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Paragraf Tamamlama Test 2


1. The science of computers and the technology of their use are extensive and complicated subjects. ____. As a result, as in other similar fields so in computer sciences, there is a great variety of terminology and jargon.
A) Even children in primary schools now learn to use computers
B) Obviously there are several types of computers which would serve this particular purpose adequately
C) The languages the computer understands are easily understood by even ordinary people
D) One recent development is that computers are getting smaller and smaller
E) Moreover, the rapid rate of change in this field has contributed still further to this complexity

2. ____. The feudal lords in England had always run their own law courts and profited by the fines paid by those brought to court. However, King Edward took many cases out of their courts and tried them in his own, taking the money for himself.
A) King Edward always had the full support of the feudal lords
B) The administration of justice in Medieval England was completely centralized
C) King Edward, who lived in the 13th century, was unpopular mainly because he was greedy
D) Medieval economy in England was based on agriculture
E) The history of the British Parliament goes back to the signing of Magna Carta

3. The foremost power of the media lies in the fact that it can shape what we know about the world and can be a basic source of ideas and opinions. _____________.This power is greater if we consider all the various media together, not just one, such as the press.
A) The most influential media is obviously television
B) Indeed it can influence the way we think, but more than we realize
C) Journalists are jealous of the power of television
D) In recent decades the main concern of the media has been democracy
E) Most governments ignore the influence of the media on society

4. All considered, the United States has the world’s most competent overall economy. —–. This increase in efficiency has in part been made possible by the fact that this sector is less heavily unionized than the manufacturing sector.

A) Unfortunately many American car manufacturers have lost a sizeable share of the world market
B) In fact Japan has become one of the biggest exporters of high-tech goods
C) Many American steel plants have entered a period of recession
D) Europe, however, has been making itself more efficient in the services industry
E) Competition from Germany is a danger both to Japan and the US

5. There are no less than 120 countries comprising the so-called “third world” known variously as “less developed” or “underdeveloped” or poor countries. There is a great diversity among them, and yet they have a number of features in common._____. For example, some of the oil-producing countries have achieved very high levels of income per capital while retaining many of the other characteristics of less developed countries.
A) Their natural sources are so limited that economically they are mostly dependent on international aid
B) Population explosion is a major problem many countries are unable to cope with
C) In such countries there is a great demand for an educated and skilled workforce
D) Death rates have fallen sharply in response to improved health services.
E) Foremost among these is their poverty, but even poverty is not universal.

6. Bacteria are minute, single-celled organisms of various shape and activity. Along with the viruses, they are classified as the lowest forms of plant life. Bacteria are everywhere in soil, water, dust, and in air._____. Some turn decaying vegetable matter into manure; others; within the human or animal body, assist in the development of certain vitamins necessary to health.
A) There are still many bacteria whose size and shape are not known yet
B) Food poising is also caused by various kinds of bacteria
C) A high-powered microscope is needed to detect bacteria in some substances
D) Under hygienic circumstances no bacterial activity takes place
E) There are thousands of different types and many perform useful functions

7. Vegetables eaten freshly cooked are safe. They may be unhygienic after cooking or be subject to spore germination and outgrowth if cooled slowly and stored warm. Salad vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, cucumber and watercress should be washed in water for not less than 45 seconds._____.
A) In some restaurants a great variety of salad is served
B) Some people are not fond of vegetables at all
C) Water pollution is a serious danger that threatens the world
D) This is especially important in countries where crops are sometimes flooded with water polluted with human and animal sewage
E) As a result of easy transportation and good packaging, tropical vegetables are distributed worldwide

8. _____. Never has a statement made anywhere been meant more literally. Without energy, nothing could walk, fly, prowl, dive, swim, chew, hiss, bark, or grow. Einstein demonstrated that even matter is a form of energy. It should be clear, then, why energy is central to one of the cardinal principles of ecology.
A) The importance of energy to human beings is often overestimated
B) Without energy there would be nothing
C) The energy problem has been the main concern of many governments
D) The energy sources of the world are constantly being wasted
E) The committee has decided the new energy policy for the decade ahead

