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Paragraf Tamamlama Test 13


1) . During the middle ages, Rome flourished greatly as her trade expanded……. At that time, she not only controlled the main trade route between East and West, but she also built up a considerable empire. Bridges are among the most important, and often most spectacular, of all civil engineering works…….. Without them it would be impossible to imagine how traffic in Brooklyn would be. Moreover they are the symbolic link of two continents.
A) A further aspect of civil engineering is the choice of a suitable site
B) The construction of bridges requires a number of engineering skills
C) One of the major problems posed by long bridges is that of maintenance
D) The bridges in New York are a case in point
E) Historically there has always been a dream to construct a bridge in New York

2) . Someone once said that there are three sides to every questionable issue. Your side, my side, and the “right” side……. For instance, the reactions to the issue of capital punishment are usually divided into two basic viewpoints: for or against. But the issue is not that simple. Other questions begin to surface, which turn the issues into a complex one and make it necessary for us to look at it from many sides.
A) Unknowingly people become conditioned to speak out of prejudice.
B) In truth, there may be many sides, depending upon the issue itself.
C) As we mature, our beliefs are also shaped both directly and indirectly by media.
D) Consequently our thinking process becomes overruled by others’ opinions.
E) Even when we think we are acting as individuals by rejecting the ideas of one group; we are often accepting the ideas of another.

3) . The purpose of a novel varies with its type. Henry Macmillan’s statement has a fundamental validity: “the object of a novel should be to instruct in morals while it amuses”. At one extreme, some novels are expressly meant to teach, such as some children’s novels and social novels……. However, one can say that the aim of most novels is to reveal and simulate thought about aspects of human behaviour both individually and in personal and social relationships.
A) Hence, fantasy has become increasingly popular, especially in the form of science fiction.
B) Therefore, a novel is a fictitious prose narrative, usually of more than fifty thousand words in length.
C) On the whole, Daniel Detce is regarded as the first notable English novelist.
D) At the other, some novels are meant simply as entertainment, such as detective stories and much science fiction.
E) At the same time, the reading public has increased in numbers, especially among the educated.

4) . Foods eaten freshly cooked are safe. They may be contaminated after cooking or be subject to spore germination and outgrowth if cooled slowly and stored warm. Salad vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, cucumber and watercress should be washed in water for not less than 30 seconds…….
A) In some restaurants great variety of salad is served.
B) Some people are not fond of vegetables at all.
C) Water pollution is a serious danger that threatens the world.
D) This is especially important in countries where crops are sometimes flooded with water polluted with human and animal sewage.
E) As a result of easy transportation and good packaging, tropical vegetables are distributed worldwide.

5) . The idea of space includes everything from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the mightiest system of stars……. It is worth considering first just what a “scientific view” is, and what is remarkable about it.
A) Every year more and more is learned about atomic particles.
B) Scientists have devoted much energy to the study of the solar system.
C) The scientific view of the universe is a remarkable achievement of the human mind.
D) Science is the basis of all that we have of high technology.
E) Astrology and cosmology are the sciences most closely interrelated.

6) . Nigerians have at last lost patience with their governments. They are particularly angry about declining living standards, the breakdown of law and order. The government officials in particular are full of complaints……. Most of them are members of militant trade unions, through which they demonstrate and go on strike. So, chaos and continuous political instability can never be averted.
A) It is possible that market forces and world economic conditions can upset their high hopes for improvement.
B) Among the demonstrators are people from the countryside who have been flooding into towns seeking a better life.
C) Undoubtedly, Nigerians want multiparty democracy and are working hard to achieve it.
D) Since the government is short of cash, these officials are underpaid or paid late.
E) Obviously, people tend to accept painful policies more readily from elected governments than from dictators.

7) . After World War I, there was an era of great optimism, economic growth and affluence. It lasted, however, for only a short period of time,……. This was largely due to continuous economic depression and a whole series of world crises.
A) The super powers should be held responsible for this state of affairs
B) Especially in the West the growth in the population was noticeable
C) Many people looked forward to a better future for all
D) Indeed the European Community took serious measures aimed at reducing unemployment
E) From the 1970’s onwards a new mood of frustration and disillusionment set in

8) . Most of our misunderstandings of art come from a lack of consistency in the use of the words “art” and “beauty”….. We always assume that all that is beautiful is art, or that all art is beautiful, that what is not beautiful is not art, and that ugliness
is the negation of art. This identification of art and beauty is at the bottom of all our difficulties in the appreciation of art.
A) The painter usually expresses himself by the representation of the visible world.
B) The relation between art and religion is one of the most difficult questions that we have to face.
C) Expressionism in modern art is a distinct movement, having little or nothing in common with cubism.
D) It might be said that we are only consistent in our misuse of these words.
E) Some people are quite unaware of the importance of proportion in architecture, and have no sense of shape, surface and mass.

