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Paragraf Tamamlama Test 3


1. Italy is the great country of fountains, and the fountains of Rome are world famous. _____. It was built in the time of Pope Clement XII about the middle of the eighteenth century. The fountain and the palace behind it are a good model of the baroque style of architecture, which gives a feeling of glory, movement and excitement.
A) The Fountain of Trevi, in Rome, is one of the most magnificent in the city
B) This style is especially effective for fountains because of the moving water
C) The water is brought underground from a spring many miles outside the city
D) A statue of Neptune in the fountain is surrounded by numerous other figures
E) The city of Rome has been the capital of Italy ever since it was founded thousands of years ago

2._____. His principal equipment is a leather couch for patients to lie on and a cabinet of mysterious drugs of one kind or another to send them off to sleep. He is mainly interested in the dreams of his clients and may use some form of hypnosis to study their repressed thoughts and deep emotions.
A) More and more large firms are realizing the advantages offered by psychiatry
B) No one may prescribe drugs or surgery in treating mentally sick individuals unless he is medically qualified
C) It is important to realize that psychologists are first and foremost trained as scientists rather than as medical experts
D) Psychologists are primarily concerned with behaviour and its abnormalities
E) The popular image of a psychiatrist is a fairly well-defined one

3. The Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1949, had as its first Chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer. His Christian Democrat government produced conditions of stability and confidence in which Germany rebuilt her shattered prosperity and a viable parliamentary democracy. Further, his work in building a special relationship with France, culminating a
treaty of friendship, was a dramatic contrast to the long convention of enmity towards France._____.
A) Even so, Adenauer’s successor Dr. Erhard was a loyal supporter of the Adantic Alliance
B) Furthermore, he strove relentlessly for German reunification within the boundaries of 1937, stressing West Germany’s right to speak for the whole Germany
C) The Brandt Government’s main achievements were in die field of foreign policy
D) On die other hand, Brandt had built up his reputation as mayor of West Berlin before he was elected Chancellor
E) Indeed, the tensions within the government were heightened by protracted negotiations between the coalition partners over policies to counter the sharply rising trend of unemployment.

4. It was the most horrible ice-storm in living memory. What started in the clouds as rain became ice as it hit power lines, trees and roads._____. Well over 50.000 people had to flee their freezing homes for those of luckier or better equipped neighbors.
A) It fell for days and it paralyzed much of Quebec, knocking out the power supply to 3 million people
B) Until then it was regarded as one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit Canada
C) The cleaning up process was soon in full swing and life returned to normal
D) Old people in particular are at risk if temperatures continue to fall in this way
E) The midweek forecast for the area is far from encouraging

5. We all know that learning is essential._____? A dictionary might tell you that learning is acquiring knowledge through experience and study. A teacher might tell you that it is memorizing what he wants you to know for an examination. Your manager might tell you that it is mastery of the task you are hired to do. A psychologist might tell you that it is a
relatively permanent change in behaviour due to past experience. Obviously learning takes place in various ways and forms.
A) How is it managed
B) What exactly do you mean
C) Yet one can depend on it
D) But what exactly is it
E) Do you think it can be mastered

6. Napoleon, the greatest of all generals, dismissed and disgraced Admiral Bruix for questioning an order to sail his fleet._____. Consequently, twenty ships were wrecked, and 3,000 men were drowned. From this incident we can conclude that the absolute obedience that a general can command is not appropriate at sea.
A) Even so, Bruix continued to admire and obey Napoleon
B) By the time his successor was appointed, the adverse weather conditions had been over
C) Everyone knew that this admiral never took risks
D) Napoleon seemed to know instinctively what die right course of action would be
E) His deputy obeyed the command although the wind was strong

7. Many sociologists are concerned that America is no longer “a melting pot,” but “a salad bow!” .Unlike most earlier immigrants who are willing to learn English and wanted to “melt” into American life, many of today’s immigrants do not see the need,____? How will all this influence American’s future?
A) Why did most European immigrants settle in the cities rather than on farms
B) What was city life like for most immigrants
C) What changes can we expect in the make-up of America’s population by the year 2000
D) What hardships did the early immigrants face when they arrived in America
E) How far back can an American trace his roots

