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TEST – 2

Before the paper machine was invented, paper was made by hand one at a time. In 1798, a Frenchman named Nicolas-Louis Robert invented a moving screen belt that would receive a continuous flow of stock and give an unbroken sheet of paper to a pair of squeeze rolls. The invention was not really used much, but two Englishmen, the Fourdrinier brothers, improved on Robert’s idea and built a better version in 1807. From these crude beginnings modern papermaking machines were developed. In spite of the fact that modern creations and engineering have formed and ancient craft into a technical industry, the basic procedures remain the same.

1) Even though there are modern paper making machines,……
A) mechanical pulp was first made in Germany
B) there are practical methods for manufacturing paper from wood and vegetable pulps
C) many publishing processes were developed
D) there were mechanical or ground wood pulping and chemical pulping
E) the basic system is still the same

2) During the primitive stage of production ……..
A) paper was made manually one by one
B) diverse substances required wetting and penetration
C) a sheet of paper composed of cellulose fibers
D) paper sheets were impregnated with animal glue
E) some methods were not widely used till 1840

3) According to the author, the paper machine that Fourdrinier brothers developed ……..
A) depended on rags and linen and this made mass production possible
B) there were two major kinds of pulping processes used in the 18th century
C) which was not suitable for paper in which high whiteness and permanence were required
D) was based on Robert’s invention
E) however high whiteness, strength and permanence were required

The kind of education that is offered in the high school system is not needed by all people. After primary school, students have learned the basic skills required to work in an untrained profession, and do not need the more advanced education that high school offers. Sons or daughters frequently carry on the family business, and after completing their primary education, any further, more advanced education is unnecessary, because they can learn all they need to know about their future profession from their father/mother.
4) According to the writer advanced education is not essential for some students ……….
A) but it doesn’t mean that all students do the same
B) since they’ll prefer a profession not requiring a special training
C) and these skills make students become successful individuals
D) as schools aren’t the safest place in children’s education
E) since violence in our schools prevents them from learning necessary skills

5) The primary school education is enough for some students ……
A) that this would tell anybody that there is no dignity in schools today
B) so long as it would benefit the students that want to learn
C) and this is said to be on account of all the school regulations
D) because every child hasn’t been educated in a safe and secure environment
E) since they will carry on the family business and it doesn’t require further education

6) Sons or daughters that learn whatever they need to know about their future profession from their parents ……….
A) don’t need advanced education ,.
B) but we aren’t so sure that this is true anymore
C) and student failure seems to be growing swiftly these days
D) when they realize there is far too much virtue in education
E) but parents begin to worry about their children at school

In high school there are more trouble makers that only disrupt the classes as they do not want to be there. These people disrupt the class and make it more difficult for those who are interested in the subject and want to learn. If school were optional, these students would not be in classes disrupting the class and ruining the chances of other students. Instead, they could be out in the workforce making money and beginning their careers earlier, giving them more experience in the workforce and making it easier for them to rise up to a position of responsibility.

7) The author seems to be for optional school …….
A) for there have been several school shootings in the last few years
B) because some students want to complete their secondary education
C) since there is definitely a problem with school violence today
D) because it would be useful for the students who want to learn
E) for the problem seems to be getting worse every year

8) Another advantage of optional school for trouble making students is that……….
A) it is unfair to force all young people to attend school
B) they could be out in the workforce making money
C) secondary education ought to be the individual’s choice
D) it can be the student’s choice to enter the workforce
E) this is one indication that school violence is out of hand

9) The most significant result of unwilling students to disrupt the class is that……….
A) it is difficult to learn for the students who are really interested in learning
B) the past three years have revealed us that violence in our schools is more common today than ever before
C) every time there is an occurrence of violence more children are afraid to go to school
D) school violence has been growing quickly for the past three years
E) school violence is an issue which everyone may recognize but not everyone is doing something to help prevent it

Nearly all of the people who commit suicide are unhappy with their lives. This statement holds true with me, because whenever I am happy I look forward to the next day and having fun in life. People, who are selfish and greedy, generally are not happy in their lives. They don’t really have a purpose in life but the desire for money. But people who give and lead a virtuous life tend to. Be happy and strive toward helping others. The wise statement, give and you shall receive, is very true. I think in my life if I didn’t give and help other people I would be very bitter and unpleasant.

10) It can be inferred from the paragraph that……
A) the writer is not helping anyone else
B) people tend to commit suicide if they are dissatisfied with their lives
C) the writer is giving himself something in return
D) we do not listen to what others say
E) we must try to keep ourselves happy and focused

11) According to the author people who have the desire only for money …….
A) are said to be unhappy in their lives
B) help out someone worse than others
C) know that helping someone less fortunate is very gratifying
D) try to achieve this place in their after life
E) which also helps them lead a devoted life with God

12) The author expresses that……….
A) from any perspective people have two choices in life
B) his goal in life is getting to heaven
C) God put us on this planet so that we could serve him and help out others
D) he’d be pleased to share something with others
E) he has to try and lead a virtuous life

There is something about our body that we all would like to change because we feel that our bodies are not good enough, like our height, our weight, our eye color, etc. We want to change ourselves because of the pressure that advertisements places on us to be one of the beautiful people. They make us feel worthless because we do not look like a super model. If the advertisers and the media stopped focusing so much attention on physical beauty and perfection and focused a little more on inner beauty and strengths, then maybe when we look in the mirror, we would not just see what we look like on the outside, we would be able to see the person we really are.

