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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


1. I love watching bees lazily __________ around the summer flowers in the garden.

a. growling

b. roaring

c. buzzing

d. hissing


2. I couldn’t get to sleep because of my husband’s loud ________.

a. snoring

b. beeping

c. buzzing

d. crashing


3. She was so fed-up with everything and everybody, she let out a loud ________.

a. sigh

b. rattle

c. cough

d. sniff


4. Every time I go in the garden, the dog next door starts ___________.

a. miaowing

b. chirping

c. shouting

d. barking


5. I love the sound of autumn, the red and brown leaves _________ in the trees when

the wind blows.

a. gasping

b. rustling

c. rumbling

d. clattering


6. I was so cold, you could hear my teeth __________.

a. chattering

b. talking

c. chatting

d. clattering

Cevabı Göster




a. A dog might growl if it was angry.

b. A lion or tiger might roar.

c. Correct – Bees make a buzzing sound.

d. Snakes hiss.


a. Correct – Snoring is the heavy breathing sound people make when they are

asleep – very annoying!

b. A beeping sound is high pitched and electronic – e.g. a video game

c. A bee makes a buzzing sound.

d. A crashing sound is made when something breaks e.g. if you drop something

made of glass.


a. Correct – If you are fed-up or bored, you might breathe out heavily and suddenly,

making a sighing sound.

b. You can make a rattling sound by shaking something; think of a rattle-snake or a

baby’s rattle.

c. You might cough if you have a cold with a bad chest.

d. You might sniff if you have a cold and a runny nose.


a. Cats miaow.

b. Birds chirp.

c. People shout.

d. Correct – Dogs bark.


a. You might gasp if you are surprised – you breathe in quickly.

b. Correct – The leaves were rustling in the wind.

c. You might hear a rumble of thunder in a storm – a deep continuous sound.

d. A loud metallic rattling sound e.g. the clatter of pots of pans.


a. Correct – If you are really cold, your teeth might chatter – your jaw moves very

quickly and your teeth click together.

b. Talking is not correct.

c. Chatting is another way of saying making small talk.

d. This is a loud metallic rattling sound e.g. the clatter of pots of pans.

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