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OBJECTS and THINGS 1For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer
1. Which wouldn’t you be likely to find in an office drawer?
a. memo pads
b. paper clips
c. drawing pins
d. draining board
2. A stand to hold a camera is called ________ .
a. a tricycle
b. a triangle
c. a triathlon
d. a tripod
3. A ‘hinge’ is part of ________ .
a. a book
b. a meal
c. a door
d. an animal
4. Where two pieces of wood are connected it is called ________ .
a. a bolt
b. a padlock
c. a zip
d. a joint
5. What is the collective noun for knives, forks, spoons and other eating
a. crockery
b. cutlery
c. weaponry
d. eatery
6. Which of the following is the odd one out (doesn’t belong in this group of
a. hammer
b. chisel
c. rolling pin
d. pliers
Cevabı Göster
OBJECTS and THINGS 1 answers
a. Wrong. These are small sheets of paper to write memos (messages to
send round the office or firm).
b. Wrong. These are small and metal and hold pieces of paper together.
c. Wrong .These are used for putting pieces of paper on a notice board.
d. Correct. In a kitchen, you wash dishes then put them on a draining board
to dry.
a. Wrong. A ‘tricycle’ is a bicycle with three wheels.
b. Wrong. A ‘triangle’ is a mathematical shape with three sides.
c. Wrong. A ‘triathlon’ is a sporting event with three different parts,
swimming, cycling and running.
d. Correct. A ‘tripod’ is a stand to hold a camera.
a. Wrong.
b. Wrong.
c. Correct. A ‘hinge’ is part of a door. It’s the metal object that connects the
door to the door frame.
d. Wrong.
a. Wrong. A ‘bolt’ is used to lock a door.
b. Wrong. A ‘padlock’ is a kind of lock.
c. Wrong. A ‘zip’ is a kind of fastener for clothes.
d. Correct. A ‘joint’ is where two pieces of wood are connected.
a. Wrong. ‘Crockery’ is the collective noun for plates, bowls and dishes.
b. Correct. ‘Cutlery’ is the correct word.
c. Wrong. ‘Weaponry’ is a collective noun for weapons, such as guns and
d. Wrong. ‘Eatery’ is an informal word for a restaurant or cafe.
a. Wrong .This is a tool, maybe used for DIY.
b. Wrong. This is a tool, maybe used for DIY.
c. Correct. This is for rolling pastry flat for example if you are making a pie.
d. Wrong. This is a tool, maybe used for DIY.

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