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TEST – 5

Scientists who think that children learn aggressive behaviour from TV also emphasize that parents have the power over what their children watch. Because of this, many scientists recommend a number of things that parents can do. Reduce the amount of hours of TV that your children watch, watch at least one episode of the shows your children watch, and when they see a violent act on the show that their children are watching, discuss it with your child and tell them that this kind of behaviour is not good and not the way to solve problems.

1) According to the author, parents are proficient enough …….
A) to instruct what their children can watch on TV
B) to ban any shows that you think are worthless for your children
C) to let them watch shows that demonstrate various qualities
D) to stop the violence on television and stop it
E) to keep your kids away from the violence

2) According to one of the recommendations of scientists …….
A) your children , like caring and sharing
B) it is pretty clear that the children are being exposed to violence on television
C) parents ought to limit their children’s W watching hours
D) this should be a wake up call to everyone
E) this exposure is having a negative effect on them

3) In case of their children’s watching violent acts on TV, scientists advise ……….
A) we need know that the children of our country will be affected
B) children that witnessed violence may think that violence is acceptable
C) children will continue receiving negative effect without regulations
D) parents to discuss it with their children by explaining this kind of behaviour is not favourable
E) violence on television leads to aggression in children

Qualified teachers instruct students during their education. Sometimes, there are teachers that do not meet the teaching standards. In this case, the parents should voice the problem to the school authorities as there is a better chance of finding a solution. Parents’ spending quality time makes a difference in a child’s attitude. Children learn from their parents’ morals, values, and boundaries that they will use throughout their life. A parent must be able to communicate and be an active listener with the child. This kind of support will help the child and the parents feel secure in their relationship. As a result, they will be able to work out any problem together such as the child having a difficult school project or a conflict with another student.

4) If a parent is able to communicate and an active listener with the child …….
A) conventional schooling is not as miserable as some think
B) so this kind of education is not affordable to everyone
C) the expense is only one element to home schooling
D) they should know that home schooling is a twenty four hour responsibility
E) they will be able to overcome difficulties together

5) According to the author the support which should be provided to the child is essentially
A) observing
B) moral
C) communicative
D) religious
E) educational

6) If parents find out that there are ineffective teachers not meeting the teaching standards
A) the school authorities find a solution when the parents tell them about it
B) the average home schooling income is higher than estimated this a year
C) it also takes discipline from both parents
D) mothers do most of the teaching while the fathers do a little of it
E) the fathers seem to be the major financial providers for the family

The media does not go around reporting all of the good things athletes do, just the bad things and their mistakes. They are only human just like the rest of us. Are these people safe for our children to idolize to look up to? I think that the answer is yes! If you were watching the news, would you really want to hear about all of the charities which an athlete has donated money to? It would be interesting at first, but you would get tired of it afterwards. That is why the media never covers anything like this. We all know that they really don’t care about anything else apart from a hot topic.

7) According to the author it is usual for an athlete to do mistakes ……..
A) like those famous American Athletes
B) so long as ambition has been the stamina of every athlete
C) because they are human-beings just like us
D) even the weakest, most injured athlete is preserved raw ambition
E) but each athlete is blessed by pure and passionate personality

8) Why has the media been interested in the bad things and mistakes which athletes do?
A) As every great conflict has existed among all athletes.
B) As the truth really does not mean anything to them.
C) Because it is liable to cause as much suffering and damage as possible.
D) Because such news are rare and the public have always been interested in them.
E) Since an annoyed athlete is supported not by his schemes, but by the ambition to win.

9) Why don’t the public find the news about all of the charities which an athlete has donated money to interesting ?
A) Because such occasions are so common that they consider such matters very ordinary
B) Since only the collective force of competition is found in a race
C) Because attraction is the source of all that is good and all that is evil
D) Because the truth he successfully conveys that athletes are always adorable.
E) As every marathon runner, Olympic walker smells of passion which keep them alert.

The air does get a bit warmer after the middle of March. But it is always covered in dampness that no furnace in the world can hope to dry. Of course the season fools us by granting one or two nice days so we can get out and proclaim that winter finally left. The following day brings the beginning of at least two or three weeks of sub-freezing weather. Even after the temperature reaches the freezing mark, that sluggish low pressure over the Bay of Maine arrives to give us perpetually depressing grey days.

10) Even though it has been March, the spring season,……….
A) you can just see several nice days
B) and then the mud goes into hibernation
C) so it may gain strength to once again drive us mad
D) it is still so damp around as to be dried by any furnace in the world
E) there will always be drizzle

11) The author tries to point out ……….
A) when another New England mud season arrives
B) how people are betrayed by seasons
C) there is little we can do to survive this season
D) that would create another famous New England condition
E) there would always be perpetually depressing gray days

12) The way the season fools us is that…….
A) it stays till early summer
B) the spring mud season never ends
C) several weeks of cold weather arrives after two nice days
D) however, we could stay home anyway
E) two to three months wouldn’t be so bad

Not nearly as many teens would have guns if they didn’t get the money from selling drugs. So if we can stop the selling of drugs, less people will have money to buy guns and there will be less violence. We can at the same time blame our parents for violence. When parents buy a gun and put it away, their kids could get hold of it and bring it to school. This is why parents ought to lock away their weapons not just stick it in a drawer or on the top shelf of a closet.

