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İngilizce Deneme 5



28-32. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Technological advances led ___(28)___ a revival of the music industry during the 1980s. The market for popular music ____(29)___ with new media formats, including music video, introduced by the Music Television (MTV) network in 1981, and the digitally recorded compact disc (CD), introduced in 1983. In 1982 entertainer Michael Jackson _____(30)___ Thriller, which became the biggest-selling album in history, and established a trend in which record companies relied upon a few massive hits to generate profits. Jackson’s success contributed greatly to ____(31)___ the promotional value of music videos. It thereafter became very difficult for record companies to achieve hit records without having the music ____(32)___ intensive airplay on music-video networks.

28) A) for B) into C) on
D) at E) to

29) A) expanded B) spat C) worked
D) prolonged E) coped

30) A) would be released
B) was released
C) has released
D) released
E) had been released

31) A) prove
B) proving
C) being proved
D) having been proved
E) have proved

32) A) to receive
B) received
C) receive
D) being received
E) receives

33.-41. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

33) As you remember, we regretted not having checked into the hotel early enough last year, __________.
A) by the time we arrived at the resort
B) and for that reason, we had better not do it this time
C) when our very close friend has forgotten to do so
D) although you were aware of the fact that we wanted that hotel
E) and therefore, we had a terrible summer holiday

34) The parents concerned about their children’s educational life _________.
A) when they realized that they needed more care
B) as soon as these children were brought up
C) have always paid attention to caring for their emotional side as well
D) also deals with their emotional aspect
E) because these children are always in need of care

35) ____________, or else he wouldn’t prefer to have continued working there.
A) The manager must have been offered a very good salary
B) Our boss couldn’t have been given that amount of money
C) Your teacher should immediately decide to change his working place
D) Somebody might talk to your boss
E) It’s time for you to cheer up

36) _________, because he was the only person who had a key.
A) It’s not likely that John robbed your house
B) It’s most likely that Brian has told you where the diamond is
C) It must have been Brandon who stole the money
D) When the police officers realised that Mark had committed the crime
E) Sharon is claimed to have been the accomplice for the murder

37) The Americans were determined to be first to land on the Moon; ________________.
A) that’s why they had succeeded in launching space shuttles for the first time
B) what’s more, lots of shuttles for space exploration have been sent by other nations
C) whereas the Japanese are carrying out their research on that issue
D) for that reason, they spent millions of dollars on the huge satellite, Saturn 5
E) because they always took the first place in every progress throughout the history

38) Since 1920, when Gandhi became the leader of the National Congress party, _________.
A) India has gained their independence and become stronger than ever
B) India’s call for Independence from Britain had grown louder
C) all the attempts to announce their freedom have turned out to be in vain
D) he hadn’t provided any benefit for the community after all
E) and now some group of people are starting to rebel against that new government

39) Had you talked to me about that plan of yours earlier, _______________.
A) we couldn’t have gone out together with you in any way
B) we will make other plans to entertain ourselves instead
C) we would have to break someone’s heart at that time
D) it was also impossible for us to fulfil that demand
E) we could be going to the cinema tonight

40) Only if cucumbers and peppers are first pickled and then cooked at very low temperatures ________.
A) can they be canned and stored
B) they will be safe enough to be served to the customers
C) they cannot be eaten unless you wait for a certain period of time
D) would they become tasty enough to eat and enjoy
E) they are very delicious at that time for all the people

41) History has taught us that men and nations behave wisely ___________.
A) as soon as they were able to dispose of unnecessary ambition to defeat one another
B) after they had consolidated over one subject with each other
C) even before they could come up with the same idea
D) when they have exhausted all other alternatives
E) only when they finished that illogical thought of battling

42.-45. sorularda, verilen cümlenin hangi sorunun cevabı olduğunu bulunuz.

42) “Whenever you want; it’s up to you.”
A) Do I have to send this e-mail right now?
B) How long have you been expecting for this news?
C) Is this the first time you have had an operation?
D) What time did you exactly remind me of this meeting date?
E) When did you call them up about the party?

43) “About 30 minutes with dressing up and having breakfast”
A) How long do you take to pack your clothes for the journey?
B) How often does your elder brother wake up early in the morning?
C) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
D) How far is it to the station from here?
E) What time do you spend getting ready for your job?

44) “No, you aren’t. You’re free all day.”
A) As far as I remember, I have got a meeting with someone, haven’t I?
B) I’m not having lunch with anyone today, am I?
C) I will go to Scotland tomorrow, won’t I?
D) What is on the schedule of my daily program now?
E) Didn’t I sign all my letters yesterday?

45) “It’s dental floss.”
A) What do you mean by saying “it’s like string and it is white”?
B) That is the same instrument you used yesterday, isn’t it?
C) Have you ever seen the advertisement of this toothbrush on TV?
D) What’s that stuff called that you use to clean what remains between your teeth?
E) Do you know what that dental floss really means?