8. ____. The faltering economy they inherited was now under additional pressure from those newly unemployed, including the million-man army of the former regime. There were critical shortages of foreign exchange and gold, much of which had been stolen in the last days of the war. There were also at least two million new refugees, nearly 10 % of the population. Nearly, the country was in a state of total bankruptcy.
A) The end of the war in Vietnam brought massive problems to the new leaders of the country
B) In the first place, all industry was nationalized by the new Vietnamese government
C) One unexpected problem facing the new government was continuing military activity
D) One solution to the urban problems facing Vietnam was to get people to return to the countryside
E) In their first months in power, Vietnam’s new leaders succeeded in persuading hundreds of thousands of people to move back to their farms

9. Gathering information on a possible adversary or adversaries is only the start of the intelligence process. The raw materials, once in hand, must be drawn together, analyzed, correlated, and evaluated before it becomes useful knowledge. ____. From this appraisal, which points to this most likely course of action the target state can chart a course of action best designed to meet the developing condition.
A) The ethics of secret intelligence operations have long been debated
B) At this stage there emerges an estimate of the adversary’s intentions and of his ability to achieve them
C) However the richest source is usually the secret agent, who is always a highly skilled and well trained professional
D) Intelligence findings are, therefore, usually classified and limited in circulation
E) In recent decades, technology has enormously lengthened the reach and sharpened the penetration of intelligence

10. In the 1900s cancer was nearly always fatal; by the 1930s one out of five cancer patients was saved: by 1975, treatment was successful in one out of every four cancer patients._____.
A) New evidence suggest that the highest risk for lung cancer occurs in asbestos workers who smoke
B) In fact every one knows that cancer refers to a group of over 100 different diseases
C) Today scientists and physicians believe that half of cancer patients can be saved if present knowledge is applied promptly in every case
D) Rehabilitation of the cancer patient has become an important new concern for social workers
E) The goal of cancer rehabilitation is to help the patient lead as normal a life as possible

11. What is soul? From Plato onwards, many answers have been given to this question, however no one answer has ever been found to be adequate.____. Most probably we must mean something by it.
A) His definition, quite understandably, soon returned to favour
B) Even so, the word is still in constant use
C) At a still later period soul and character were equated
D) If there had been further developments in this line they may have proved significant
E) The next step would then have been to differentiate between soul and body.

12. The Japanese have a strong aesthetic sense; they beautify, adorn and decorate everything they touch.____. It is cut into an artistic shape and given a colour scheme with carefully placed pieces of tomato and herbs.
A) Apparently they get a great deal of satisfaction out of such elegant displays
B) The art of flower arrangement is particularly well developed in Japan
C) Many of these arrangements consist of only two or three flowers and a spring of green
D) Naturally this is especially true of the women of that country
E) A sandwich in Japan is not a sandwich. It is a work of art designed to appeal not just to the palate but also to the eye.

13. ____. Composers such as Schubert, Schuman, Listz, and Berlioz sought a new freedom in musical expression. Form became of less importance than content; and that content frequently had literary connections.
A) Wordsworth is one of the best-known of all English Romantic poets
B) Mendelssohn and Brahms are the two most typical representative composers of the Romantic era
C) The Romantic movement, which began around the year 1800 in literature, also had its counterpart in music.
D) Indeed, the Romantic movement itself did not last very long
E) Amongst the Romantic composers, Brahms has generally been the most popular

14. The Dalullo Islanders in the Pacific were originally the mutineers of the ship Bounty. They took possession of the island of Dalullo in 1680, and it was not until 1704 that their whereabouts were ascertained, accidentally, by a passing ship._____. In the course of years they increased so much in numbers that they were too many for the island to support. In conclusion, in 1856 they were removed by the British Government to the much larger Norfolk Island.
A) The Bounty was originally chartered to explore the Pacific islands and establish British colonies there
B) Actually, much of their history is still controversial and there is a considerable difference of opinion about their origin
C) Up to that date trade in the Pacific region had been their main occupation
D) The British Government sponsored a number of search projects, but all of them ended in failure
E) The mutineers, under their leader Adams, had settled to a communal existence and married Tahitian women