9. Even the smallest organization, public or private, has a personnel function. People are an organization’s major resource and, even though the links between the personnel department and other departments are not always clear, it is important that cooperation between all departments and personnel is maintained. It is the personnel department, with the help of the other departments, which will implement any manpower policies by recruiting, selecting and training all employees._____.
A) This shows that personnel departments carry out crucial functions in organizations
B) That is why institutions will be forced to make huge investments
C) Certainly, some functions such as research or legal advice are carried out by different staff
D) In fact, no government agency would have been involved in such a case
E) Initially, each department was required to submit their proposals for improvement

10. People will exchange any goods or services for money: this is its most significant function. In order to be a medium of exchange, money must be acceptable:_____. Firstly, this confidence was created by using metals like gold and silver which in themselves were valuable. The coins, notes and cheques which are used as money today are not in themselves worth what they represent. Nevertheless, they are accepted by everyone in business transactions.

A) this primitive method of exchange is no longer used
B) therefore, it plays a vital role in international trade
C) that is it must enjoy everyone’s confidence
D) the creation of money made business transactions much easier
E) money provides a standard measurement in business

11. _____. There is, for example, an obvious relationship between increases in economic wealth and general improvements in our life styles. The extent of the interrelationship between social and economic change means that many business organizations are influenced by changes in society.
A) The nature of family life is constantly changing
B) Most forms of social change are related to economic change
C) New economic policies adopted by the government give priority to economic growth
D) Successive governments have tried to solve the problems resulting from economic change
E) Population growth has a damaging effect on economic recovery

12. There are a number of ways in which to write medical history._____. Then there is the social approach of the history of medicine which concentrates on how, when, where, by whom, and with what effect the ill were treated in times gone by. Yet, another approach is to deal with the effect of disease upon the course of human affairs.
A) It is only in the past 50 years that doctors have appreciated how dangerous experience can be as a guide to action
B) A major area with which medical history is concerned is pathology
C) But all the strands of medical history could not possibly be woven into a coherent and comprehensive whole?
D)Most accounts of medical developments lack coherence and are often out-dated
E) One method, and this is the one preferred by doctors, is to trace progress from complete medical ignorance to a high level of medical competence

13. In this age crime has become a daily event, and this has had an effect on our reading. Readers no longer look for an escape when they pick up a crime novel._____. That is to say, they want to learn something about the real world, and about those, good and bad, who inhabit it.
A) Crime novelists cannot be dismissed simply because the incidents they describe are inherently more interesting than those in other kinds
B) Today the crime novel, in all its forms, proceeds most surely and satisfactorily from character
C) Most novelists see crime as a fascinating topic they can creatively write about
D) They read it for the same reasons they read novels of any other kind
E) A great majority of readers regard incidents in a crime novel as more fantasy

14. The term “psychology” was coined by the ancient Greeks as a label for their philosophic probing into the human “psyche”._____. But how does this go about studying the mind scientifically? Science implies measurement. How does one measure something that can neither be seen nor heard nor touched?
A) This is why psychology has come to be known as the study of behaviour
B) It is not the only discipline that is concerned with a systematic study of behaviour
C) All of these disciplines are rightly regarded as behavioural sciences
D) Sociology, on the other hand, is devoted in largest part to the nature and development of human society and community life
E) Gradually it came to mean the study of the “mind”, and still, in part, retains that meaning

15. _____. Size alone has obviously nothing to do with the distinction, there are some enormous colleges and some small universities. Is the difference to be found in breadth or scope of instructional offerings? Not according to the late Hastings Ranowall, whose three-volume Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages is a classic in the field.
A) Public institutions are in a different situation
B) The content and the structure of general education need to be improved
C) First, let us clarify the terms college and university
D) In most countries college has come to mean a label for a higher institution of limited or special scope
E) A number of colleges and universities have experimented with curricular structures

