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TEST – 6

It is not unusual to withdraw from dating and social activities for short periods of time after hurt or disappointment. During this period we often re-evaluate what has gone on. It can be a time for discovering new aspects of ourselves, who we are, what we truly want and need. When used in this manner, a time like this is beneficial. The hazard, of course, is that this withdrawal can last too long, and we become unwilling or afraid to try again.

1) It is probable that withdrawing from dating and social activities ………
A) will receive a great deal in return
B) is to learn how to see disappointment or difficulty
C) may last long enough to make us become unwilling or afraid to try again
D) finds out what it has to say to us
E) to take a moment to become silent, relax as much as you are able

2) Withdrawing from dating and social activities for short periods of time after hurt or disappointment……..
A) without receiving anything at the moment
B) is trying to analyze or fight against what you are feeling .
C) is imposing ready made solutions on this
D) enables us to evaluate the previous improvements
E) may be realizing a little more than you did before

3) According to the author it is usual to leave ……..
A) a friend without telling anything
B) dating and social activities for a short while after getting hurt or disappointed
C) this realization and patience
D) by giving the situation time to reply
E) walking down suddenly to tell something

The fiscal policy is composed of two main tools. The changing of tax rates, and changing government spending. The major point of fiscal policy is to keep the deficit swings in the economy to a minimum by reducing inflation and recession. A change in tax rates is usually implemented when inflation is unusually high, and there is a recession with high unemployment. With high inflation, taxes are increased so people have less to spend, thus reducing demand and inflation. During a recession with high unemployment, taxes are lowered to give more people money to spend and thus increasing demand for goods and
services, and the economy starts to revive.

4) According to the paragraph so long as there is a recession with high unemployment ……..
A) open market operations affects money and credit operations
B) taxes are lowered to encourage people in order to increase demand for goods and services
C) this is used to control overall money supply
D) then they will buy the securities from member banks
E) it is easier to make gradual changes in the supply of money

5) When inflation is very high, and there is a recession with high unemployment…….
A) open market operations are used more regularly than monetary policy
B) member banks want to raise money
C) there is an interest rate, or a discount rate
D) a change in tax rates is generally applied
E) then fewer banks will be inclined to borrow

6) The fiscal policy is based on ……..
A) purchasing and selling of government securities
B) sufficient money in circulation
C) changing tax rates and government spending
D) the high discount rate
E) enlarging the money supply

Self-help groups are composed of individuals who share the same problem or concern. Members provide emotional support to one another, learn ways to cope, discover strategies for improving their condition, and help others while helping themselves There are some goals to self-help groups. When interviewed, sixty-one percent of self-help groups said that their most important goal was providing emotional and social support to members. Thirty-two percent
said that providing information and education to member was the most significant goal. A few other goals were support, special events, and fund raising.

7) It can be understood from the paragraph that ……….
A) most people don’t know of any self-help groups
B) there are hundreds of groups that should be familiar with
C) people must learn what self-help groups there are in their area
D) a self-help group individual helps himself when he helps others
E) people do not always involve in self-help groups

8) It is concluded from the interview that majority of help groups ……….
A) don’t know of any self-help groups
B) aim to provide emotional and social support to members
C) united with either a national group or a local group
D) neglect keeping a record of all the self-help groups that they can find in their area
E) ought to thoroughly cheer* out all groups to make sure that they are still functioning

9) It can be said that a self help groups’ major feature is ……….
A) that self-help groups are not meant to replace professional help
B) learning about groups in the area they’ve been living
C) choosing which program they think will fit them best
D) the setting of self-help groups is usually pretty relaxed
E) being formed from members who share the same problem or concern

In the society of Mill’s time period a woman’s destiny was to be dainty, delicate, patient and graceful. She grew up without education, without having a career and without having the right to vote on laws and issues that pertained to her. The only option which these women had was to get married and with this marriage she gave away every right that she had. In other words she is now worse than a slave that actually had more rights and privileges than she had. After marriage she had nothing of her own to claim not even her children. Men did not care about her rights, they grew up with a mind set that they controlled everything, that their wives were to be submissive and that their offspring were his and he claimed them as his and only his if the woman were to leave.

10) In those days, when women married ……..
A) they would lose all their rights and even a slave could become superior to them
B) every little man was raised with a sense of superiority
C) a woman could not do what a man could
D) she could not be educated as her role was to be a mother and nothing else
E) she could not even claim her children as her own

11) The only option of the women of Mill’s time was to get married ……
A) as everything that she owned was now her husband’s
B) she was more or less treated as if she were a child herself
C) she had less rights than she had had
D) but she gave away every right that she had when they got married
E) a slave compared to a married woman was better

12) According to the paragraph, the women of Mill’s time …….
A) it was more of that there was no other opportunity for her
B) were not free at all
C) the husbands are not power hungry against their own wives
D) unlike a married woman a slave is not a slave all hours of the day
E) could claim *heir own valuable properties

Television affects behaviours, social attitudes and physical health especially in children. Children today spend more time watching television than on any other single leisure activity. In fact, studies have shown that “the average child spends more time in front of the television than in school” . There are a variety of effects which children gain from watching too much television. The impact of violence on children is a main issue, as well as the impact of stereotypical views, such as sex roles. Health can also become a problem for children who spend excessive amounts of time in front of the television. There are, however, alternatives to these problems. Parent, schools and the governments need to take control and monitor children and television. After all, television was once used as an educational tool it has only lately become a babysitter.

