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Paragraf Tamamlama Test 6


1) Ling Yu is a Chinese immigrant from Hong Kong. Back in Hong Kong he was a farmer peasant, who works 15 hours a day to earn some food for his family. But 15 hours of work was not enough, the crops that he grew was only enough to pay the debt for the land lords, he did not have any left for his family. ……… Life was especially hard for him because he was the only adult man in the family; he has neither land nor money.
A) Wong was exhausted and was fast asleep right after he finished every other mine worker’s laundry.
B) Sometimes his family would starve for days with nothing but water.
C) He immediately signed up for the trip to America.
D) He heard that in America there are gold mines that were hiring Chinese workers to work.
E) But he did not have any money for the trip so he was forced to sell his new born child.

2) ………. Reactions between the sun’s energy, the oceans, and the air produce
wind that has been used for centuries to turn windmills. Modern applications of wind energy, when attached to generators, produce electricity. Through photosynthesis, solar energy contributes to the growth of plant life masses that can be used as fuel, such as alcohol or methane.
A) The intensity of energy actually available at the earth’s surface is very little.
B) The energy generated from sunlight would be converted to microwaves
C) This vision requires an exorbitant amount of money.
D) Mankind has been using the natural energy of the sun for ages.
E) To my knowledge, there isn’t a government on earth that is willing, thus far, to fund such a project.

3) ……… A baby is always in someone’s hands and does not have much freedom at all.
Being dependent is not very pleasant. Every child waits for adolescence where they do not
have to get support from their families any more. Indeed, the relationship between parents and children during childhood depends a lot on the family’s situation.
A) A brother or a sister gives to the child more freedom.
B) It has been noted that people consider their childhood as a nostalgic period.
C) Childhood can be a period of frustration.
D) Children keep on receiving information but they do not give any information.
E) The childhood is said to be a period of real dependence.

4) We started our trip in Paris. We arrived there in the early afternoon and after checking
into our hotel we went to Notre Dame de Paris. There was a special exhibition about the
restoration of the church, which was going on then. We were able to see various exhibits about what restorers do, and even go up on scaffolding to the roof to see some of the restorers
working on the stonework near the roof of the church. ………..
A) We also got a good view of the city from there.
B) According to the guide, there is once a connecting door to the monastery.
C) The house is an eight-sided room with stained glass, murals, and tile floors.
D) The monks complained that all the stomping was damaging their beautiful floor tiles.
E) It was a room where samples of coins were sent to make sure that they had sufficient weight of precious metals.

5) Man-made nuclear reactions are used to produce a form an electricity. Electricity can be transformed into other kinds of energy such as heat, light and radio waves. People have also used the idea of nuclear reactions as a type of weapon. We call this powerful weapon the nuclear weapon. ………. This involves energy being concentrated to a specific narrow point where the impact of so much power creates heat able to cut through metals.
A) When we do use our muscles within us, we may not always be sure that heat is given off.
B) Electrical energy can also be used to produce laser beams.
C) The individual relies on food for fuel which contains energy-giving substances.
D) We recognize this process as burning.
E) However, this transformation could not take place without the fuel.

6) . What makes a ‘good’ language learner ‘better’, and what makes a ‘poor’ language learner ‘poorer’? What does this imply for the teaching of language in the Turkey context? ______. We, as language teachers, should design a research study aiming at seeking the differences between language learners to learner variables and learner strategies.
A) These are the central questions of the English teachers.
B) These research designs pointed out that language learning strategies can be identified
C) Learner variables and strategies have been the focus of a number of research projects.
D) It is important to note here that what we are considering is not the fact that language learners do and can learn.
E) Since I am a teacher of English working in Turkey, gleaning a little of what learner variables and strategies seem .to work for local students seems to be a fruitful area of research.

7) . ________ She was worshiped under many names and attributes. Similar figures have been known in every part of the world. Essentially she was represented as the creative force in all nature, the mother of all things, responsible particularly for the periodic renewal of life. The later forms of her cult involved the worship of a male deity, variously considered her son, lover, or both, whose death and resurrection symbolized the regenerative powers of the earth.
A) According to the Christian faith. God created the Earth in seven days.
B) The Earth is the mother of all living, and her ecologic equilibrium should be saved.
C) In ancient Middle Eastern religions. Mother Goddess is the great symbol of the earth’s fertility.
D) Necessity is the mother of all inventions.
E) Only planet which has life in the solar system is the Earth.

