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TEST – 4

Physical fitness is having ample energy and the ability to fulfil daily activities without being exhausted. My energy generally depends on the amount of sleep and food I get. If I have too much or too little sleep, I don’t look forward to the day and am not enthusiastic about doing things. Unless I have a complete breakfast, it affects my energy level. When I have a good breakfast, and enough sleep, I can go through a whole day with enough energy and alertness to do many things.

1) If the author has good breakfast, and enough sleep …….
A) the writer can move with speed and can change his direction quickly
B) it makes him flexible through his daily activities
C) the day provides him a better endurance
D) he does not find an easy way of making a living
E) he can spend his day actively to do many things

2) The author says that he can not carry out his daily activities properly ……….
A) if he has slept excessively or insufficiently
B) when he cannot keep his balance properly
C) if his intellectual self doesn’t deal with learning, and creativity
D) which means he cannot learn the best way of getting adequate information
E) before judging himself after a busy day

3) According to the author, people performing their daily activities without being exhausted
A) express themselves by using their creativity
B) can see and organize the problems more clearly
C) help others make their decisions in a similar way
D) can be considered physically fit
E) should notice the consequences of each choice

Another common argument in divorce is that the two individuals involved may have unlike ideas of what they want from their marriage. Most couples face the problems of one wants children and the other doesn’t. One divorced woman feels that the biggest problem in marriages is that in the beginning both people ignore the small problems and they end up turning into even larger problems as they are ignored. Communication is the key to making any marriage work.

4) One of the common arguments in divorce which the two individuals involved is
A) because of the feeling that every situation is unique
B) having children or not
C) trying to adjust their new way of life
D) believing that they are not to be blamed for the divorce
E) that many parents don’t realize this need yet

5) According to a divorced woman the most significant problem is ignoring small problems
A) children need to be told that it has nothing to do with them
B) neither seems to know the true answer
C) divorce makes everything difficult for children
D) that become larger in the end
E) a large amount of time iş wasted to help themselves get over the pain

6) According to the author, couples that want to continue their marriage …….
A) should understand each other by communicating
B) is hard for children to see their parents always arguing
C) ought to stay together for children’s sake
D) have been ranged according to divorce rate
E) are likely to have adjustment problems

Up until the last decade, serious scientists assumed that love was all in the head. Now the research has become more intense. This may be owing to the spreading of AIDS and that casual sex carries mortal risks. Others point to the growing number of female scientists and suggest that they may be more willing than their male colleagues to take love seriously. Whatever the reason, science has come around to a view that romance is real. That it is bred into our biology.

7) Some people indicate that female scientists whose number is growing ……….
A) have just been conducted by several research scientists
B) may provide scientists a better way of conducting reliable experiments
C) have still not been searched by all means
D) have been researching love more seriously than male scientists
E) have found out that dealing with problems is almost impossible

8) One of the reasons which the research about love has become deeper ……….
A) because of AIDS which has been spreading
B) for love can neither be felt or measured
C) so long as love is still in the air
D) as the idea of love is an invention of the mind rather than a biological fact
E) that exactly shows how to place this mysterious emotion

9) In spite of the past belief that love was all in the head …….
A) has been abolished again by the society
B) it is probable for humans to communicate without love
C) we have always been influenced by love in our culture
D) it doesn’t imply that love is just a false emotion
E) it has almost become reality now

There are many advantages to a Capitalist economic system that could make it very appealing to society. The system allows the powers, of market forces to operate which in turn
gives the consumer a wider range of goods and services. Also because producers are always seeking the highest profit they must try to please the consumer and win their custom. This leads to innovation and greater quality and variety. The firms that produce the correct goods and services will win custom and make profit, those which don’t will go out of business and therefore release their resources to the successful firms. This will result in the expansion of the economy and greater prosperity.

10) It is clearly understood from the paragraph that in a Capitalist economic system ……….
A) individuals’ purchasing power is becoming more unequal
B) only the consumer has the power to dictate the goods in the economy
C) there is competition among the powers of market
D) consumers are more innovative and be more talented
E) they promote consumers to a higher range economically

11) According to the paragraph, producers that are always seeking the highest profit……….
A) will lead to homelessness, slums, disease, etc.
B) will lead to great unrest and low morale in the society in the end
C) is due to the fact that some people will always be able to work harder
D) can be more profitable and wealthy
E) lead to innovation and greater quality and variety beneficial to consumers

12) The expansion of the economy and greater prosperity is probable ……….
A) since the consumer has all the power in the economy
B) by introducing the suitable goods and services for the
benefit of consumers by the firms
C) contrary to the inequality of wealth within the economy
D) so as to make the rich get richer and the poor stay poor
E) so long as to the ever growing population is kept under control

Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. It is a major problem in America and as well as the world. Pollution not only damages the environment, but damages us also. It has caused many problems ranging from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. It is all among us but we continue to live in our own filth.