13) It can be inferred from the paragraph that……..
A) children who spend more time watching television tend to think that both women and
men have specified roles in the world
B) this gives children a clear impression of what is expected of them in society
C) watching television for long hours can become a health problem for children
D) they too should act this way because it is, after all, what society views appropriate
E) television also points out the importance of physical beauty

14) In spite of the fact that television has become a past time device now ……..
A) stress is placed on looking a certain way, whether it is having the right clothing or being a certain weight
B) these are influences that children take very seriously
C) many children want to be the “popular” one in school
D) this is the ” kind of schoolyard harassment to which unpopular girls are subjected
E) it used to be used as an educational tool

15) There are a variety of effects which children gain from watching too much television ……
A) commercials on television also play a part in weight gain among children
B) television also takes a minor charge on a child’s physical health
C) but children are spending less time on physical activities
D) but influence of violence on children is an important issue
E) starting at home parents need to be aware of what their children are watching

In today’s hustle and bustle of everyday life, men, women, and children walk past one another without even a friendly smile or hello. As global technology grows, communication
between individuals gets more distant and less personal. Even in families, messages are left on the answering machine or as notes on the fridge. Hence, with today’s’ highly competitive technological world, it is crucial to receive and maintain some old-fashioned inter-personal communication.

16) According to the author, it is essential that……
A) some old-fashioned inter-personal communication be maintained
B) the person may see the caller and feel a personal touch
C) they are trying to re-establish the original methods while using high-tech systems
D) this is now made probable by satellite systems launched into orbit
E) people should attempt to communicate with people in their immediate surroundings more often

17) There is such a lack of communication that……
A) we can obviously see attempts to get back to the “old way” through usage of time saving methods
B) this is where the telephone plays a role
C) even in families, messages or notes to each other
D) it facilitates an almost instantaneous connection at a reasonable cost
E) a short attention span and a lack of concentration are other factors in this ongoing problem

18) In accordance with the paragraph people have become anti-social …….
A) to make up more up-to-date technology appropriate
B) whenever technology has improved
C) as in the example of a father and son separated by an ocean, one in England, the other
in Newfoundland
D) through previously impossible communications
E) owing to their busy lives

Toxic waste is defined as any waste that is dangerous to human health or to our natural environment. According to the Institute of Chemical Waste Management, about 15% of our garbage is classified as toxic, and only 85% (approximately) of that is disposed of properly. The rest is either illegally dumped or accidentally mixed up with non-toxic garbage. That 15% may not seem like a lot, but when you consider the millions of tons of toxic waste that we produce per year, that 15% is massive. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that we produce one ton of toxic wastes for every single person living in Canada per year. That means that the 15% represents about 4.2 million tons of toxic waste.

19) According to the author, not all waste but which is dangerous to human health or to our natural environment ……
A) is produced and developed all over the world
B) is classified as toxic
C) has made a prioritized list of recognized dangerous dump sites
D) may be chemically ‘transformed’ into new products
E) is done by adding chemicals to the waste

20) According to the Institute of Chemical Waste Management about 15% of our garbage ……
A) is not the product of some natural disaster
B) may be dangerous to us and/or our natural environment
C) has created laws and regulations to try to stop the illegal dumping of toxic wastes
D) is forcing the company that owns the land to pay for the clean-up of the area
E) is dangerous to human health or to our natural environment

21) According to the paragraph 15% toxic garbage is really a hazardous amount ………
A) when you consider the garbage increasing all over the world every year
B) to try and clean up areas that have been contaminated
C) if some companies no longer exist
D) that causes it to change into something new
E) that is put to use on farms ….

The data of the first UFO sighting is not known. Some researchers say that UFO sightings date back to ancient times. There is no evidence for this speculation, so it is just a thought. Many researchers though mark the beginning of sightings in the United States in the later 1800s, they were called “The Mystery Airships”. The next main fleet of sightings were during the Second World War, from pilots who say they saw metal like objects floating in the sky. These fighter pilots called them “foo fighters”. And in 1947 in Europe, there were sightings of silent “ghost rockets”. None of these speculations were ever fully explained.

22) In accordance with the paragraph, ……..
A) an UFO is an unusual airborne object which cannot be identified
B) the UFO phenomenon entered the publics eye before 1800’s
C) unknown flying objects were first observed by pilots during the second world war
D) nine circular objects in the skies over the state of Washington were observed
E) there have been UFO sightings in nearly every country

23) Many researchers show the beginning of sightings in the United States in the later 1800s
A) although there has never been a clear evidence
B) and from time to time there is something called an UFO
C) which for a short time UFO sighting increase rapidly in one certain area
D) but nobody can explain anything about these sights
E) but attempts to link them with hysteria, mentality and stress have all failed

24) The Mystery Airships was the name given …….
A) had an encounter with an UFO
B) were thousands of sightings every year
C) worldwide sighting reports
D) for the first seen unidentified flying objects
E) had been computerized.

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