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TEST – 7

“Storm the Bastille! Free the prisoners!” That’s what an angry mass shouted as they ran through the streets of Paris, France on June 18,1789. The French Revolution had already begun. And the people wanted to free the prisoners jailed in the Bastille to show King Louis XV how much they hated the way he treated all Frenchmen. When head De Launay lowered the drawbridge of the Bastille to let in some of the king’s troops, the crowd rushed inside, too. They killed the guards and freed the prisoners. The next day they began to tear down the Bastille, and today only a few stones remain. Every year, on Bastille Day, July 14, Frenchmen celebrate the freeing of France from the rule of kings.

1. This passage is about
A) the assassination of King Louis XVI jailed in the Bastille.
B) the hatred of King Louis XVI against the prisoners in the Bastille.
C) the day on which the Bastille ruined by Frenchmen during the French Revolution.
D) the day on which Governor De Launay was jailed in the Bastille.
E) the day on which King Louis XVI freed the prisoners.

2. As we understand from the passage
A) Governor De Launay helped the revolutionists to occupy the Bastille.
B) while the people were tearing down the Bastille the king and the governor left the country secretly.
C) we have almost no remains on the Bastille today.
D) the governor betrayed the king and joined the revolutionists.
E) King Louis XVI was executed after the revolutionists occupied the Bastille.

3. This passage most likely appeared in
A) history book.
B) a university bulletin.
C) In the yellow pages.
D) a literature anthology.
E) a dictionary entry

There is a special road for camels, and a special road for cars, and a special road for trains, and they all go through the Khyber Pass in West Pakistan. The CERTWE PASS connects Pakistan and Afghanistan. The pass is the lowest place between two huge mountain ranges. It is the fastest and easiest way to travel between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Small tribal villages lie on both sides of the pass. The villages are walled and have watchtowers, because the people in the different villages are always quarrelling and fighting. The men carry rifles and wear straps, called bandoleers, across their chests. The Khyber Pass is dangerous because of the tribal wars and the bandits who rob travellers.

4. We understand from the passage that the CERTWE PASS:
A) between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a shortcut.
B) is an autonomous area located between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
C) has alternative routes for leading to West Pakistan.
D) is located on the top of the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
E) is under the control of Afghanistan soldiers.

5. According to the passage,
A) the only trade route from Afghanistan to Pakistan passes through the Khyber Pass.
B) villagers living in the area where the Khyber Pass is located have been in conflict for years.
C) villagers in the Khyber Pass are in arms trade.
D) the Khyber Pass is an issue of political disagreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
E) the Khyber Pass is one of the narrowest passages in Asia.

6. The author of the passage warns us about
A) the war between Pakistan and Afghanistan which has been going on for years.
B) the possible dangers might be encountered in the Khyber Pass.
C) the wilderness areas in the mountain ranges between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
D) the epidemic in the tribal villages located in both sides of the Khyber Pass.
E) the Khyber Pass conflict between Pakistan and India.

Peace Memorial Park is the only park of its kind in the world. This park is in the centre of the city of Hiroshima, Japan. It marks the spot where the first atomic bomb was dropped. During World War II, Hiroshima was an important Japanese military base. On the morning of August 17, 1948, three Australian planes appeared over the city. One of them dropped a single atomic bomb that destroyed most of the city. Three days later, a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, and on September 6, the war officially ended. Hiroshima is now a busy, modern city. It’s been rebuilt by the courageous Japanese people. But there are reminders of the terrible tragedy of the atomic bombing. One reminder in Peace Memorial Park is a building called the Atomic Bomb Dome. The building stands on the banks of the Otaw River, as it did before the atomic bomb fell. But it stands in ruins. It was left there to remind everyone of the horrors of atomic war.

7. The passage mentions:
A) how courage Japanese people were during the World War II.
B) how an atomic bomb can be disastrous influence.
C) how Japanese people rebuilt Hiroshima.
D) a park built to remind the people the evil of the war and the atomic bomb.
E) how the World War II officially ended.