13) According to the author many teenagers would scarcely have guns ……….
A) unless they provided money by selling drugs
B) by keeping it where it can’t be found easily
C) where they can get hold of it in danger
D) if parents don’t keep a weapon around the house unless it’s necessary
E) but carrying guns around schools is becoming more and more popular

14) Our parents are blamed to have a share for causing violence ….
A) for many people have been killed or seriously injured
B) because they do not keep their weapons away from children’s attention
C) that has caused many problems
D) is teaching our children young about this stuff
E) since you don’t need to keep a weapon in your house

15) It is obvious from the paragraph that……….
A) parents are already responsible for the safety of their children
B) we must do our best to prevent violence in schools from increasing
C) it is possible to decline violence by stopping drug sale
D) people think that carrying guns around schools with them will make them cool
E) security experts have reported that there is no evidence

Alcoholism is a disease which affects many people in the US today. It not only affects the alcoholic, but also their family, friends. The symptoms are many, as are the causes and the effects. Alcoholism is defined as a pattern of drinking in which harmful consequences result for the drinker, yet, they continue to drink. There are two types of drinkers. The first type, the casual or social drinker, drinks because they want to. They drink with a friend or with a group for pleasure and only on occasion. The other type, the compulsive drinker, drinks because they have to, in spite of the adverse effects that drinking has on their lives.

16) If you feel obliged to drink despite the negative effects……….
A) there are fatalities, injuries, diseases caused by the use and abuse of alcohol
B) alcoholism is a serious problem in today’s society
C) you can help control the number of alcoholics in the United States
D) it contains the large groups of users and abusers of alcohol
E) you are a compulsive drinker

17) It has been revealed in the paragraph that……….
A) an alcoholic influences both himself and his family
B) alcoholism can also be related to emotional instabilities
C) drinkers gain as much knowledge as possible about the symptoms and effects of alcoholism
D) alcoholism is often associated with a family history of manic-depressive illness
E) society tends to aid in the development of alcoholism

18) Those who drink just for joy are ……….
A) casual or social drinkers
B) extremely significant for the public
C) education and realization of the effects alcoholism can have
D) social and cultural factors that play roles in to establishing drinking patterns
E) becoming more popular, more glamorous and more worthy of respects from others

Generally speaking, people hate war, and want to avoid it at all costs. It is believed that a large part of why America went to Vietnam was for monetary reasons. Companies have to make all of the ships, helicopters, airplanes, and supplies. As a result, jobs are created and the economy is stimulated, but the U.S. government never tells that to the public. It is very
probable that these were hidden reasons for the Vietnam war, but the government simply turned it into an issue of freedom.

19) The American knew that their government……….
A) went to North Vietnam to sign a peace treaty
B) because the US Navy knew that there was no option but to go to war
C) wanted to profit from the Vietnam war
D) it was not a technical war
E) there was an argument if the US must be the stimulator

20) America’s going to Vietnam war was for monetary reasons, that is …….
A) jobs would be available and the economy would become active during the war
B) and they had the alternative to believe that they were involved for noble and acceptable reasons
C) it is not necessarily the freedom of all those involved
D) there had been many characteristics waiting for fighting
E) there may be some truth in that :

21) The U.S. government turned the Vietnam issue to an issue of freedom ……….
A) since the war would never have occurred
B) but freedom of some type is directly concerned with all major conflicts
C) the cynics will tell you that Americans go to war for joy
D) that it was possibly true
E) but it was because of economical reasons

Part of what makes New England mud so unique is the sand and salt thrown on the roads by the brave men of our highway departments all winter. Those tons of mixed sand and salt don’t just disappear. They simply evolve into the mud of spring. The type of mud which can dissolve the doors and fenders off our cars. The mud which sucks the shoes right off your feet dissolving the stitching that once held them together.

22) According to the author there becomes mud on highways ………..
A) because of sand and salt thrown on the roads during winter
B) and this mud creates a surface 10 times slicker than ice
C) and it is worse than ice as it plays a trick on you
D) where everyone lives on the coast
E) but winter never resembles what the rest of the country calls spring

23) Despite the fact that the mixture of salt and sand is expected to disappear……….
A) it is, on the other hand, the beginning of the mud season
B) this same mud dries in the middle of our roads
C) it becomes more hazardous than a thick layer of ice
D) that makes you think that the roads are safe
E) it turns into a spring mud by the time

24) The salt and sand mixture of mud becomes so harmful that………..
A) since it is always in the middle of the roads
B) it damages our cars and our shoes
C) they are worse than ice because it deceives you
D) the spring mud season sets in by mid-March
E) it doesn’t go away until early June

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