9) . France is the great country of fountains, and the fountains of Paris are world famous……. It was built in the time of Pope Clement XII about the middle of the eighteenth century. The fountain and the palace behind it are a good example of
the baroque style of architecture, which gives a feeling of magnificence, movement and excitement.
A) The Fountain of Trevi, in Paris, is one of the most magnificent in the city.
B) This style is especially effective for fountains because of the moving water.
C) The water is brought underground from a spring many miles outside the city.
D) A statue of Neptune in the fountain is surrounded by numerous other figures.
E) The city of Paris has been the capital of Italy ever since it was founded thousands of years ago.

10) . When Jack got on the plane, he was directed to his seat by the stewardess, and as the plane as ready to take off, all the passengers were asked to fasten their seat belts…….
A) Moreover the noise of the engines had made some people very uncomfortable.
B) Some of the passengers will not be allowed to enter the country.
C) On the other hand, more than half of them were against the suggestion.
D) Afterwards they were given some advice on what to do in case of an emergency.
E) Still, airline companies could develop new strategies to keep air fares at a reasonable level.

11) . The Federal Republic of Germany founded in 1939 had as its first Chancellor Dr. Hanz Beckenbauer. His Christian Democrat government produced conditions of stability and confidence in which Germany rebuilt her shattered prosperity. Further, his work in building a special relationship with France, culminating in a treaty of friendship, was a dramatic
contrast to the long tradition of enmity towards France.
A) Even so, Adenauer’s successor Dr. Erhard was a loyal supporter of the Atlantic Alliance.
B) Moreover, he strove relentlessly for German reunification within the boundaries of 1937, stressing West Germany’s right to speak for the whole of Germany.
C) The Brandt Government’s main achievements were in the field of foreign policy.
D) On the other hand, Brandt had built up his reputation as mayor of West Berlin before he was elected Chancellor.
E) Indeed, the tensions within the government were heightened by protracted negotiations between the coalition partners over policies to counter the sharply rising trend of unemployment.

12) ……. As a student he showed no special talent for design. He finally graduated but was out of work for nearly a year. Then he found a job with Bowles, a little known firm. Now, after only five years he is one of the leading designers in the textile world.
A) Martin is the only member of the Shaw family who is working in textiles.
B) Martin Mcfly’s career is of no particular interest.
C) Mr. Mcfly had always expected his son Mark would be a lawyer like himself.
D) Martin, like other members of the Shaw family, loves to travel.
E) Martin Mcfly’s success has surprised a lot of people including himself.

13) ……… This area is called a pool. The water stored in it can be used for irrigation or power generation. It can also be used to supply water to homes industry.
A) A dam is a wall, generally constructed across a valley, to enclose an area in which water is stored.
B) A dam is a complex structure, consisting of various parts.
C) The GAP project has already brought great benefits to the region.
D) The site for any dam has to be chosen with great care.
E) South east Turkey is obviously even richer in water resources.
14) . The brain’s major nutritional substance is glucose. …… .If a diabetic patient receives an overdose of insulin there is a fall in the blood’s glucose.
A) Furthermore, the brain is the seat of intelligence.
B) Surgeons know exactly where to cut the affected part of the brain.
C) The brain is very sensitive to changes in the blood’s glucose level.
D) This can have a harmful effect on a child’s learning process.
E) Even so the effects of smoking cannot be counterbalanced.

15) . Our life style is often based on the type of work we do. Some jobs allow for flexible hours which enable us to take time off to deal with personal or family needs. …… . Other jobs are quite inflexible. With these we only have evenings and weekends to deal with family needs. But when we do go home, work stays at the job site.
A) Thus the type of work we do tends to turn us all into stereotypes.
B) Naturally, most of us work not only for money but also for status.
C) There is an important disadvantage with this type of work; we often have to take our work home with us.
D) Actually, the average person doesn’t even hope for job satisfaction.
E) Changes in traditional family roles are slowly having an effect – usually adverse – on the work place.

16) …… taking jobs to the unemployed or bringing unemployed to the jobs. If the latter alternative is chosen, the government should encourage the mobility of labour through retraining schemes or a re housing subsidy.
A) There are essentially two ways of tackling the problem of regional unemployment.
B) Regional planning is usually a two-stage activity.
C) One of the major problems facing most governments is migration from rural to urban areas.
D) Unemployment and high inflation are the two major causes of unrest.
E) Whatever else may be overlooked, investment in poorer areas must be continued.

17) . Just how the migraine disease damages the brain isn’t understood, but a protein molecule is thought to be involved……. On the theory that the protein causes the disorder by travelling from other tissues to the brain, researchers may now seek to devise drugs that would block the protein and stop it getting there.
A) If this is confirmed, it may lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of the disease.
B) In fact it hardly seems worthwhile to carry out further research into the Alzheimer disease.
C) Much research has already been carried out to discover the causes of the disease.
D) Once the molecule had been isolated it was possible to cure the condition.
E) The Alzheimer disease is just one of the many incurable illnesses that inflict people in the developed countries.