16. For centuries, scientists and philosophers have speculated on the structure of the universe and the existence of galaxies outside our own. However until the twentieth century, they could do no more than speculate._____. Using giant telescopes, ultraviolet and infrared instruments, and high-speed computers, they are studying the information of galaxies for further insights into the nature of the cosmos.
A) Meanwhile, the study of other galaxies has led to an extraordinary insight into the possible structure of the universe.
B) We now know, of course, that the universe is designed on a scale far more grand
C) After decades of speculation, in fact we have started to penetrate to the very centre of our own galaxy.
D) Now, however, scientists have determined that the universe is made up of thousands of millions of galaxies
E) They have located regions that are very much disturbed with hot turbulent gases swirling at great force about the centre

17. A long time ago, many things were explained by reference to the will of unseen deities. _____. In our world, we explain things by reference to genes, and feel much superior for it. Nevertheless there is not, if we contemplate about it, very much difference between saying “The gods have made him angry” and saying “He has the gene for anger.” Both are ways of attributing a matter of personal agency to some fateful and mysterious impersonal power.

A) Today, we regard this as a foolish and primitive approach
B) Most people are likely to want to believe in a little of both
C) Man has always struggled to change his destiny and enjoy happiness
D) In fact, human behaviour is determined by an inherited genetic package
E) In the end, though, people have to figure things out for themselves

18. Michelangelo hated to delegate work to others and would only do so in an excessive emergency._____; and certainly no artist of note emerged from his studio.
A) His assistants, furthermore, were all exceptionally talented
B) As a result, he has been accused of not passing on his artistic skill to others
C) Naturally he was unwilling to do much of the purely manual work himself
D) As a result many of his works had to be finished by his assistants.
E) He went o great pains to train his assistants

19. The planets are the celestial bodies that revolve round the sun in elliptical orbits._____. There are also numerous minor planets, generally called asteroids. Today many significant questions concerning the planets can be answered by means of probes sent to them. These include the measurement of the magnetic field, if any, of the planets, the study of their atmospheres and, in some cases surface conditions.
A) Among them Pluto was the last planet to be discovered in 1930 by the American astronomer Tombaugh
B) At present only nine major planets are known, and they are different in many respects from the fixed stars
C) Scientists have recently managed to land on the surface of Mars an extremely efficient instrument for exploration.
D)Yet, the moon revolves round the earth and has already been explored.
E) However, Pluto is the most distant of the planets and has an orbit more elliptical than the other planetary orbits

20. Acupuncturists treat all kinds of conditions ranging from headaches to strokes.____. In Britain, this very often happens, however some health insurance schemes do cover it.
A) The Chinese first developed this branch of medicine
B) Many of the people who practice acupuncture are not fully qualified
C) This kind of treatment hasn’t been approved of by the medical profession yet
D) In France and Germany acupuncture is available under national health schemes
E) Contrary to general belief this method of treatment is not in the least painful

21. As scientific knowledge increased, so did the practical applications. The eighteenth century witnessed what is generally called the Industrial Revolution,_____. Since then, there has been a succession of technical innovations and fewer manual workers have been required.
A) when machines began to do more and more of the work that had previously been done by human beings and animals
B) as nuclear and solid-state physics are disciplines that have evolved more recently
C) for mathematics, it should be noted, is the basic tool of modern engineering
D) so the engineer must always be willing to face new challenges
E) which is likely to lead to much unnecessary suffering particularly as the workforce is largely made up of young people

22 _____. But most psychotherapists would say that such depression stems from buried grief or pain. For instance someone who has been dissatisfied as a child may become depressed as an adult.
A) One should not let oneself get depressed
B) Sometimes one may be depressed for no apparent reason
C) People who are depressed aren’t good company
D) During the last two decades problems pertaining to mental health have steadily increased
E) The crime rate goes up with depressing regularity

