Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS

İngilizce Deneme 1


1-22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1) Animal rights activists say thousands of pigeons will starve to _______ if city authorities succeed in barring the sole licensed feed dealer from the square.

A) fear B) extinction C) nutrition D) assassination E) death

2) MM company has responded to the public demand with multi-purpose vehicles, now it combines this _______ with the performance and comfort of a top-of-the-range car.

A) versatility B) attraction C) sustenance D) abuse E) progress

3) Dust and dirt soon _____ if a house is not cleaned regularly.

A) recognize B) accumulate C) introduce D) replace E) stimulate

4) In developed countries, people tend to go to psychological _______ because they themselves cannot deal with the problems arising from rapid and isolated pace of life.

A) guides B) inhabitants C) explorers D) counselors E) lecturers

5) Because the British crown jewels are _____, they are kept in an extremely secure building.

A) worthwhile B) glorious C) popular D) worthless E) invaluable
6) Steven Spielberg is a / an ______ figure in American film industry. His films are highly appreciated all over the world.

A) deficient B) dominant C) commercial D) tough E) exotic

7) In the eighteenth century an English doctor, William Tuke, filled the grounds of a hospital for _______ disturbed people with chickens, rabbits and goats because they help improve the psychological problems.

A) physically B) excessively C) exclusively D) mentally E) specially

8) When I found the question ________ more difficult than the previous one, I made up my mind to ask my teacher for it.

A) considerably B) obviously
C) basically D) intuitively
E) glamorously

9) The bomb was taken away and the army _____ it _____ at a safe distance from the houses.

A) backed / up B) brought / up C) calmed / down D) asked / out
E) blew / up

10) Even though Spencer had _______ Mary ____ several times, she again and again refused to have dinner at a restaurant with him.

A) let / out B) asked / out
C) asked / after D) blown / up E) backed / up

11) I’ve always wondered how primitive people ______ before they ______ the wheel.

A) had been travelling / had been invented
B) will travel / invent
C) have travelled / invented
D) were travelling / invent
E) had travelled / invented

12) Silvia in addition to her three daughters ______ in a lovely cottage on the edge of the mountain.

A) live B) have lived C) are living D) lives E) were living

13) According to the government authorities, the value of Turkish currency ______ noticeably over the next few months.

A) will be dropping B) dropped C) drop D) are dropping E) has dropped
14) After Jason _____ to keep warm during severe winters, he ____ north and south to cooler climates.

A) has learnt / has been able to move
B) could learn / should be moving
C) had learnt / was able to move
D) had to learn / is supposed to move
E) would learn / used to move

15) The coach and Rob’s team-mates believe that _____ he has recovered from the knee operation, he will be again playing as well as before.

A) until B) before C) once
D) now that E) by the time

16) Ever since the storm, the garage roof ______, and I am afraid the water _______ the car rusty.

A) has been leaking / will make
B) leaks / has made
C) is leaking / makes
D) was leaking / will have made
E) leaked / made
17) The fact that the young and the old have continuous conflict _____ each other will certainly result _____ an entire clash-off in the following years.

A) between / from B) on / in C) with / in D) from / in
E) among / from

18) The number of the patients who ______ exposed to wrong treatment _______ still unknown to the authorities.

A) were / are B) have been / is
C) are / are D) was / is
E) has / is

19) The authorities _______ cigarette advertising from television and radio before and recently, the time ______ to ban it from newspapers, magazines and billboards as well.

A) has been banning / has come
B) banned / is coming
C) had banned / has come
D) is banning / has come
E) banned / had come

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