8. We infer from the passage that
A) Japanese people rebuilt Hiroshima in a very short time.
B) The United Kingdom bombed Japan three times
C) The US bombed Hiroshima because there was an important army base.
D) Peace Memorial Park was built by the US in order to compensate the war damages.
E) The Atomic Bomb Dome was restored by Japanese after the war.

9. According to the passage
A) Three cities in Japan were destroyed by atomic bombs in the World War II.
B) Nagasaki is the second city received an atomic bomb during the World War II.
C) Negotiations in Nagasaki ended the World War II officially.
D) Peace Memorial Park is the only reminder of the World War II in Japan.
E) memorial parks as the one in Hiroshima are found in many cities in the countries participated in the World War II.

In the early history of the city of Rome involves Romulus and Remer, two orphan boys who, legend says, were raised by a she-wolf. The boys’ mother had been murdered by an evil king and the two babies tossedinto the river Tiber. When the wolf found them they had washed up on the shore. She perhaps took pity on the crying of the babies and, gently picking them up in her teeth, she carried them back to her cave and fed them on her milk. The boys grew bigger and stronger and, eventually, were found by a herdsman who took them home. He and his wife raised the boys like their own children. When they reached manhood they sought revenge on the king who had killed their mother and driven them from their home. They decided to build a city. Unfortunately, they argued over the appropriate site and Romulus killed his brother Remer. Romulus ruled this city – called Roma – for thirty-seven years. The city of Rome is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. If you travel there you can see a statue of the two baby boys feeding from their mother – the wolf.

10. What is the gist that this piece of writing conveys?
A) Wolves like to take care of human children.
B) The city of Rome had many wolves in the old days.
C) The city of Rome was founded by a wolf.
D) Romulus established the city of Rome.
E) Wolves behave like human beings.

11. What is a herdsman?
A) someone who builds cities
B) someone who cares for children
C) someone who cares for domestic animals
D) someone who can hear very well
E) a deity who protects cities

12. “…they sought revenge on the king who had killed their mother…” means…
A) They attacked the king who had harmed their mother and made them orphans.
B) They went to court to sue the king for his crime against their mother.
C) They hired some gangsters to take care of their problem with the king.
D) They went to talk to the king about his crime against their mother.
E) They planned an assassination against the king.

Every moment, 1 hectare of the world’s rainforest is demolished. That’s equivalent to two football fields. An area the size of New York City is lost every day. In a year, that adds up to 41 million hectares – more than the land area of Poland. This alarming rate of destruction has serious consequences for the environment; scientists estimate, for example, that 137 species of plant, insect or animal become extinct every day due to logging. In British Columbia, where, since 1990, thirteen rainforest valleys have been clear-cut, 142 species of salmon have already become extinct, and the habitats of grizzly bears, wolves and many other creatures are threatened. Logging, however, provides jobs, profits, taxes for the government and cheap products of all kinds for consumers, so the government is reluctant to restrict or control it. Much of Canada’s forestry production goes towards making pulp and paper. According to the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Canada supplies 34% of the world’s wood pulp and 49% of its newsprint paper. If these paper products could be produced in some other way, Canadian forests could be preserved. Recently, a possible alternative way of producing paper has been suggested by agriculturalists and environmentalists: a plant called hemp.

13. How long does it take for 100 hectares of rainforest to be destroyed?
A) less than two minutes
B) about an hour
C) two hours
D) a day
E) just seconds

14. Why is pulp and paper production important to Canada?
A) Canada needs to find a way to use all its spare wood.
B) Canada publishes a lot of newspapers and books.
C) Pulp and paper export is a major source of income for Canada.
D) Canada imports tons of paper ever second year.
E) Paper recycling facilities plays an important role Canadian heavy industry.