23. _____. X-rays can tell a cultured pearl from a natural one because they can detect the structure of mother of pearl in the inside. Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than natural ones though in fact they, too, are “real” pearls.
A) The last X-ray showed an improvement in her condition
B) Cultured pearls are cheap imitations of the real thing
C) The difference between a cultured pearl and a real one is obvious at a glance
D) The pearls that are “cultured” fetch a higher price than the “natural” ones do
E) Cultured pearls are produced by inserting a bead of mother of pearl into an oyster, which then coats it in pearl

24. Most of our misconceptions of art arise from a lack of consistency in the use of the words “art” and “beauty”.____. We always suppose that all that is beautiful is art, or that all art is beautiful, that what is not beautiful is not art, and that ugliness is the negation of art. This identification of art and beauty is at the bottom of all our complexities in the
appreciation of art.
A) The painter usually expresses himself by the representation of the visible world
B) The relation between art and religion is one of the most difficult questions that we have to face
C) Expressionism in modern art is a distinct movement, having little or nothing in common with cubism.
D) It might be said that we are only consistent in our misuse of these words
E) Some people are quite unaware of the importance of proportion in architecture, and have no sense of shape, surface and mass

25. At the beginning of this century, a group of writers from scattered Midwestern towns came together in bustling, commercial Chicago. From the rough immediacy of the city, they forged a style that was peculiarly and unsparingly realistic._____. Actually, the critics were soon to describe Chicago as the literary capital of the US.
A) Most of them, however, eventually moved away from Chicago
B) The “Chicago Renaissance”, fuelled by these writers, soon captured the attention of the rest of the nation
C) It is now a commonplace of literary criticism that there is a close relationship between cities and their writers
D) Chicago is indeed a city of absorbing contrast, and not least in the field of architecture
E) American realism differs in many obvious ways from European realism

Cevabı Göster
1 C 1 E 1 A 1 A 1 B 1 B 1 C 1 C
2 A 2 C 2 E 2 E 2 D 2 D 2 B 2 D
3 C 3 B 3 B 3 C 3 E 3 E 3 B 3 B
4 D 4 D 4 A 4 D 4 A 4 A 4 B 4 A
5 A 5 E 5 D 5 A 5 B 5 B 5 D 5 D
6 D 6 E 6 E 6 B 6 A 6 A 6 A 6 C
7 B 7 D 7 C 7 A 7 C 7 C 7 C 7 E
8 B 8 B 8 A 8 B 8 A 8 A 8 A 8 A
9 A 9 A 9 B 9 D 9 E 9 E 9 D 9 C
10 C 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 B
11 A 11 B 11 B 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 A
12 B 12 E 12 E 12 A 12 B 12 B 12 A 12 B
13 E 13 D 13 C 13 E 13 B 13 B 13 B 13 E
14 D 14 E 14 E 14 B 14 E 14 E 14 D 14 D
15 E 15 C 15 C 15 B 15 D 15 D 15 D 15 A
16 D 16 D 16 D 16 E 16 B 16 B 16 D 16 B
17 B 17 A 17 A 17 D 17 A 17 A 17 B 17 E
18 A 18 B 18 B 18 E 18 E 18 E 18 B 18 B
19 E 19 B 19 D 19 E 19 B 19 B 19 A 19 B
20 B 20 D 20 C 20 B 20 D 20 D 20 C 20 C
21 C 21 A 21 D 21 A 21 E 21 E 21 E 21 A
22 A 22 B 22 E 22 B 22 B 22 B 22 A 22 E
23 B 23 E 23 E 23 E 23 D 23 D 23 A 23 B
24 C 24 D 24 E 24 D 24 E 24 E 24 E 24 D
25 A 25 B 25 A 25 B 25 A 25 A 25 A 25 D

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