8) . ________ Representatives of 176 nations agreed to work toward the sustainable development of the planet, although most of the agreements were not legally binding. Sustainable development is the growth of population, industry, and agriculture in a way that will allow the present generation to meet its own needs without damaging those of future generations. Two binding declarations-to minimize global climate change and to stem the depletion of the world’s inventory of biological diversity were signed by more than 150 countries at the conference, with others expected to sign later .
A) Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to discuss the global conflict between economic development and environmental protection in June 1992.
B) One of NASA’s main responsibilities is keep communication channel open among the planets in the solar system.
C) Green Peace is the most developed environmental nongovernmental organization which has many members all over the world.
D) The growth of population and the distribution of biological diversity are regularly studied by the experts of environmental organizations.
E) A mutual agreement has been attained between the United States and the European Union member states on controlling the growth of population, industry, and agriculture in order to save the environment and preventing the greenhouse effect occurring as a result of the hole in the ozone layer.

9) . _________ The owner of the permit may use it to pollute legally, may trade permits, or may sell the permit for a profit. The allowance issued to a polluter is reduced over time as permitted levels of a pollutant are cut. By specifying reductions in emissions but leaving the polluter to decide how to cut them, the program is intended to provide free-market incentives to lessen both pollution and compliance costs. A company that cuts its pollution below its permitted level may sell the surplus allowance; a company that exceeds its limits without purchasing an extra allowance is fined.
A) Acid rain destroys plants and animals in several different ways.
B) Sometimes the effects of acid rain are far removed from the source of pollutants; for example, the acid rain over southern Scandinavia has its origins in continental Europe and Great Britain.
C) Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and run by the Chicago Board of Trade, the first U.S. air pollution auction was held in 1993.
D) Under the Clean Air Act of 1990, federal allowances for sulphur dioxide emissions are issued to polluters, and additional allowances are auctioned.
E) Pollution allowance is a government-issued permit to emit a certain amount of a pollutant.

10) . Cretinism is situation produced in infants and children due to lack of thyroid hormone. ________ However, it can develop later if there is a lack of iodine in the diet, or if the thyroid is diseased or surgically removed. Cretinism causes very serious retardation of physical and mental development. If the condition is left untreated, growth is stunted and the physical stature attained is that of a dwarf. Moreover, the skin is thick, flabby, and waxy in colour, the nose is flattened, the abdomen protrudes, and there is a general slowness of movement and speech.
A) Patients with thyroid hormone disorders should observe a diet as well.
B) Disorders related with thyroid hormone are treated at the nuclear medicine departments of the hospitals.
C) It usually results from a congenital defect.
D) Turnip juice should be avoided by such patients.
E) Iodine deficiency has been known to lead malfunction of the thyroid hormone.

11) . By 2080 about 40 to 50 per cent of the country will experience changes in the type of vegetation it supports, with tropical and subtropical forest conditions shifting northward and hot desert conditions rising in the west where currently the desert is temperate. Crop-growing areas will expand but any benefit is expected to be negated by increased evaporation of moisture, making it too dry to grow crops such as rice. The growing season also is expected to alter, becoming shorter in southern and central China, the mainland’s breadbasket._____
A) Global warming is caused by the burning of large amounts of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, which release gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.
B) The climate change report, which will be released tomorrow. .
C) The rapid changes make it unlikely that plants could adapt.
D) Food supplies, for instance, could be affected by lower crop yields.
E) The circulation air is rather high.

51) . Strabismus is the inability of the eyes to focus together because of the lack of balance in the muscles that control eye movement; also called squint. ________ One or both eyes may be affected. Horizontal strabismus is caused when the eyes do not move together laterally; this condition is known as cross-eye if the eye turns inward or walleye if the eye turns outward. Vertical strabismus results when the eye rolls upward or downward in its socket.
A) Patients suffering form strabismus are unable to coordinate their eyeballs.
B) Children are likely to suffer from strabismus more than adults.
C) Muscles weakness has been first diagnosed by a British medical doctor in 17th century.
D) Calcium deficiency in infants results in the weakness of the bones and the weakness of muscles consequently.
E) It is a consequence of weakness or uneven development of one or more of the six small muscles that surround the eye.

