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1) Archaeologists found _______ proof that the Vikings had landed in North America and that document persuades the experts of their presence in North America.

A) impractical
B) convincing
C) courageous
D) daunting
E) executive

2) The speech was _______ similar to the one given by the American President earlier this year.

A) trivially
B) relentlessly
C) consecutively
D) successively
E) remarkably

3) Some early doctors, _______ Hippocrates, thought that diet and hygiene were important.

A) notably
B) randomly
C) excessively
D) suddenly
E) immediately

4) The lifestyle of poor people in Switzerland _______ contrasts to that of poor people in Poland and one can easily recognize the difference.

A) sparsely
B) barely
C) mutually
D) markedly
E) relatively

5) Cindy experienced _______ what conditions there were prior to the First World War and she reflected that on her first book since she had first-hand documents.

A) erroneously
B) alternatively
C) directly
D) partially
E) reasonably

6) The exhaustion felt by new parents comes from the _______ disturbance of their sleep patterns and it seems that they haven’t slept for a long time.

A) native
B) continual
C) simultaneous
D) exact
E) convenient

7) What is _______ important in making a detailed research into the history of ancient tribes’ people is to bring their origins into light.

A) abruptly
B) hopefully
C) hazardously
D) vehemently
E) crucially

8) The book contains a number of photographs not _______ published.

A) roughly
B) previously
C) harshly
D) incapably
E) fiercely

9) Whereas the story of Beowulf seems childishly simple, it is told in a dignified and _______ way, so that it affects anybody who has read it.

A) impressive
B) repressive
C) virtual
D) naive
E) rampant

10) December is a month when what is said and who you meet could have _______ consequences and that is why this month’s effect doesn’t pass for a short time.

A) thick
B) recent
C) profound
D) temporary
E) transient

11) In the course of the dragon story, the virtues _______ of a Germanic hero are summed up, either directly or indirectly.

A) wayward
B) dramatic
C) excellent
D) external
E) typical

12) In Antarctica, the ice had _______ melted and there was a pool of water on the table.

A) awkwardly
B) haphazardly
C) scarcely
D) partially
E) skeptically

13) It is Christopher Marlowe that we meet the first of the great English dramatists of the Renaissance and there is not much about his life that we know for _______.

A) certain
B) tactful
C) intact
D) triumphant
E) urgent

14) The colour black is _______ associated with mourning and it is for that reason that people wear black clothes in a funeral ceremony.

A) traditionally
B) contradictorily
C) desperately
D) probably
E) potentially

15) You can relax on the beach or _______ try the bustling town centre and you can choose one of these sections.

A) alternately
B) alternatively
C) respectively
D) redundantly
E) bluntly

16) Magnetic board games can help _______ the boredom of long car journeys for kids.

A) reject
B) disdain
C) verdict
D) charge
E) relieve

17) When I last saw my elder sister, she announced, with a _______ smile, that she was going to have a baby.

A) sufficient
B) portative
C) radiant
D) mobile
E) preventive

18) The Second World War saw a dramatic _______ of traditional attitudes towards women and now they were gradually taking up positions in important places.

A) disturbance
B) suggestion
C) conflict
D) reversal
E) decision

19) His resignation _______ us in a difficult position and what’s more, we suffered great disturbance because of his absence.

A) placed
B) occupied
C) inhabited
D) established
E) separated

20) When the politician arrived in the city, he got a very _______ reception from the audience because they were not satisfied with his decision to open new factories up.

A) widespread
B) sustainable
C) hostile
D) secular
E) restrictive

21) There are no _______ on students to attend classes because they are not going to have any exams to pass the lesson.

A) longings
B) circumstances
C) traits
D) sequences
E) compulsions

22) As known to everybody, job opportunities are very limited for the new graduates, so they have to fight for jobs in a highly _______ market.

A) repetitive
B) competitive
C) sustainable
D) inhabitable
E) collaborative

23) A _______ insurance against all risks has to be made in a company because life is full of any possible danger.

A) migratory
B) mundane
C) versatile
D) comprehensive
E) lucrative

24) As far as I know about Mark, nobody can confine him to simple wishes since his achievements have _______ his expectations all the time.

A) exceeded
B) succeeded
C) proceeded
D) preceded
E) intended

25) The government cannot afford to be _______ to public opinion because they shouldn’t forget that the citizens have elected them.

A) resistant
B) indifferent
C) tolerant
D) contemporary
E) relevant

26) We are strongly of the _______ that great caution should be exercised in dealing with this matter.

A) assessment
B) appointment
C) opinion
D) disappointment
E) event


YDS Deneme Testleri, İngilizce testleri


1. B
2. E
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. E
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. E
12. D
13. A
14. A
15. B
16. E
17. C
18. D
19. A
20. C
21. E
22. B
23. C
24. D
25. B
26. C


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