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Adjective Patterns

a. adjective + to-infinitive

It is easy to deceive Sally .

It was difficult to find the hotel.

Mary is easy to deceive.

The cafe was difficult to find.


amusing        hard

boring           impossible

dangerous      interesting

difficult                    paintful

easy             pleasant

exciting                   safe

fascinating      thrilling

b. adjective + to-infinitive

·   Mark is eager to please.

·   Nancy is anxious to see you.


able                        eager            mortified

afraid            excited                    prone

alarmed                   fit                 proud

amazed                  fortunate       quick

angry            free              relieved

anxious                   frightened      reluctant

apt               glad              satisfied

ashamed       happy           shocked

bound           hesitant                   slow

careful           impatient       sorry

certain                    inclined           sure

content                   infuriated       thrilled

curious                    keen             unfit

delighted        liable             upset

determined     likely             unwilling

disinclined       lucky             welcome

disposed        willing            due

c. adjective + to-infinitive


Jane was wrong to leave.

He was rude to say that.

It was wrong of Susan to leave.

It was rude of him to say that.


brave            decent          impudent       rude

careless                  foolish           kind              selfish

cheeky                    generous       naughty                   silly

clever            good             nice              thoughtfjull

considerate    ill-natured       polite             wicked

crazy            impolite                    right              wrong


d. the first, etc./nex/last+to-infinitive

It will be the next to be serviced.

You are the only person to take the test.

She’s often the first to arrive and the last to leave.

They were the first to understand it.

Who will be the next to jump?

e. indefinite pronouns+adjective

Something strange happened last night.

There is something strange happening with the sea.

Is there anything new in the office?

Is there anybody eager to take part in this?

f. It+be+adjective+to-infinitive

It is nice to see you here.

It is good to be here.

g. It+be+adjective+that clause

It is possible that we will be late.

It is possible that food additives create addiction.

It is unlikely that Iran currently has the capacity to build nuclear weapons.

It is likely that the weather will be fine.

It is unlikely that Fenerbahçe will win the match.

It was lucky that you left early.


h. adjective+that clause

I’m sure (that) she will be late.

We are glad (that) you can come.

i. It+be+adjective for+pronoun/noun+to-infinitie

It is important for her to come to class on time.

It is essential for me to do homework.

It is necessary for Jack to take this course.

j. It+be+adjective+that+S+(should) infinitive without to

It is important that she (should) come to class on time.

It is important that you (should) practice these new words and expressions by writing your own sentences

It is essential that Jack (should) do homework.

It is imperative that the students (should) take a test to enter the university.

it is imperative that the book (should) be regularly updated.

k. linking verb+adjective

The children became silent when the teacher came in.

Mary considered her friend wise and handsome.

The soup tastes delicious.

The film seems absurd to me.

Linking verbs:

appear          lie

be                look

become                  remain

feel                        seem

get               smell

go                sound

grow             taste


l. adjective+preposition+object

He is afraid of dogs.

They are excited about their trip to Paris next June.

Is she aware of the danger.

I am bad at history.

m. with some verbs

The grandson made the grandfather happy by visiting him on his 80th  birthday.

I find her beatiful.

They thought him clever.

Sally dyed her hair black.



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