Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS

İngilizce Deneme 4


1-22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1) I don’t think he will ___me from now on because I have revealed his secret and thus disappointed him.

A) bring up B) count on C)ask after
D) deal with E) get on

2) It is really difficult to ___ him out especially when an important exam is approaching. I cannot help thinking that he isn’t the person I already know.

A) ask B) take C) figure
D) check E) leave

3) This boy dropped school and has just started working here as a(n) ____. We will teach him what we know in time.

A) expert B) tutor C) counselor
D) apprentice E) guide

4) Poetry is a form of literary expression in verse whereas other literary work is expressed in____.

A) prose B) trait C) motion
D) combination E) origin

5) Although the patient came to the hospital screaming that his leg was broken or something like that, it was understood after a brief examination that there was only a(n) ______ injury.

A) enormous B) tough C) huge
D) remarkable E) minor

6) Our father is so busy with the commercial activity of his company that he can drive us out of the city to the wild nature only ____.

A) often B) occasionally
C) permanently D) frequently
E) decently

7) A not so cold winter and a rainy summer has caused a(n) ___ of fresh fruit and vegetables in the local market, and the prices have dropped nearly by half for this reason.

A) scarcity B) famine C) rarity
D) abundance E) elimination
8) We are so sorry for the fact that we _____ disturb you twice in the last several minutes, but we still don’t know what to do with these orders.

A) have had to B) must C) should
D) needed to E) would rather

9) Aggression or violence ______ in any way even if it is towards a person who has done something irreparable.

A) couldn’t be justifying
B) may not justify
C) cannot be justified
D) mustn’t justify
E) wouldn’t be justified

10) Some of you ______ the first version of the Titanic before, but I still recommend that you should watch the latest version.

A) had watched
B) may have watched
C) should be watching
D) used to watch
E) could watch

11) He _______ not to get onto the stage tomorrow if an apology _____ for the disgrace which took place during the premier.

A) threatened / won’t be pronounced
B) will threaten / won’t pronounce
C) would threaten / hasn’t pronounced
D) is threatening / won’t be pronounced
E) has threatened / isn’t pronounced

12) Most often the difference between the owner and workers of this factory _______, as the owner himself wears a working suit and works along with them.

A) wasn’t noticed B) hasn’t noticed
C) won’t notice D) isn’t going to notice
E) isn’t noticed

13) When those waiting outside ______ that the exam results ______ in a five minutes or so, they cheered up.

A) heard / were going to be announced
B) hear / will be announcing
C) have heard / would announce
D) had heard / would have announced
E) will hear / have been announced
14) A great many people who ______ in technology claim that people ______ their bills through television by the beginning of the next decade.

A) are believing / will have paid
B) will believe / are going to pay
C) have believed / will pay
D) believe / will be paying
E) believe / would have been paying

15) At least one of us ______ him to settle the matter, but he was determined to deal with it independently.

A) helped
B) would have helped
C) might be helping
D) would like to help
E) had better help

16) ______ everything goes as planned, the construction work will not take any longer than two months.

A) Providing B) Even if C) Unless
D) Only if E) Suppose that

17) You ______ your car now if you _____ your car in a garage instead of leaving it outside in such freezing weather.

A) will start / will park
B) can start / parked
C) could start / hadn’t parked
D) are starting / have parked
E) could have started / have parked

18) Thank you very much for helping me organize this concert, or else I ______ never manage to do all these.

A) can B) will C) may
D) should E) could

19) Although she repeated several times that she wasn’t opposed ______ our scheme, I wasn’t convinced _____ what she said.

A) of / on B) to / for C) in / of
D) with / them E) to / of
20) She is claimed _____ her role magnificently, but I didn’t like it.

A) to be playing
B) to have played
C) to play
D) to have been played
E) that she played

21) The human body is ___ of billions of tiny cells and this is why everybody is amazed ___ the coordination of these cells.

A) made/about B) scared/on
C) deprived/to D) composed/ at
E) tired/with

22) America and its allied forces started their invasion of Iraq almost nine months ago, but they have failed to establish order and peace there ____.

A) before B) yet C) since
D) already E) any longer

23-27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

_23_ definition, successful industrialization _24_ to a rise of national income per capita. It also brings about changes in the _25_ of income, in living and working conditions, and in social conduct and convention. The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain and elsewhere _26_ caused a fall in workers’ purchasing power or to deterioration in their living conditions. But _27_ then, things have improved a great deal.

23) A) In B) By C) As D) For E) With

24) A) causes B) yields C) leads
D) helps E) brings

25) A) evaluation B) elimination
C) destruction D) abundance
E) distribution

26) A) initially B) extremely
C) properly D) adequately
E) consistently

27) A) by B) after C) since
D) before E) throughout



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