13) According to the author human beings ………..
A) human death has all occurred as a direct result of pollution
B) pollution lays in the centre of natural environment
C) are not really related with vital environmental problems
D) have been living in the environment they’ve themselves contaminated
E) contaminate their drinking water and soil as well

14) We cause environmental pollution ………..
A) by keeping the plant life from growing
B) as hot water kills most life it comes into contact with
C) that means the small bacteria and other micro organisms can’t grow
D) because fish can’t feed and so the ecosystem dies
E) by releasing harmful substances or products into the environment

15) Polluting the environment has too many effects on our lives ……….
A) including our health
B) by dumping waste materials around us
C) causing entire destruction of an ecosystem
D) in addition to the pollutants dumped by industry
E) because some companies dump chemicals around us

There are millions of homeless in America today. Most of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to live on the streets. Many of the homeless are women that have become divorced or have left home because of physical abuse. These women have no education as they have not been given the chance to go and get the education that it takes nowadays to get the job, so they are forced to live on the streets. They have no family to help them and they are left with no other choice.

16) Since the available jobs which women can get usually require education ……….
A) their families can provide any help for them
B) women are also forced to live on the streets
C) uneducated ones are exactly unfortunate
D) but some fathers are there to force them to live on the streets
E) their young ones need to stay alive

17) Many of the homeless women that got divorced or left home …….
A) even don’t have families to support them either
B) generally have mental defects
C) are seen on the streets struggling to stay warm
D) are obliged to be among the homeless people
E) are the illegal immigrants that come here from other countries

18) Many people have become homeless ………..
A) and there are many other people that become homeless for many different reasons
B) are incapable of handling the stress of living on their own
C) because they get kicked out of their homes and are ashamed to go to their families
D) so they have to resort to prostitution to pay for the food
E) either because of being unemployed or the rise in the cost of housing

Aristotle is thought to be one of the greatest historians. Aristotle based his ethics on human nature. Aristotle got most of his work from one of the greatest Catholic philosophers, Thomas Aquinas. Aristotle claims that everyone’s goal is happiness. He declared that there is only one way to achieve true happiness and that is by living a virtuous life. He said that if one is not living a virtuous life, then they are not truly happy. Being happy is one of the biggest goals in life. Some people have tons of money and live very extravagantly, but they may hate what they do. That is because many people choose not to become businessmen or lawyers, some become policemen or priests. If people did what makes them happy, they wouldn’t be so stressed out and there wouldn’t be as many suicides.

19) It can be inferred from the paragraph that……
A) Aristotle seems to put much emphasis throughout his writings on the similarity of the
animal and humans
B) the major difference of man is his mind
C) the reason of stress and suicides for people is not doing what makes them happy
D) nutrition is shared by all natural living organisms
E) animals and plants are very different in fact

20) Aristotle thinks that living a virtuous life …….
A) is the key to achieve true happiness
B) is also putting much emphasis on some facts
C) is exclusively a human property
D) which means animals are very close to humans
E) that means any creature with reason will also have perception

21) It is clear from the paragraph that…….
A) perception is the capacity of the soul which is identical to man
B) Aristotle has many other examples of human behaviour
C) Aristotle explains the qualities of plants, animals, and humans
D) Aristotle was mostly inspired by Thomas Aquinas
E) Aristotle does focus much of his attention on the similarities that one must recognize

All the migrating seabirds like guillemots, puffins, and razorbills are at risk from oil pollution. During migration, they look for calm water where they rest and fish. Oil covered seas look calm to birds, and they land on the water by thousands, only to be trapped in the oil and die of starvation. The birds which don’t become trapped usually die as well from trying to remove the oil from their feathers, the birds ingest the oil and that usually kills them in a few days. The oil which washes to shore on the beaches where seals and sea lion breed harm these animals as well, any animals that get caught in the oil usually die.

22) In accordance with the paragraph it may be said that…….
A) there are areas really rich in wildlife
B) the oil coats animals’ fur and they can’t swim or maintain their body temperature
C) some animals freeze to death
D) oil spills usually kill all animals that get caught in them
E) when a marine animal dies it is usually eaten by other species

23) Oil spills not only kill sea birds …….
A) which than get broken down by bacteria
B) it is freezing and the process of evaporation is slow due to the low temperature
C) these chemicals break down the oil into tiny particles
D) which feed on some of the hydrocarbons in the oil
E) but also seals and sea lions

24) When birds land on oil covered seas ……
A) they die of either starvation or oil poisoning
B) some of those species get poisoned too
C) in these conditions the oil must be burned
D) in calm waters, floating booms can contain the oil
E) that can be pumped off the surface of the sea into holding tanks

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