46.-49. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

46) Some children with normal vision and hearing characteristics may misinterpret everyday sights and sounds because of some unexplained disorder of the nervous system.
A) Normal görmesi ve duyması olan bazı çocuklar her gün karşılaştıkları olayları yanlış değerlendirebilirler ve bunun da sebebi sinir sistemindeki bozukluklarla açıklanabilir.
B) Normal görme ve duyma özelliğine sahip bazı çocuklar günlük görüntüleri ve sesleri yanlış yorumlayabilirler çünkü onların tam olarak açıklanamayan sinir sistemi bozukluğu vardır.
C) Bazı çocukların normal görme ve duyma özelliğine sahip olmalarına rağmen günlük olayları ve sesleri yanlış yorumlamaları sinir sistemindeki bozuklarla açıklanabilir.
D) Çocukların normal görme ve duyma özelliklerine sahip olmaları onların günlük görüntüleri ve sesleri doğru yorumlayacakları anlamına gelmez.
E) Normal görme ve duyma özelliği olan bazı çocuklar sinir sistemindeki bazı açıklanmayan bozukluklardan dolayı günlük görüntüleri ve sesleri yanlış yorumlayabilirler.

47) Even before psychology developed as an academic field in the late 1800s, education novels explored people’s emotions and memories.
A) Psikoloji 1800’lü yılların sonlarına doğru akademik bir alan olarak geliştiğinde bile eğitim romanları insanların duygularını ve hafızalarını konu olarak işliyorlardı.
B) Psikoloji 1800’lü yılların sonlarına doğru bir akademik alan olmadan önce bile eğitim romanlarında insanların duygularından ve hafızalarından bahsediliyordu.
C) Psikoloji 1800’lü yılların sonunda akademik bir alan olarak gelişmeden önce bile eğitim romanları insanların duygularını ve hafızalarını araştırmaktaydı.
D) Psikoloji 1800’lü yıllarda akademik bir alan olarak geliştiğinde eğitim romanları zaten insanların hafızalarından ve duygularından bahsediyordu.
E) Psikoloji bir akademik alan olarak 1800’lü yıllarda geliştiğinde bile eğitim romanları insanların duygularını ve hafızalarını araştırıyordu.

48) The Roman Empire had a huge amount of territory, but also allowed people of many different cultures to retain their heritage into modern times.
A) Roma imparatorluğunun büyük miktarda araziye sahip olması birçok farklı kültürden insanlara kendi miraslarını modern zamanlara korumasına olanak sağlamıştı.
B) Roma imparatorluğu büyük miktarda araziye sahip olmalarına rağmen kendi miraslarını modern zamanlara taşıma konusunda başarılı olmuşlardır.
C) Roma imparatorluğu büyük miktarda araziye sahipti, buna rağmen bu arazi birçok farklı kültürden insana kendi miraslarını bugüne taşımasına olanak sağlamıştır.
D) Roma imparatorluğu büyük miktarda araziye sahipti, ama aynı zamanda bir çok farklı kültürden insanların kendi miraslarını modern zamanlara kadar korumasına izin vermişti.
E) Roma imparatorluğu büyük miktarda araziye sahipti ama yine de bu onlara kendi miraslarını bugüne taşımasını sağlamamıştır.

49) When people know how scientists reach scientific conclusions and what the limitations of such conclusions are, they are more likely to react thoughtfully to scientific claims.
A) İnsanlar bilim adamlarının nasıl bilimsel sonuçlara ulaştığını anladıklarında ve bu tip sonuçların ne olduğunu öğrendiklerinde, onlar bilimsel iddialara daha mantıklı olarak yaklaşabilirler.
B) İnsanlar bilim adamlarının nasıl bilimsel sonuçlara vardığını bildiklerinde, bu sonuçların sınırlarını anlama ihtimalleri daha da artacaktır.
C) İnsanlar bilim adamlarının nasıl bilimsel sonuçlar elde ettiklerini öğrendikleri gün bilimsel iddialara daha mantıklı bir şekilde reaksiyon göstermeleri beklenebilir.
D) İnsanlar bilim adamlarının nasıl bilimsel çıkarımlarda bulunduğunu ve bu çıkarımların sonuçlarının ne olduğunu kavradıklarında bilimsel iddialara daha da mantıklı bir şekilde yaklaşırlar.
E) İnsanlar bilim adamlarının nasıl bilimsel sonuçlara ulaştığını ve bu sonuçların sınırlarının ne olduğunu bildiklerinde onların bilimsel iddialara mantıklı olarak reaksiyon göstermeleri daha muhtemeldir.

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1 C 51 B
2 E 52 A
3 E 53 C
4 C 54 E
5 B 55 C
6 D 56 C
7 A 57 A
8 E 58 D
9 C 59 E
10 E 60 B
11 A 61 D
12 C 62 B
13 B 63 C
14 D 64 A
15 A 65 C
16 B 66 E
17 C 67 A
18 D 68 D
19 D 69 B
20 E 70 A
21 A 71 D
22 B 72 B
23 A 73 D
24 D 74 B
25 B 75 A
26 C 76 B
27 C 77 E
28 E 78 C
29 C 79 B
30 B 80 A
31 D 81 C
32 A 82 E
33 C 83 A
34 B 84 D
35 E 85 B
36 A 86 C
37 E 87 A
38 A 88 A
39 C 89 D
40 D 90 C
41 A 91 C
42 C 92 A
43 A 93 E
44 C 94 C
45 E 95 E
46 D 96 C
47 C 97 B
48 D 98 E
49 E 99 A
50 A 100 D


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