Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS

İngilizce Deneme 6


1-22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1) As the weather was bone-chilling, the campers in the forest _______ around the fire to get warm.
A) frostbit B) accelerated C) huddled
D) annoyed E) lectured

2) After a widespread inquiry it was reported by the authorities that the accident which took place in the nuclear power plant was a result of human _________ .
A) misbehaviour B) mischief
C) headquarters D) disillusion
E) negligence

3) Since my childhood I have always liked eating biscuits _______ with milk chocolate.
A) occurred B) issued C) coated
D) cured E) prolonged

4) The boy attempted to kiss the girl but she _______ him across the face and went away.
A) abandoned B) eliminated C) nagged
D) slapped E) focused

5) Extracting gold out of soil ____ a considerable amount of energy and for this reason, gold-miners demand high salaries.
A) provides B) prevents C) presents
D) circulates E) requires

6) Many species of fish have become _______ extinct in the Pacific Ocean due to extensive hunting.
A) entirely B) specially C) accurately
D) originally E) sufficiently

7) After they had been told by the doctors that she was unable to give birth, the couple decided to _________ with an adoption agency.
A) agree B) conduct C) register
D) introduce E) inherit

8) Despite the terrible sea conditions encountered during the crossing, the ________ of glassware arrived at its destination intact.
A) livelihood B) shipment
C) accommodation D) aviation
E) headquarters

9) Since she has eaten too much recently, Tyler has put on a lot of weight and has _______ her clothes.
A) grown out of B) run out of
C) caught up with D) gone down with
E) looked down on

10) Do you think many people will _____ to the meeting which will be held in order to evaluate the current situation of the firm?
A) pour down B) hold on C) pass on
D) keep out E) turn up

11) The angry mother threatens her children that unless they ______ their green beans, they _____ any dessert.
A) don’t eat / won’t get
B) had eaten / would get
C) eat / won’t get
D) will eat / don’t get
E) hadn’t eaten / would have got

12) Children in Sudan ______ from malnutrition.
A) is observed to be suffering
B) are observed to be suffered
C) have observed to suffer
D) were observed to have been suffered
E) are observed to be suffering

13) Some parents would prefer the children _____ during the school trip.
A) to be supervised
B) supervising
C) having supervised
D) to supervise
E) being supervised

14) If local people ______ for two years, cyclists _______ this separate cycle path at present.
A) didn’t campaign / wouldn’t have been using
B) hadn’t campaigned / wouldn’t be using
C) campaign / won’t be using
D) hadn’t campaigned / wouldn’t have been using
E) didn’t campaign / will be using

15) The orangutans of that forest _______ if illegal logging ______ out there.
A) wouldn’t be endangered / won’t be carried
B) couldn’t have been endangered / wasn’t carried
C) won’t be endangered / carried
D) wouldn’t be endangered / wasn’t being carried
E) won’t be endangered / hadn’t been carried

16) Judging by the look on their mother’s face, Jack and Jason ______ in a lot of trouble when they ______ home.
A) is going to be / get
B) are / will get
C) have been / get
D) had been / were getting
E) are going to be / get

17) When you _______ photographs in bright sunlight, it’s highly important not to point the camera towards the sun, or your photos ______ overexposed.
A) took / would have been
B) take / will have been
C) are taking / will be
D) were taking / were
E) were taking / had been

18) Jennifer _______all her money at the shops yesterday; otherwise, she _______ to borrow some from you now.
A) had spent / wouldn’t have asked
B) should have spent / didn’t ask
C) would have spent / isn’t asking
D) must have spent / wouldn’t be asking
E) spent / weren’t asking

19) I don’t really feel like going to a restaurant tonight. I _______ just stay at home to eat if that’s alright with you.
A) would like B) would rather
C) would prefer D) have preferred
E) prefer

20) Abra and Nike and their children are refugees from Sudan. Sometimes, they wish they ________back in their beautiful country, but most of all they wish that civil war there ________ soon.
A) had been / ended
B) could be / had ended
C) would be / could end
D) are / will end
E) were / would end

21) What annoys me about Brian is that he speaks to me ______ I knew nothing about computers at all. Someone should remind him that I am the computer programmer of the firm!
A) even if B) if only C) as though
D) only if E) providing

22) Adam Smiths’ major thesis was that, except _______ limited functions like defence, justice and certain public works, the state should refrain from interfering _____ economic life of a nation.
A) for / at B) in / by C) as / in
D) for / with E) on / with

23-27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Man has always been interested in apes because they are very much ____(23)___ to each other. In their basic anatomy or body structure they are very much ___(24)___ and for this reason they are both classified as primates, the highest form of an animal. They also __(25)__ each other in having hands and foot ____(26)__ having claws or hooves. In fact, the common belief is that man and apes come from the same origin which __(27)__ this similarity.

23) A) different B) same
C) the same D) similar
E) likewise

24) A) like B) likely C) alike
D) unlike E) unlikely

25) A) differ B) resemble C) imitate
D) hostile E) irritate

26) A) instead of
B) because of
C) on account of
D) despite
E) in spite of

27) A) gives up B) gets up
C) grows up D) draws up
E) sets up


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