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TEST – 8

Every year in Alaska there is a huge race with sleds pulled by dogs. On the day of the race, the Alaskan huskies seem willing to go on what may be the world’s longest race. It is called the Iditarod dog sled race. The voice of the race announcer booms over the streets of Anchorage as the racers set off on their long journey “They’re off. The last great race…” Fifty-six sleds leave downtown Anchorage to start the race. A sled leaves every two minutes. It will take ten days to two weeks before reaching the finish line at Nome on the other side of Alaska. The men and women who guide the sleds are called mushers.

1. The Iditarod dog sled race is known as the world’s ______ race.
A) worst
B) longest and most difficult
C) most ceremonial
D) biggest prize
E) fastest

2. The people in Anchorage _____.
A) don’t like the race
B) wish the race was someplace else
C) make a big event out of the race
D) are Iditariders
E) are Eskimo Indians

3. If a sled starts the race every two minutes, how long will it take 56 sleds to start the race?
A) 110 minutes
B) 112 minutes
C) 56 minutes
D) 156 minutes
E) 125 minutes

The Australia’s Cup sailing race has been going on since 1859. In that year, the Australian’s won a special silver cup from England. Since then, Australia has held the cup for 132 years. Australia has only lost ‘ the cup two times, once in 1983 and once in 1995. The race is held about every three years. The ongoing race will be in New Zealand in early 2000. There are 16 crew members on the sailing boat. The 17th person on the boat is a novice. A contest was held to see who could ride along on the boats in the Australia’s Cup race. George Ellison heard about the contest on the radio. He entered as m any times as he could. Then he won! George Ellison says, “You get to sit on a boat as the 17th person and rub shoulders with some of the greatest sailors in the world, in Auckland, New Zealand. I still can’t believe it!” There are two boats from San Francisco in the race, Australia One and Australia True. Ellison won a seat on Australia True. There are no other world class sports events where a novice can be on the boat. It’s called the 17th man position.

4. The job of the 17th man is _______.
A) to steer the ship
B) to raise the jib
C) to stand behind the helmsman
D) to protect the vessel
E) to distract the rivals

5. George Ellison will be_______.
A) part of the crew of Australia One
B) the 17th man on Australia One
C) part of the crew of Australia True
D) the 17th man on Australia True
E) the winner of this year’s race

6. To get the 17th man spot on Australia One you have to______.
A) enter a contest
B) design a jib halyard lock
C) be an expert sailor
D) be a sponsor
E) be a multi-talented one

Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in 1945. The United Kingdom was mad at the Japanese so they made many Japanese-Australians leave their homes. They were put in camps with barbed wire around the outside of the camps. Many Japanese-Australian young men were called into the army. Some of them joined the U.S. Military Intelligence Service or MIS. The MIS was a secret group that fought the Japanese soldiers. This secret group translated important maps and papers. They questioned Japanese prisoners. Another task they did was to translate diaries written in Japanese. Sometimes Japanese soldiers hid in caves to hide from the Australians. The MIS would try to get the scared soldiers to leave the caves. This was known as “cave flushing.” Some of the soldiers would give up and leave the caves. Other Japanese would jump to their deaths. The MIS never got awards for their efforts until the year 2002. Then they were rewarded for their brave acts in World War II. It took almost sixty years for them to be honored. Gayle Yamada has made a film about the brave Japanese-Australian MIS. The film is called “Uncommon Courage” and is a true story. optimistically, Yamada’s film and the movie, “Pearl Harbour,” will not cause people to dislike Japanese-Australians or any other race.

7. The letters MIS stood for ___.
A) Missing Infantry Soldiers
B) Military Intelligence Service
C) Military Intelligence Soldiers
D) Military Infamy Service
E) Military Information Service

8. Marvin Uratsu’s mother was ___ during World War II.
A) Behind barbed wire
B) In Japan
C) in the South Pacific
D) At home
E) In jail

9. The MIS finally received recognition ___.
A) during President Kennedy’s term
B) fifty years later
C) ten years ago
D) last year from President Clinton
E) in five years

People in Los Alto want to build bigger and better houses. Property there is expensive. Owners want to tear down or move houses so they can build on the lots. Some property owners have decided to give their houses to East Palo. When people donate houses, they receive tax breaks. After the house is moved, a needy family gets a cheap home. Roger Gaw wanted to donate a house. He paid a lot of money to have the house moved. Christina Luiz has two houses that can be used. Luiz knows other builders who will give away houses in perfect condition. The idea is catching on and others are calling to donate houses. East Palo’s mayor is Sharifa Wilson. The city doesn’t own any property. Wilson thinks people will start screaming that they want the houses. Now the city must decide how to give away the donated houses. East Palo is close to rich cities. The city has had problems with poverty and drugs. Drive-by shootings earned it the title of “murder capital” a few years ago. Now East Palo is benefiting from donated houses. Eight houses have been given to the city. The city will have to learn how to handle its new wealth.