12) . ______. The computer had inconspicuous beginnings in areas where it was used as a specialist tool. The first electronic computer was built in the 1930s and was solely for the use of undergraduate students in Iowa State University to handle mathematical computations in nuclear physics. During world war two computers were developed in order to wage counter espionage and break codes used by the enemy. In the post war years the scope of computers was expanded to include the military industrial complex and academia.
A) In the 1960’S an early version of the Internet, Arppranet was used in computer science and engineering projects.
B) The history of the computer in the twentieth century is one of dramatic adaptation and expansion.
C) The first is the use of the computer as a teaching aid for teachers.
D) How prevalent is the use of computers in schools?
E) Computers can be used as a teaching aids both in schools and in homes.

13) . Crossword puzzle is a word game in which words equivalent to numbered clues are put into a grid of horizontal and vertical squares to form intersecting words. ________ Though a type of crossword puzzle has been established inscribed on an ancient tomb in Egypt, journalist Arthur Wynne is generally credited with its invention in 1913. Crossword puzzles became popular with Simon and Schuster’s 1924 publication of a crossword puzzle book and now appear in virtually all journalists.
A) Scrabble is another word game usually played by two people.
B) The puzzle is solved when a player supplies all of the words properly.
C) First crossword puzzle is thought to have been invented by Chinese during the Ming reign.
D) Crossword puzzle is an adult game.
E) There are magazines publishing crossword puzzles offering prizes for the ones completing them correctly.

14) . Civil time may be officially defined as mean solar time plus 12 hours. The civil day begins at midnight, while the mean solar day begins at noon. Civil time is occasionally adjusted by one-second increments to ensure that the difference between a uniform timescale defined by atomic clocks does not differ from the earth’s rotational time by more than 0.9 seconds. _________ Civil time is usually not used, since it depends on the observer’s longitude; instead, standard time, which is the same throughout a given time zone, is generally adopted.
A) Time management is taught as an academic subject at the departments of directorial sciences.
B) Measuring time has always been a great point of curiosity for the mankind since the ancient times.
C) Nicholas Hayek, founder of the Swatch company, started a new time measurement called Internet Time in order to avoid time differences with the assistance of Internet.
D) Time differences around the globe would cause a chaos if the Greenwich Mean Time were not agreed upon.
E) Coordinated universal time, an atomic time, is the basis for civil time.

15) . ________ As a result of the intensified interest in Greek and Roman civilization, especially the works of Plato and Cicero, classical standards were reinstated as the ideal norm in literature. In Florence, the early center of Renaissance learning, Cosimo de’ Medici gathered a circle of who collected, studied, expounded, and imitated the classics. Outside Italy writers affected by the restoration of classical conventions included Francis Bacon and Ben Johnson in England and Pierre Corneille and Jean Racine in France.
A) Classicism has always maintained its popularity since ancient times.
B) In the heydays of classicism, most of the canons of literature, architecture, and painting were created in Greece and Italy.
C) Italy has been considered as the cradle of classicism.
D) The first major revival of classicism occurred during the Renaissance.
E) Bacon and Johnson was the leading figures in the revitalization of Classicism.

16) . Humanism is philosophical and literary movement in which man and his capabilities are the central apprehension. The term was originally classified to a point of view prevalent among thinkers in the Renaissance. The distinctive characteristics of Renaissance humanism were its emphasis on classical studies, or the humanities, and a conscious return to classical ideals and forms. _______
A) The momentum gained during Renaissance led radical reforms in education and literacy not only in Europe but also other parts of the world, especially in the Mid-East.
B) The movement led to a restudy of the Scriptures and gave impetus to the Reformation.
C) Philosophy studies the nature of the underlying principles of the human thought.
D) Literary movements triggered during the Renaissance still have a leading role on the contemporary American poetry.
E) Universal declaration of human rights was inspired by the works of this period.

17) . Clepsydra, or Water clock is an antique piece of equipment for measuring time by means of the flow of water from a container. A simple form of clepsydra was an earthenware vessel with a small opening through which the water dripped; as the water level dropped, it exposed marks on the walls of the vessel that indicated the time that had elapsed since the vessel was full. ___________ Some were double vessels, the larger one below containing a float that rose with the water and marked the hours on a scale. A form more closely foreshadowing the clock had a cord fastened to the float so that it turned a wheel, whose movement indicated the time. A further step was the use of gear wheels and a turning pointer.
A) More elaborate clepsydras were later developed.
B) It is believed that clepsydras were used in Egypt circa 2000 B.C.
C) Clepsydra was never used in some parts of the world because it was thought to be a sin.
D) Invented in Egypt, they were introduced into Greece and later from there into Rome.
E) Clepsydra was a primitive device invented as a result of the necessity to measure the time.