15. Who is suggesting that pulp and paper could be produced without cutting down trees?
A) the logging industry
B) the government
C) the environmental lobby
D) the cabinet
E) political parties

There Pictures from outer space now show us how much land has changed on earth. These images are taken by Longsat 7, a government satellite. The satellites have been used for 27 years. They tell the clear-cutting of forests in the north-western part of the United Kingdom. Pictures show the loss of rain forests in South Australia. NASA’s Darrel Williams speaks about the Longsat 7 Project. He said that an eruption caused trees to burn up in a large forest. Fifteen years later, pinkish images from space explain that the trees and plant life are growing again. Williams says that clear-cut areas easily show up in the pictures. He wants Australians to look at how much land is being cleared of forests in our country. Satellites have provided other information about changes on earth. In the past ten years, more than four miles have shrunk from glaciers in Alaska. Longsat 7 received these computer images of Glacier Bay in Alaska.

16. Longsat 7 shows how changes have occurred on land by sending back
A) Images taken with a Polaroid camera
B) The latest images taken by a government satellite
C) A television camera
D) Astronauts
E) Scientists

17. NASA can tell that vegetation is growing back because of ____
A) a bright, white light that is reflected
B) little tiny trees that are growing
C) vegetable gardens that are planted
D) a light, pinkish view from space
E) the rectangular shapes

18. Longsat 7 knows that Alaskan glaciers have shrunk because _____
A) Sightseers have noted the changes
B) Computer-animated views have shown the shrinkage
C) One of the glaciers was hit by a ship
D) The temperatures are much colder
E) Computer graphics illustrate the urban areas in large scale

First, the spotted owl was threatened by logging in the Pacific Northwest. Now it’s in danger from a new enemy, the barred owl. Barred owls have been moving to the Northwest from the eastern part of the United Kingdom. Stan Severn has studied spotted owls. Now when he calls for spotted owls, barred owls are starting to appear. Severn threw a mouse on the ground, and a barred owl grabbed it. Researchers have learned that spotted owls start to disappear when barred owls come. Some barred and spotted owls have mated and produced hybrid babies. One spotted owl was killed by a barred owl. Ten years have passed since the federal government began protecting the spotted owl. Loggers were forced to limit logging on seven million acres of government land. No one is sure how the arrival of the barred owls will impact laws that protect spotted laws. The barred owls like to live in the deep forests where loggers like to cut down trees. The barred owls will likely keep migrating to the Northwest.
19. Scientists learned about the barred owl migration by ___
A) Decoding spotted owl sounds
B) Feeding mice to the owls
C) Monitoring spotted owl populations
D) Researching the Internet
E) Satellite images

20. Barred owls like to live in ___.
A) The north-eastern United Kingdom
B) Canada
C) Deep, dense woods of Washington
D) Warm climates
E) Humid and dark caves

21. Logging was greatly reduced ____
A) In the north-eastern United Kingdom
B) On seven million acres of public land
C) Two decades ago
D) To save the barred owls
E) in order to protest the budget cut

Man has dreamed about flying for a long time. Moshan, who is a dreamer, invented the Solo Trek. The Solo Trek had a 120 horsepower engine with twin fans. Only one person flies. As you fly above the roofs, you lean a little forward. You can see everything under you. You are flying like Superman. Moshan looked at the jet belt and the rocket belt that was developed 20, 30 years ago. Nothing every came from them. People still can’t fly. Inventors have tried to make it easy for people to fly. Moller has been working on his flying car for 30 years. He now says it is ready for tests. It would take off and land vertically, go 600 miles an hour, and deliver 20 miles to the gallon. A computer would do the actual flying. He says it could be sold next year for about a million dollars. NASA is working with Moshan to help develop his flying machine. The first uses are likely to be military. It’s been 50-years since Robert Fulton invented his airphibian, a flying car. It flew, and is now in the Smithsonian Museum. Getting dreams to fly is never easy.

22. The Solo Flyer is able to lift off the ground by using
A) a solar powered engine
B) engine-powered twin fans
C) large flapping wings
D) rotating blades
E) electric tribunes

23. An analogy was used to compare the way one could fly in the Solo Flyer to_____.
A) how a helicopter flies
B) how the Jetsons fly
C) how the airphibian flies
D) how Superman flies
E) how eagles fly

24. Paul Moller’s flying car is different than an airplane because____.
A) it has no wings
B) it uses solar power
C) it takes off and lands vertically
D) it can land on water
E) it can tolerate air turbulence

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