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Phrasal Verbs Test


1)Susan found her boyfriend and _______ help so that he could be rushed to a hospital in the neighbourhood.

A)sent for
B)provided for
C)asked after
D)blew up
E)broke off

2)She is _______ the result of the blood test and she is planning to take some measures accordingly.

A)building up
B)carrying on
C)chopping off
D)making for
E)waiting on

3)Schools are increasingly _______ money from parents to provide decent stocks of books, government inspectors report today.

A)running away
B)showing up
C)relying on
D)picking out
E)looking through

4)Simpson could not _______ what was being said in the kitchen below because everybody was deeply whispering.

A)look over
B)put down
C)go down
D)make out
E)burst into

5)His injuries are severe but he’s expected to _______ for he has great belief in life.

A)hand in
B)pull through
C)get down
D)grow out of
E)comply with

6)After we’d stopped for lunch, Sheila _______ the driving for a while since the driver was literally exhausted.

A)hung up
B)kept away
C)took over
D)backed up
E)dropped off

7)The team has _______ a great performance and I am sure this team will play at the outset of Word Cup Award.

A)taken down
B)worn out
C)stood by
D)put up
E)settled down

8)When I saw my mother _______ to her waist in front of the kitchen door, I came to realize that she became really angry with me.

A)holding on
B)passing out
C)clearing away
D)thinking about
E)coming out

9)Margaret Hallworth was born in Manchester but _______ in North Wales.

A)brought up
B)run out of
C)went down
D)grew up
E)looked forward to

10)A broken bone _______ on the X-ray of my brother’s leg and for that reason his leg is going to be plastered.

A)turned out
B)showed up
C)cared for
D)asked out
E)tried out

11)If we can _______ by seven o’clock, the roads will be clearer and you know it is always better to be in time than to be late.

A)put off
B)talk over
C)look after
D)lay down
E)get off

12)Since the telephone system _______, we haven’t heard of anybody from the people in the vicinity of calamity.

A)left out
B)broke down
C)looked through
D)cleared away
E)got over

13)When I was sent to prison, I really felt my parents had been _______, but they supported me very much, letting that disappointment alone.

A)carried out
B)burst into
C)grown into
D)held back
E)let down

14)My son nagged me so much for a new bike that eventually I _______ and I had to buy it.

A)counted on
B)called up
C)gave in
D)got through
E)set up

15)The hairdresser asked me how much she should _______ and in response, I told her to trim curly parts merely.

A)take off
B)drop off
C)work out
D)build up
E)cut across

16)Her mind was _______ puzzling over a fact which had become increasingly clear the longer she stayed in the apartment.

A)lost count of
B)played a trick on
C)taken up with
D)put pressure on
E)taken part in

17)With the appearance of desktop on computers, we can click on the start button with the left mouse button in order to _______ the menu of administrator.

A)do up
B)hold on
C)act up
D)bring up
E)check in

18)I am really surprised at Victoria, who can _______ under the condition of windy days for a long time.

A)check out of
B)go in for
C)come in
D)add up
E)hold up
19)Extensive tests have been _______ on the patient and regrettably serious traces of skin cancer have been detected.

A)got by
B)carried out
C)handed out
D)caught up with
E)pointed out

20)We will need to _______ some chairs for the meeting since there will be a lot of people attending our conference.

A)give over
B)give up
C)get along
D)set out
E)see into

21)If a student aims to be successful in the exams, he is supposed to _______ a schedule in which he arranges his lessons according to an exact time.

A)draw up
B)see off
C)wave off
D)slow down
E)run across

22)She stayed for two weeks at the hotel and _______ a bill which she couldn’t pay and that’s why she went to prison after inhabiting there.

A)lived up to
B)figured out
C)fell off
D)ran up
E)wore off

23)Water along the canal must be _______ while you are repairing the burst pipe so that your house will be overwhelmed.

A)taken after
B)summed up
C)pressed for
D)looked down on
E)turned off

24)It is helpful for pupils not to have to _______ bright light owing to the fact that their eyes are very vulnerable to bright light.

A)look into
B)hand out
C)keep on
D)put aside
E)come out

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