18) . Contact lens is a thin plastic lens worn between the eye and eyelid that may be used instead of eyeglasses. _________ Contact lenses may also be used to correct certain abnormalities of the eye that cannot be corrected by regular glasses. A. E. Fick, a Swiss physician, made the first contact lens in 1887. His heavy glass lenses exerted an uncomfortable pressure on the eyeball, covered the entire eye surface, and were difficult to fit. In 1938, the first plastic contact lens was made by Theodore E. Obrig, using a newly discovered methylmethacrylate plastic, known as Plexiglas or Lucite, which could be molded into the proper shape.
A) Contact lenses can safely be worn by the young children.
B) It has been produced in different colours for cosmetic purposes.
C) When it was first produced in Switzerland, oculists were sceptical about its hygiene.
D) Eyeglasses have still been in use despite the appropriateness of contact lenses.
E) Actors, models, and others wear them for appearance, and athletes use them for safety and convenience.

19) . Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro, the great masters of impressionism, painted cafe and city life, as well as landscapes, working most often directly from nature and using new modes of representation. While art. had always been to a certain extent abstract in that formal considerations had frequently been of primary importance, painters, beginning with the impressionists in the 1870s, took new delight in freedom of brushwork. They made random spots of color and encrusted the canvas with strokes that did not always correspond to the object that they were depicting but that formed coherent internal relationships. ________.
A) But still Monet is the most renowned one among those artists.
B) Thus began a definite separation of the image and the subject.
C) Renoir painted snapshots from boulevard cafes around Champs de Elise.
D) Being fond of Parisian lifestyle, Pissarro painted the city life of Paris
E) Unlike his predecessors, Picasso followed the Surrealist movement.

20) . Copernican System is first modern European theory of planetary motion that was heliocentric, i.e., that placed the sun motionless at the centre of the solar system with all the planets, including the earth, revolving around it. ________. He retained the ancient belief that the planets move in perfect circles and therefore, like Ptolemy, he was forced to utilize epicycles to clarify deviations from uniform motion. Thus, the Copernican system was technically only a slight improvement over the Ptolemaic system. However, making the solar system heliocentric removed the largest epicycle and explained retrograde motion in a natural way.
A) Ancient civilizations are believed to have solved the mystery of solar system.
B) Mayas had tried to understand the solar system long before the astrologists of the middle age.
C) Nostradamus effectively predicted many events took place in the 20th century hundreds of years ago by observing the movements of stars and planets in the sky.
D) Copernicus developed his theory in the early 16th century from a study of ancient astronomical records.
E) Ancient Aztecs discovered that the location of the planets in the solar system has some effects on the gravity of the Earth.

21) . Bronze Age is a period in the development of technology when metals were first used regularly in the manufacture of tools and weapons. Pure copper and bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, were used indiscriminately at first. ______ The original use of cast metal can be deduced from clay models of weapons; casting was certainly established in the Middle East by 3500 B.C. Following the Neolithic period, the development of a metallurgical industry coincided with the rise of urbanization. The organized operations of mining, smelting, and casting undoubtedly required the specialization of labour and the production of surplus food to support a class of artisans, while the search for raw materials stimulated the exploration and colonization of new territories.
A) The contributions of this age to the technology as we know today are tremendous.
B) If the humankind had not gone through the Copper Age, the ancient battles would not have been so destructive.
C) Territories including raw materials to produce bronze attracted people to colonize these lands.
D) Tools and weapons were used to be produced using rocks and trees.
E) That’s why this early period is also sometimes called the Copper Age.

22) . Coral is small, inactive nautical animal, related to the sea anemone but characterized by a skeleton of horny or calcareous material. ._____ Although most corals form colonies by budding, there are some solitary corals; in both types the individual animals, called polyps, resemble the sea anemone in form. Corals grow in both warm and temperate climates, but they are most abundant in warm, shallow water; over 200 coral species are found in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. In many shallow-water species the polyps contain unicellular plants, which may provide the high oxygen concentration required by such corals.
A) The skeleton of a human being is more complicated when compared to a coral.
B) The skeleton itself is also called coral.
C) The skeletons found in the excavations near Tarsus have been kept in the city museum.
D) Solitary corals are different from colony corals with respect to both size and color.
E) The sea anemone are mostly found in Australia.

