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İngilizce Deneme 2


1-22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1) If a country isn’t self-sufficient in raw materials for industry, it meets the _____ for them through importation from abroad.

A) necessity B) need C) likelihood
D) probability E) request

2) You have to ______ all your skills in this field so as to show that you are the correct choice for this position.

A) demonstrate B) reflect
C) emphasize D) identify
E) reveal

3) Since the members of the football team were rather aware of the importance of the match, they were determined to be ________ to any distraction.

A) conscious B) oblivious
C) perceptive D) inaccessible
E) comprehensive

4) Even in the days when America was known as the New World, it was a country with a / an _________ for its spirit of enterprise and the ability of its people to make a good deal.

A) institution B) characteristic
C) reputation D) access
E) conquest

5) Today, it is generally accepted that some drugs cannot eliminate the disease, but _________ the spread of it.

A) retain B) destroy C) detect
D) retard E) decimate

6) Unfortunately, the woman had to be involved in the area of epidemics; for that reason, she suffered from that extreme ________.

A) alien B) exposure C) inclination
D) deficiency E) degeneration
7) According to the latest census, the rate of population will one day become stable because this cannot continue ________.

A) invaluably B) intuitively
C) uncritically D) implicitly
E) indefinitely

8) Since the woman was quite demoralized as a result of severe quarrel with her boss, she couldn’t _______ talking with him when she met him by coincidence yesterday.

A) catch up with B) drop in on
C) feel up to D) check out of
E) brush up on

9) By my close friend’s accounts, the preparation of the homework was _____ because of the lack of introductory part in the former one.

A) done over B) dropped by
C) drawn up D) called off
E) brought back

10) A : You _______ at this hour. The boss hasn’t come, yet.
B : Oh, you _________ me earlier.

A) didn’t need to come / must have informed
B) don’t have to come / must inform
C) needn’t have come / should have informed
D) needn’t have come / ought to inform
E) didn’t have to come / should have informed

11) Some historians suggest that the Indians of the USA ______ from Asia thousands of years ago, but some others suggest that they ______ so as they were no convenient vehicles for this.

A) must have immigrated / can’t do
B) managed to immigrate / mustn’t do
C) should have immigrated / couldn’t have done
D) were able to immigrate / may not be doing
E) might have immigrated / can’t have done
12) She _________ all his energy currently as the primary courses haven’t been set out yet.

A) can’t have exerted
B) needn’t have exerted
C) can’t exert
D) doesn’t have to exert
E) should have exerted

13) A : Would you mind if I _________ you by your second name?
B : Of course not.

A) call B) am calling C) will call
D) called E) can call

14) A : Our Japanese guests want to see historical places. Where ______ I take them?
B : You _________ them to Mevlana Museum as it has a spiritual atmosphere.

A) shall / could take
B) should / could have taken
C) can / would take
D) will / might have taken
E) could / shall take

15) In many states in today’s world, law and order ______ through a strong police force although the people claim that this _______ much of citizens’ freedom.

A) are maintaining / has restricted
B) have been maintaining / will be restricted
C) are maintained / restricts
D) were maintained / is restricting
E) maintain / will restrict

16) We were ___ the impression that she had something to do ___ the crime though she claimed to the contrary.

A) of / about B) with / without C) on / for
D) under / with E) to / over

17) The bomb squad arrived at the scene ten minutes ____ they received an anonymous call saying that there was a bomb in the shop.

A) when B) because C) after
D) as soon as E) before
18) I would rather ____ about the terms of the competition before the deadline was over. Why did you keep it a secret?

A) tell B) be telling
C) have told D) have been telling
E) have been told

19) After having some difficulty for some time in that hostile environment, she ____ among so many frustrating factors.

A) used to live
B) was used to living
C) got used to live
D) got accustomed to living
E) was accustomed to live

20) It is quite a common practice in many countries, especially in the underdeveloped ones, that employees ______ less money for the work they do.

A) are paid B) have to pay
C) are paying D) must be paid
E) have paid

21) John _______ his warm clothes in his suitcase to keep himself warm in harsh weather. I wonder why he didn’t.

A) was supposed to put
B) ought to be putting
C) must have put
D) could put
E) should have been putting

22) If the taxi driver accelerates only a little, the referee _________ his whistle for the match yet when we _____ our seats in the stadium.

A) won’t blow / took
B) hasn’t blown / take
C) won’t have blown / take
D) hadn’t blown / took
E) isn’t going to blow / have taken

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