13) Advertisements influence us so much that…….
A) we feel that our bodies are clumsy when we look into the mirror
B) women will want to please their men and keep them happy
C) we will love our women in return
D) there is something about our body
E) advertisers and the media have a great effect on us

14) According to the author we want to change our appearance ……….
A) due to the fact that advertisements are not so beneficial
B) since advertisements make us feel worthless as we do not look like a super model
C) though it illustrate us that all women love them
D) when examined from a viewpoint of a social, cultural, historical and political context
E) but there were the same symptoms to frequent this casual spot

15) The author claims that we would be able to see our own character when we look into the mirror……….
A) and this puts an added pressure on women to have the perfect body
B) but we do not look like a super model anyhow
C) if the advertisers stopped focusing so much attention on physical beauty
D) and we are to say that we should become a top model
E) if we have a model’s body

There’s always the chance of the innocent being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A handful of evidence from a strong lawyer could sentence someone to life in prison, and even the death penalty. One could be spending and ending his life in captivity for just walking down the wrong street on the wrong day. It’s a small fault in the justice system that is difficult to overcome, but that’s someone’s life, and not knowing the truth could be destroying.

16) Even if you are innocent you could either be sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty ……….
A) since more and more people are becoming murderers
B) and some people believe that there is no compensation for death penalty
C) by an efficient lawyer by means of even a little evidence
D) however, we know that physical punishment is not always the correct answer
E) in a judging system that can become completely dull

17) An innocent one may be found guilty of any crime and sentenced to death ………..
A) because of being in a wrong place at a wrong time
B) as it is a rare occasion to go throughout a day in this world
C) and solving corruption with immorality is the only remedy
D) and if capital punishment is solely based on punishing the wrongdoers
E) but the major reason behind this massive disruption is not living in pleasure

18) According to the author keeping an innocent one in captivity …….
A) is a mistake you have to make no matter how hard you struggle
B) is a small fault in the justice system which is not easy to overcome
C) may be more destructive than so many other cases
D) is now a modern performance of contemporary law system
E) is like committing a crime while blaming others for what you’ve done

Plants are the basis of the food pyramid for all living things, even for other plants. They have always been very significant to people, not only for food, but also for clothing, weapons, tools, dyes, medicines, shelter and a great many other purposes. Both human beings and animals benefit from plants. We eat many various types of plants such as fruits and vegetables. We also use plants for our herbs. Plants are also used to manufacture many different products such as shampoos, rubber, paper, and camera film. In some countries, fermented sugar cane is used instead of gasoline. Animals use plants in many different ways also. They eat many fruits and other plants. Many animals use plants for shelter. Plants also provide animals with protection from predators. The destruction of different plants sometimes leads to animals becoming endangered or extinct.

19) Plants are significant for animals for feeding ……..
A) and they are made from cells
B) to produce seeds which will form new plants the next year
C) when the plant is grown from cuttings, a fibrous root system will form
D) but they are also an important source of protection for animals
E) for they can still function to transport water

20) It is very clear from the paragraph that……
A) plants are used in different branches of industry as well
B) the basic structure of plants consists of roots, stem and leaves
C) different plants have different numbers=and shapes
D) woody plants are tree-like
E) the roots also help hold the plant in the ground

21) Plants are not only used as a source of food …….
A) they take in water from the soil through their roots
B) the water also passes through the vascular rays till it reaches the center of the root
C) but also as a medicine
D) they transport vitamins, minerals and water up and down inside the plant
E) but it also develops vigorous roots that anchor it to the soil.

About 10 percent of people with schizophrenia commit suicide, and many others attempt suicide. Once people develop schizophrenia, they generally suffer from the illness for the rest of their lives. Even though there is no cure, treatment can help many people with schizophrenia lead productive lives. Schizophrenia also carries an enormous cost to society. People with schizophrenia occupy about one-third of all beds in psychiatric hospitals in the United States.
Furthermore, people with schizophrenia account for at least 10 percent of the homeless population in the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health has estimated that schizophrenia costs the United States tens of billions of dollars per year in direct treatment, social services, and lost productivity.

22) There are so many schizophrenic people that……….
A) They develop schizophrenia at some time during their lives
B) women tend to experience the illness less severely
C) much less commonly, schizophrenia develops later in life
D) it usually develops slowly over months or years
E) they occupy about one-third of all beds in psychiatric hospitals in the United States

23) According to the author schizophrenia is incurable ……
A) but people with schizophrenia can become productive when they are kept under treatment
B) although women are just as likely as men to develop schizophrenia
C) it usually develops in late adolescence or early adulthood
D) because symptoms and functioning in people with schizophrenia tend to vary over time
E) and for many patients the symptoms gradually become less severe as they grow older

24) Schizophrenia is said to be incurable, that is, ……
A) a variety of symptoms characterize schizophrenia
B) the illness may begin abruptly
C) people with schizophrenia generally suffer from the illness for the rest of their lives
D) most people with schizophrenia do not recognize that their mental functioning is disturbed
E) the most prominent include symptoms of psychosis-such as delusions and hallucinations

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