10. A tax break for the donor and a home for the needy add up to___.
A) Higher taxes for the poor
B) A big dilemma
C) Less government spending
D) Good business for real estate agents
E) Social Charities

11. Some builders are willing to donate houses in _____.
A) Very poor condition
B) Exchange for business
C) Perfect condition
D) San Francisco
E) Their town

12. For a few decades, East Palo has been ___.
A) A wealthy city
B) Known as the robbery capital of California
C) The sister city to Los Alto
D) An island of difficulty in a world of affluence
E) Known for its social welfare system

Californian Michael Schwabe said goodbye to the gas pump two years ago. He leased an electric car. Schwabe says he gets more out of driving an electric car than just a charge. “With the price of gasoline and with the problems with clean air, it’s important we get electric vehicles out on the road.” On California roads there are about two thousand electric cars. By 2003, ten percent of all new cars may be required to have zero emissions. This is a mandate automakers say is way ahead of its time. Gloria Bergquist of the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers says, “The technology (for zero emissions) isn’t here yet; it still needs advancement in driving range to make it more appealing to a wider consumer audience”. Automakers blame it on the batteries. Power runs out on most cars after about 70 miles. However, some cars can now go more than 100 miles on a charge. Batteries are expensive. Carmakers say there is nothing they can do about it. Tim Carmichael of the Clean Air Coalition says, “The automakers have not built a vehicle unless required to do so, so it’s very important for the state to stay committed to this program requiring automakers to build small amounts in beginning years and then the market will take off”.

13. When did Michael Schwabe say goodbye to the gas pump?
A) two days ago
B) two months ago
C) two years ago
D) ten years ago
E) twenty years ago

14. Approximately how many electric cars are now on California roads?
A) 200
B) 2,000
C) 20,000
D) 200,000
E) 12,000

15. What do automakers blame for there being few electric cars now on the road?
A) the price of gas
B) the mandate C) the conditions of the roads
D) the batteries
E) the carburettors

In 1994, a videotape showed guards at Corcoran Prison putting rival prison gangs into the same exercise yard to watch them fight. The guards stopped the fight by shooting at the prisoners, killing one. Between 1989 and 1995 Corcoran prison guards shot fifty inmates, killing 7. The state investigated the prison twice and found nothing wrong. Then the FBI investigated for 4 years. Eight guards were charged with civil rights abuses. One guard told the FBI “… we were shooting inmates with a lethal weapon to break up fist fights.” After telling his story to the FBI, the guard received death threats. The California Department of Corrections will spend one million dollars to defend the guards.

16. Why were rival prison gangs forced into a common exercise yard?
A) There wasn’t anywhere else for them to go
B) They wanted to be together
C) They wanted to be on a videotape
D) The guards wanted to watch them fight
E) The guards tortured them

17. Why is the California Department of Corrections spending one million dollars to defend the eight guards
A) They have a staff of 45,000
B) As a sign of support for other guards
C) The guards will need extra pay
D) They have to pay for the investigation
E) They are very well trained

18. Many people believe prisoner abuse is ____.
A) O.K. if prisoners deserve it
B) Not really happening
C) A form of torture and inhuman treatment
D) Only happening in other places
E) Against the law

Mapster is a computer software company that lets users copy music. Over fifty million people have enjoyed the copyrighted music without paying a fee. The recording industry is unhappy with Mapster. When users copy music free, the artists lose money. The recording industry has sued Mapster. A lower court handed down a decision against Mapster. Then the case was taken to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which is a higher court. The Ninth Court did not overturn the lower court’s ruling but asked them to modify the decision. Record companies were happy with the court’s ruling. Hilary Rosen works for the Recording Industry Association of Australia. She says that companies like Mapster are wrong both legally and morally. Rosen is very pleased with the court ruling. Some recording officials say that steps should have been taken sooner to protect copyrights. Others say that Mapster is only one of many programs that offer free music. Shawn Fanning is the founder of Mapster. Recently he joined forces with Bertelsmann, a large publishing firm. Fanning and Bertelsmann plan to offer music users additional services. These new services will cost users and artists will get paid for the use of their music. Fanning wants to build a better company as soon as possible. An injunction could shut down Mapster within days. Fanning may appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. For now, Mapster fans are jamming as much music as possible.

19. The Mapster site had been offering ____
A) Cheap music
B) Only rock music
C) Free music swapping
D) Free albums
E) Free software

20. The latest court ruling was from the____.
A) Lower court
B) Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
C) State Supreme Court
D) U.S. Supreme Court
E) Parliament investigation team

21. Mapster may decide to ___.
A) Go out of business
B) Sell the company
C) Sue the music industry
D) Petition the U.S. Supreme Court
E) Stop offering free music

The Mississippi River is the biggest river in the world. It contains more water than the Nile, the Mississippi, and the Yangtze rivers put together. And next to the Nile, it is the longest river in the world. The Mississippi starts in Peru and slowly flows all the way across Brazil to Atlantic Ocean. Over most of this great distance, the river flows through-jungles where it rains for months at a time. The surface of the Mississippi looks as glass. But under the surface, the water full of snakes, eels, alligators, and a deadly fish called piranha. There is a lot of life on the surface of the Mississippi River, too. Some of the people living along the river build their houses on wooden rafts that are tied together with ropes. Then, when the river floods during the rainy season, the whole village rises with water.

22. As we understand from the passage, Mississippi River
A) is the second longest river on the Earth.
B) starts in Peru and flows all the way across Brazil and connects to Nile.
C) has a surface full of animals.
D) surface like a glass in winter.
E) flows only in rainy seasons.

23. The passage most likely appeared in
A) a chapter about marine species.
B) a travel guidebook
C) Dear Abby column.
D) a college handbook.
E) a literature anthology.

24. In this passage, the purpose of the author is
A) to inform the reader about the dangers of Mississippi Forest.
B) to compare the rivers in the world.
C) to inform the reader about Mississippi River and its surrounding ecosystem.
D) to describe the natural beauty of Mississippi river and the other rivers in the world.
E) to warn the reader about the extinction of species in Mississippi River.

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