15. Underdeveloped countries are those in which economic structure and development are held back. The causes of the situation of underdevelopment are complicated, but two opposing sets of theories dominate discussion._____. On the other hand, there are the theories that ascribe underdevelopment directly to the distortions of economic structure and the exploitation involved in the relations between the developed and the underdeveloped countries.
A) In other words, development and underdevelopment are mutually interdependent
B) This view implies that the state and process of underdevelopment in certain countries is inevitable
C) On the one hand, there are those theories that attribute underdevelopment to the internal characteristics of the underdeveloped countries themselves
D) Accordingly, such countries are responsible for their own underdevelopment
E) However, no country in the world is completely isolated from the current monetary policies

16. The purpose of a novel varies with its type. Mark Hackler’s statement has a fundamental validity: “the object of a novel should be to instruct in morals while it amuses.” At one extreme, some novels are expressly meant to teach, such as some
children’s novels and social novels._____. Yet, one can claim that the aim of most novels is to reveal and stimulate thought and aspect of human behaviour both individually and in personal and social relationship.
A) Hence, fantasy has become increasingly popular, especially in the form of science fiction
B) Thus, a novel is a fictitious prose narrative, usually of more than fifty thousand words in length
C) On the whole, Daniel Defoe is regarded as the first notable English novelist
D) At the other, some novels are meant simply as entertainment such as detective stories and much science fiction
E) At the same time, the reading public has increased in numbers, especially among the educated.

17. _____. Difficult, is not it? Yet 150 years ago, that’s exactly what it was. Over a century and a half the people of Hong Kong have managed to transform that rock into a world financial centre. With a government committed to free trade and free enterprise, and also due to its location in the heart of the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong has thrived and is now the world’s eleventh largest trading economy.
A) Imagine Hong Kong as a barren rock
B) There are a host of reasons behind Hong Kong’s economic success
C Hong Kong has a harbour which has been described as the world’s busiest
D) Imagine what one can achieve in Hong Kong
E) Think of the excellent investment opportunities Hong Kong offers today

18. Today most of France’s 600.000 Jews are well established and assimilated, though some pockets of anti-Semitism still remain. Research earlier this decade found one in four Frenchmen complaining that there were numerous Jews in France, while one in five admitted to feelings of antipathy towards them_____.
A) During the Second World War the Vichy government introduced laws dial banned Jews from holding a wide range of jobs.
B) According to another poll at the time, only 9% said they would not vote for a Jew as a president.
C) As a result, from the 13th century until the French Revolution in 1789, Jews in France as in many other places in Europe, were systematically persecuted
D) Even so the Germans still wrestle with their consciences over their attitude, past and present, to the Jews
E) In 1995, Chirac became the first French president to admit the French state’s responsibility in rounding up the Jews to be sent to Nazi extermination camps

19. Africans have at last lost patience with their government. They are especially angry about declining living standards, the breakdown of law and order. The government officials in particular, are full of complaints._____. Most of them are members of militant trade unions, through which they demonstrate and go on strike. Therefore, chaos and continuous political instability can never be averted.
A) It is possible that market forces and world economic conditions can upset their high hopes for improvement
B) Among the demonstrators are people from the countryside who have been flooding into towns seeking a better life
C) Undoubtedly, Africans want multi-party democracy and are working hard to achieve it
D) As most governments are short of cash, these officials are underpaid or paid late
E) Certainly, people tend to accept painful policies more readily from elected
governments than from dictators

20. When you’re in a car the only thing you can do is to look at the countryside as if you’re looking at a TV screen._____. Then, you’re entirely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it.
A) In fact, there are several programs to choose from.
B) When the weather’s wet and windy this is a great advantage.
C) When you’re on a bicycle it’s completely different.
D) It is presumably much easier to drive in a rural area.
E) In the cities the amount of traffic is steadily increasing.

21. The exposition is devoted to the work of L. C. Tiffany, an American designer._____. Many of the displays are on loan from private collections and museums.
A) Much of the money he had gained, he donated to the charity.
B) In fact, he had a large family to support.
C) Some of the awards he had received were not really deserved.
D) It emphasizes the wide variety of his interests as an artist.
E) It’s an attempt to offer a selection of work of famous American designers.

