
A) a few/more little
B) more fewer/little
C) many/as little as
D) fewer/less
E) so little/less

18) At first she taught it was part of the dream she ………. but then she realised what was happening.
A) had been had
B) would have had
C) had been having
D) was had
E) had to have

19) The railways in Britain……….under state control since they were nationalized in 1948.
A) were
B) have been
C) will have been
D) have to be
E) are being

20) The planter needed to educate his workers on certain agricultural techniques ………. how to make the land most productive.
A) so as to be knowing
B) as being known
C) to have been knowing
D) in order to know E) as soon as known

21) Guns are not usually necessary for protection, and semi-automatics are not required………. for hunting.
A) just
B) even
C) since
D) likely
E) though

22) It is important to realize that if a country’s citizens are improving their economy and standard of living, they are ……….
A) contently
B) much more contently
C) so content as
D) being content as
E) more content

23) Not only is America ………. country in the history of the world, it is also ……….
A) the more powerful/the richest
B) the more powerful/the richer
C) the most powerful/the richer
D) more powerful/the richer
E) the most powerful/the richest

24) The economic prosperity of the colonies was primarily dependent on the amount of tobacco ……….
A) to produce
B) produced
C) producing
D) produces
E) was producing

25) It is also essential that environmental education ……….and applicable to the person doing the learning.
A) has appropriate
B) to be appropriate
C) being appropriate
D) be appropriate
E) will be appropriated

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