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Make Let Allow

Vocabulary: Make, let and allow

For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.
1. If we behave badly in class, our teacher ___________ stay late and do extra work.
a. must
b. lets us
c. allows us to
d. makes us

2. My daughter’s school _____________ the children to wear jeans and T-shirts – notlike in my day!
a. makes
b. lets
c. has to
d. allows

3. I hate school, the teachers make us _________ so much homework every day!
a. do
b. doing
c. to do
d. did

4. On Friday afternoons our teacher sometimes lets us _______ home early.
a. go
b. to go
c. going
d. went

5. When I was a boy we were made _________ correct school uniform at all times!
a. wear
b. to wear
c. wearing
d. wore

6. “Excuse me sir, are we allowed ___________ dictionaries into the exam?”
a. take
b. to take
c. taking
d. took

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Make, let and allow – Answers
a. It’s the students who must stay late and do extra work – not the teacher.
b. If you let someone do something, you allow it or give permission.
c. If you allow someone to do something, you let them do something or give
d. CORRECT. If you make someone do something, you say ‘you have to do it’;
you give them no choice.

a. If you make someone do something you say they have to do it, but in this case the
children have permission to do something.
b. The verb ‘let’ means give permission, but it is followed by a verb without ‘to’: let
someone do something.
c. ‘Has to’ is not correct.
d. If you allow someone to do something, you give permission – it is followed by
the infinitive: allow someone to do something.

a. Correct. The verb ‘make’ is unusual as it is followed by ‘do’ without the
infinitive: make someone do something.

a. ‘Let someone do something’ is the correct sentence pattern.

b. ‘Make someone do something’ is correct, but here the passive voice is ‘be
made to do something’, using the infinitive.

b. CORRECT. ‘Allow someone to do something’ is the correct sentence pattern.

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