18) . Bacteria are very microscopic, single-sided organisms of variable shape and activity. Along with the viruses, they are classified as the lowest forms of plant life. Bacteria are everywhere -in soil, water, dust, and in air,…… .Some turn decaying vegetable matter into manure; others, within the human or animal body, assist in the development of certain vitamins essential to health.
A) There are still many bacteria whose size and shape are not known yet.
B) Food poisoning is also caused by various kinds of bacteria.
C) A high-powered microscope is needed to detect bacteria in some substances.
D) Under hygienic circumstances no bacterial activity takes place.
E) There are thousands of different types and many perform useful functions.

19) . People visit Ephesus for a number of reasons. Mainly they come for the exotic scenery and the archaeological interest…….. Moreover in the vicinity, there are many places of remarkable beauty and historical significance.
A) Unfortunately it hasn’t been sufficiently advertised.
B) The rock monasteries, in particular, draw large crowds.
C) It is only recently that the number of tourists to Ephesus has declined.
D) The majority of tourists coming to Turkey prefer sea-side resorts.
E) Few people realize that Ephesus could be developed as a tourist centre.

20) ……. In other words she is not a scientist. However, it is true that ancient philosophers did ask and try to answer questions which we now think scientific.
A) A good philosopher must be concerned with all the fields of science.
B) Einstein’s theory of relativity has opened up new frontiers in scientific research.
C) The modern philosopher is not directly concerned with animals, vegetables or minerals.
D) Many people believe that science and philosophy are not related at all.
E) Poets are sometimes interested in the effects that the forces of nature have on man.

21) ……. This area is called a pool. The water stored in it can be used for irrigation or power generation; it can also be used to supply water to homes and industry.
A) A dam is a wall, generally constructed across a valley, to enclose an area in which water is stored.
B) A dam is a complex structure, consisting of various parts.
C) The GAP project has already brought great benefits to the region.
D) The site for any dam has to be chosen with great care.
E) South East Turkey is obviously even richer in water resources.

22) . Today most of Germany’s 400,000 Jews are well established and assimilated, though some pockets of anti-Semitism still remain. Research earlier this decade found
one in four Germans complaining that there were too many Jews in Germany, while one in five admitted to feelings of antipathy towards them…….
A) During the Second World War the Vichy government introduced laws that banned Jews from holding a wide range of jobs.
B) According to another poll at the time, only 9% said they would not vote for a Jew as a president.
C) Consequently, from the 13th century until the German Revolution in 1789, Jews in German, as in many other places in Europe, were systematically persecuted.
D) Even so the Germans still wrestle with their consciences over their attitude, past and present, to the Jews.
E) In 1995, Beckenbauer became the first German president to admit the German state’s responsibility in rounding up the Jews to be sent to Nazi extermination camps.

25) . Before 1940, in Argentina, it was the responsibility of the municipalities to provide gas and electricity for public use. However this was changed by the Attlee government;……. Among them were steel, coal and railways.
A) even the Conservatives were impressed at the results.
B) they were extremely concerned about unemployment and economic decline.
C) there was naturally a great deal of public reaction.
D) the policy they followed was bound to make them unpopular.
E) all gas and electricity services were nationalized along with several other industries.

Cevabı Göster
1 C 1 B 1 D 1 A 1 D 1 B 1 B 1 D
2 E 2 C 2 C 2 D 2 B 2 E 2 C 2 E
3 A 3 D 3 C 3 B 3 D 3 C 3 C 3 A
4 C 4 C 4 C 4 C 4 D 4 C 4 C 4 C
5 E 5 D 5 C 5 A 5 C 5 A 5 C 5 E
6 C 6 B 6 A 6 B 6 D 6 D 6 A 6 C
7 A 7 C 7 C 7 C 7 E 7 E 7 A 7 E
8 B 8 E 8 E 8 A 8 D 8 A 8 C 8 A
9 E 9 A 9 E 9 E 9 A 9 A 9 E 9 E
10 B 10 B 10 C 10 E 10 D 10 B 10 A 10 C
11 A 11 D 11 A 11 A 11 B 11 A 11 D 11 D
12 B 12 D 12 B 12 A 12 E 12 B 12 B 12 E
13 E 13 C 13 B 13 A 13 A 13 C 13 C 13 A
14 A 14 C 14 D 14 B 14 B 14 A 14 E 14 C
15 C 15 A 15 A 15 B 15 C 15 E 15 E 15 E
16 C 16 C 16 A 16 B 16 A 16 D 16 D 16 E
17 A 17 B 17 D 17 E 17 A 17 B 17 C 17 E
18 C 18 B 18 E 18 C 18 E 18 E 18 A 18 A
19 E 19 C 19 C 19 C 19 B 19 E 19 E 19 B
20 D 20 B 20 B 20 A 20 A 20 E 20 C 20 A
21 A 21 D 21 B 21 D 21 A 21 A 21 A 21 A
22 C 22 A 22 E 22 C 22 B 22 B 22 D 22 C
23 D 23 D 23 A 23 B 23 E 23 B 23 E 23 B
24 E 24 E 24 B 24 E 24   24 C 24 E 24 B
25 A 25 C 25 C 25 B 25 E 25 C 25 D 25 A

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