22. The Niagara Falls are one of the great natural wonders of the world._____. The Canadian Fall is almost twice as broad as the American Fall, however it is ten feet lower. The grandeur and the beauty of the Falls cannot be described.
A) The temperature varies accordingly.
B) Vast quantities of electric power are needed for industry.
C) That’s why some people prefer to visit the Falls in winter.
D) Even in the summer the Falls attract tourists.
E) The Falls are in two parts, separated by an island.

23. _____. For example, military scientists detonate sophisticated bombs with them, while surgeons perform very delicate operations by means of them. In fact laser beams can be focused to spot one fifteenth the size of a human hair, but they are intense enough to kill cancer cells.
A) The use of laser in medicine is still distrusted by a great majority of doctors.
B) Laser technology is still in its elementary and theoretical stage.
C) Today, laser is largely confined to laboratory situations.
D) Science fiction draws elaborately upon laser technology.
E) The use of laser beams, for a variety of purposes, is growing constantly.

24. There are lo less than 140 countries comprising the so called “third world” know variously as “less developed” or “developing” or “underdeveloped” or “poor” countries. There is a great variety among them, and yet they have numerous features in common._____. For example, some of the oil-producing countries have achieved very high levels of income per capita while retaining many of other characteristics of less developed countries.
A) Their natural sources are so limited that economically they are mostly dependent on international aid.
B) Population explosion is a major problem many countries are unable to cope with.
C) In such countries there is a great demand for an educated and skilled workforce.
D) Death rates have fallen sharply in response to improved health services.
E) Foremost among these is their poverty, but even poverty is not universal.

25. Trade unions started out as social clubs._____. It was not up to 1881 that they were legally recognized. From that day on they rapidly grew in power. The significant question today is whether they really use that power in the interests of the members.
A) Then they simply aimed at getting fair treatment for the workers and better working conditions.
B) Within a short space of time, they grew into powerful organizations.
C) Consequently, membership has never been optional.
D) The movement turned out to be short-lived.
E) Surprisingly enough it hasn’t attracted.

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1 C 1 E 1 A 1 A 1 B 1 B 1 C 1 C
2 A 2 C 2 E 2 E 2 D 2 D 2 B 2 D
3 C 3 B 3 B 3 C 3 E 3 E 3 B 3 B
4 D 4 D 4 A 4 D 4 A 4 A 4 B 4 A
5 A 5 E 5 D 5 A 5 B 5 B 5 D 5 D
6 D 6 E 6 E 6 B 6 A 6 A 6 A 6 C
7 B 7 D 7 C 7 A 7 C 7 C 7 C 7 E
8 B 8 B 8 A 8 B 8 A 8 A 8 A 8 A
9 A 9 A 9 B 9 D 9 E 9 E 9 D 9 C
10 C 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 B
11 A 11 B 11 B 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 A
12 B 12 E 12 E 12 A 12 B 12 B 12 A 12 B
13 E 13 D 13 C 13 E 13 B 13 B 13 B 13 E
14 D 14 E 14 E 14 B 14 E 14 E 14 D 14 D
15 E 15 C 15 C 15 B 15 D 15 D 15 D 15 A
16 D 16 D 16 D 16 E 16 B 16 B 16 D 16 B
17 B 17 A 17 A 17 D 17 A 17 A 17 B 17 E
18 A 18 B 18 B 18 E 18 E 18 E 18 B 18 B
19 E 19 B 19 D 19 E 19 B 19 B 19 A 19 B
20 B 20 D 20 C 20 B 20 D 20 D 20 C 20 C
21 C 21 A 21 D 21 A 21 E 21 E 21 E 21 A
22 A 22 B 22 E 22 B 22 B 22 B 22 A 22 E
23 B 23 E 23 E 23 E 23 D 23 D 23 A 23 B
24 C 24 D 24 E 24 D 24 E 24 E 24 E 24 D
25 A 25 B 25 A 25 B 25 A 25 A 25 A 25 D

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