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İngilizce Deneme 3


1-22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1) There have been many speculations recently but the Finance Minister’s ______ of economic chaos has proved correct.

A) ritual B) infection C) prediction
D) provision E) amputation

2) During her long journey from Yorkshire to Canterbury the Queen was ______ by soldiers on horseback.

A) preceded B) receded C) coated
D) depicted E) collapsed

3) Whereas the latest album of the singer had little success in his own country, it was highly ______ by the people in other countries.

A) varied B) acclaimed C) disregarded
D) experienced E) neglected

4) I think the girls largely admire the famous actor Leonardo di Cap Rio due to the fact that he is far away from them and thus ________.

A) excessive B) notorious
C) inaccessible D) comparative
E) desperate

5) The pope said, “We may _____ from monkeys” and that hypothesis induced a great sensation throughout the world.

A) decimate B) assimilate C) eliminate
D) retain E) descend

6) The fact that the community consumed the store of food _______ led to great famine within the area where disaster took place.

A) consciously B) profoundly
C) glamorously D) extensively
E) intellectually
7) After the weightlifter had broken his arm at his first ________, all the competitors were demoralized.

A) attempt B) confirmation
C) recreation D) intrusion
E) redundancy
8) The final score was 2-2; nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for the Turkish National Team to _______ a place in the cup final which will be held in Portugal.

A) enable B) retard C) preserve
D) ensure E) overlook

9) All I can remember about the time when I _______ is my mother’s anxious face and it was clear that she was afraid of my having fainted.

A) got across B) brought up
C) came to D) drew up
E) crossed out

10) Nick was agitated when I told him we couldn’t afford to go to Mexico, but he soon _______.

A) got down B) calmed down
C) came down D) went down
E) brought down

11) My grandfather was such a polite man that he ________ his guests a warm welcome no matter what time it was.

A) was used to give
B) should have given
C) used to giving
D) would give
E) wasn’t supposed to give

12) The bride’s ex-husband came to the wedding ceremony without ________, so he ______ to leave the hall in order not to cause any trouble.

A) being invited / was asked
B) inviting / was asking
C) to be invited / was asked
D) having invited / was asking
E) to invite / has been asked

13) You don’t have to hesitate about coming to İstanbul owing to the fact that your father is in Germany now because by the time you arrive here, he _________ back.

A) will have been B) has been
C) will be D) had been
E) is
14) You have been working hard and haven’t looked at all well for the last few days. ______ take a day off and have a rest?

A) Would you prefer
B) Let’s
C) Would you like
D) Why don’t you
E) Would you mind

15) Hundreds of terrorists ________ during the last operation which was made in Northern Iraq.

A) are reported to capture
B) have reported to have captured
C) is reported to have been captured
D) are reported to be captured
E) are reported to have been captured

16) Your having lots of money has changed everybody; that’s, even the man who ______ a word to you by yesterday ________ to you just like your close friend these days.

A) hadn’t uttered / is talking
B) hasn’t uttered / was talking
C) didn’t utter / talked
D) hadn’t uttered / talked
E) hasn’t uttered / had talked

17) You _______ more attention during the lesson. As the teacher of this class I am starting to get irritated with your constant inability to answer my questions.

A) would pay B) may pay
C) must have paid D) ought to have paid
E) are to pay

18) Kylie was very upset _______ that all the places on the cruise __________.

A) hear / booked
B) to hear / are booked
C) hearing / to be booked
D) to hear / were booked
E) to have heard / have booked
19) Even though I wouldn’t mind _____ the film “Gone With The Wind” again, I’d much rather ______ something else.

A) watch / doing B) to watch / to do
C) watching / do D) to watch / doing
E) watching / to do

20) Jason walked all the way from his office ______ his house, ______ he may feel hungry for dinner.

A) until / so B) as far as / so that
C) till / so D) to / so
E) up to / so as to

21) Susan ________ up in such a family that she is not accustomed to _______ like that.

A) is bringing / treat
B) was brought / being treated
C) was bringing / have treated
D) is brought / have been treated
E) has been brought / be treating

22) _______ nearly two hundred years now, anthropologists have thought that human beings first originated _____ Africa, but this idea has changed.

A) In / from B) At / at C) For / in
D) For / from E) From / in

23-27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

The term population explosion is usually ____(23)___ to the rapid growth of the last three centuries. In the last two hundred years from 1650 to 1850 world population doubled and reached ______(24)___ first billion. In the next eighty years, it doubled again, and ____(25)____ 1975, it had doubled once more to a total of 4 billion. By the year 2010, it is estimated that it ____(26)___ 7 billion and possibly approach 8 billion unless there is a major _____(27)___ in birth rates or a major increase in deaths.

23) A) accustomed
B) committed
C) addicted
D) dedicated
E) applied
24) A) it B) itself C) them
D) its E) their

25) A) after B) by C) over
D) by the time E) till

26) A) would exceed
B) had exceeded
C) will exceed
D) was going to exceed
E) will have been exceeded

27) A) reduction
B) compensation
C) impression
D) sensation
E) accommodation


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