23) . Magic is a practice of manipulating and controlling the path of nature by preternatural means. Magic is based upon the belief that the universe is populated by unseen forces or spirits that permeate all things. Since human beings seek to control nature and since these supernatural forces are thought to govern the course of natural events, the control of these forces gives humans control over nature. ________ The magic charm, or incantation, is the core of the magical ceremony; it unlocks the full power of the ritual. The practice of magic, in seeking its desired end, also frequently combines within its scope elements of religion and science.
A) Using non-standard forms of magic can add zest and flavour to a campaign
B) magic charm casting is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream society.
C) Two hundred years ago in the city of New Orleans, the ancient art of Voodoo was transformed and enhanced by a very powerful practitioner.
D) The practice of magic is held to depend on the proper use of both the ritual and the spell.
E) Dragon’s breath is a basic offensive spell.

24) . Alchemy is a very old art of obscure origin that sought to transform base metals into silver and gold; forerunner of the science of chemistry. Some scholars hold that it was first practiced in early Egypt and others that it arose in China and was carried westward. ________ Alchemical equipment included the alembic for distillation and the kerotakis for sublimation. In its beginnings alchemy was fundamentally a craft and embraced many kinds of metalwork, including the use of alloys resembling gold and silver. Alexandria is generally considered a middle of early alchemy, and the art was influenced by the philosophy of the Hellenistic Greeks. The conversion of base metals into gold was part of a general striving of all things toward perfection.
A) The word ‘alchemy’, as the Arabic definite article al- indicates, is Arabic.
B) For others, the word ‘alchemy’ could have come from the Greek khymeia, ‘fusion’, for example the art of melting gold and silver.
C) The vast quantities of gold amassed by the Pharaohs were the envy of contemporary and later sovereigns.
D) The Egyptians themselves forgot the original significance of the sign and drew it as a necklace with pendent beads.
E) It consisted chiefly of experiments with metals and other chemical materials.

25) . ________ Dwarfism is intentionally produced and perpetuated in certain species (e.g., in breeding miniature dogs and cultivating dwarf plants). Among humans, dwarfism usually results from a combination of genetic factors and endocrine malfunction. It can also be caused, however, by acquired conditions, such as kidney disease.
A) Dwarfism is a condition in which an animal or plant is less than normal in size and lacks the capacity for normal growth.
B) Dwarves were taught to be the cursed creatures in the Middle Age.
C) In the Middle East, dwarfs who were lucky enough were used to be kept in the palace to entertain the king.
D) Dwarfism was very common in some of the islands in the Pacific Ocean.
E) Throughout the ages, dwarfism was considered as a hereditary disease only.

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1 C 1 E 1 A 1 A 1 B 1 B 1 C 1 C
2 A 2 C 2 E 2 E 2 D 2 D 2 B 2 D
3 C 3 B 3 B 3 C 3 E 3 E 3 B 3 B
4 D 4 D 4 A 4 D 4 A 4 A 4 B 4 A
5 A 5 E 5 D 5 A 5 B 5 B 5 D 5 D
6 D 6 E 6 E 6 B 6 A 6 A 6 A 6 C
7 B 7 D 7 C 7 A 7 C 7 C 7 C 7 E
8 B 8 B 8 A 8 B 8 A 8 A 8 A 8 A
9 A 9 A 9 B 9 D 9 E 9 E 9 D 9 C
10 C 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 C 10 C 10 E 10 B
11 A 11 B 11 B 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 C 11 A
12 B 12 E 12 E 12 A 12 B 12 B 12 A 12 B
13 E 13 D 13 C 13 E 13 B 13 B 13 B 13 E
14 D 14 E 14 E 14 B 14 E 14 E 14 D 14 D
15 E 15 C 15 C 15 B 15 D 15 D 15 D 15 A
16 D 16 D 16 D 16 E 16 B 16 B 16 D 16 B
17 B 17 A 17 A 17 D 17 A 17 A 17 B 17 E
18 A 18 B 18 B 18 E 18 E 18 E 18 B 18 B
19 E 19 B 19 D 19 E 19 B 19 B 19 A 19 B
20 B 20 D 20 C 20 B 20 D 20 D 20 C 20 C
21 C 21 A 21 D 21 A 21 E 21 E 21 E 21 A
22 A 22 B 22 E 22 B 22 B 22 B 22 A 22 E
23 B 23 E 23 E 23 E 23 D 23 D 23 A 23 B
24 C 24 D 24 E 24 D 24 E 24 E 24 E 24 D
25 A 25 B 25 A 25 B 25 A 25 A 25 A 25 D

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