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1) Steven was accused of starting the fire that burned down the two factory buildings.

A) It is certain that the fire that had burned down the two factory buildings was started by Steven.
B) Although they had no proof, Steven was the one suspected of starting the fire which burned down the two factory buildings.
C) The accusations against Steven were dropped after the two buildings burned down at the factory.
D) They accused Steven after they had proof that the two factory buildings had been burned down.
E) Steven denied the accusation that he had started the fire that burned down the two factory buildings.

2) The computer indicated that there was a virus in the disk which had just been placed into it.

A) The virus was indicated for the computer to work correctly.
B) The indications were that the computer had established a virus.
C) The disk which was to be placed in the computer wanted a virus to work correctly.
D) The disk which was in the computer stated that there was a virus in the computer.
E) The computer noted that the disk which was placed into it had a virus.

3) The fees for the services of the pediatrician were extremely high.

A) The services of the child’s doctor were free.
B) The cost of seeing the child specialist was very high.
C) The doctor charged a fee for the services he rendered.
D) The pediatrician is a children’s doctor who charges great fees.
E) The high quality of the pediatrician’s services was without cost.

4) What a shame that your cake fell off the table before we had a chance to taste it!

A) It was a waste to attempt to taste the cake after it fell off the table.
B) We were able to taste the delicious cake before it fell on the floor.
C) It was unfortunate that we couldn’t taste the cake before it fell off the table.
D) The cake shamefully fell off the table after we tasted it.
E) Your cake was very good when we tasted it before it fell on the floor.
5) The police warned everyone to lock their doors at night and not to let any strangers into their homes.

A) The citizens were informed by the authorities that they should take precautions in protecting their homes and in dealing with strangers.
B) It was necessary for people to prevent entry into their home by aliens.
C) The strangers informed everyone to prevent entry into their homes by the police.
D) The police were not allowing people to invite unusual or unknown people into their homes.
E) Everyone was forbidden to lock their doors and to keep everyone they didn’t know out of their homes until the criminals were found.

6) Janice was foolish to attempt such a long trip in that broken down car.

A) Janice’s idea was not as good as we thought.
B) Janice should have not decided on taking that car on a trip.
C) If I were Janice, I would have thought twice about going on that long trip with that old car that needed repair.
D) The broken car was going to be repaired if Janice could make the long trip to the garage.
E) What a fool she is to think that the car is the right way to make such a trip.

7) She cautiously looked both ways before she crossed the street.

A) After she crossed the street, she looked both ways.
B) She looked both ways because she couldn’t decide where to go.
C) Carefully looking in both ways, she turned around and decided to cross the street.
D) She crossed the street so that she could look both ways.
E) Before she crossed the street, she carefully looked in both directions and then decided to cross.

8) The best treatment for flu is to rest in bed and to take plenty of fluids.

A) Drinking large amounts of liquid and getting treatment are the best ways for flu.
B) Flu is best treated with bed rest and large amounts of fluids to drink.
C) I would like to have flu so I could rest in bed and have a drink once in a while.
D) Resting in bed and taking frequent baths is the best way of treating flu.
E) Flu is best treated with rest and drowning a fever.

9) The city council refused to give permission to the rock group for a performance in the stadium.

A) The rock group wanted to perform in the stadium and asked the city council to give them permission.
B) The city council wanted the rock group to perform in the stadium instead of the city.
C) The rock group was not able to receive permission to perform in the stadium.
D) The rock group’s performance in the stadium was not funded by the city council.
E) The rock group’s refusal to perform in the stadium made the city council angry.

10) The attachment of the two young people to their professor proved to be valuable for both sides.

A) They proved that it was valuable to attach the two young people to their professor.
B) The two young people proved the value of the attachment between teacher and students.
C) The professor asked to prove the worth of what the students had said to him.
D) Establishing a trusting relationship between students and teachers can be worthwhile for all concerned.
E) After the intimate relationship between the teacher and the students was proven, there were many people who felt they were no longer of any value.

11) The commercials on television caused many problems in families as young children cannot distinguish between what is presented and reality.

A) Children have difficulty understanding the relationship between real life and the television commercials, but families educate them.
B) Families sometimes want to live the lives they see on commercials because they would prefer the life they see on television to the life they really lead.
C) Many problems are caused by television as children are often influenced by what is shown on commercials.
D) The inability of children to distinguish between real life and television commercials has caused them to want what they should not have.
E) Children cause their families a great many problems because they want to watch too much television.

12) The telephone conversation between the two sisters took approximately two hours.

A) The sisters took the two telephones for two hours.
B) The sisters talked on the phone for almost two hours.
C) The telephone was busy for two hours before they could talk to each other.
D) A conversation with my sister will take place in about two hours.
E) It takes approximately two hours to have a conversation with my sister.

13) The rate of suicide in Japan is extremely high among young people.

A) Young people in Japan like to commit suicide.
B) The number of young people in Japan who kill themselves is great.
C) The Japanese are highly interested in committing suicide.
D) Japanese youths commit many more murders than in other countries.
E) The high rate of suicide is only among the young of Japan.

14) Tristy was so disappointed about the job she wasn’t able to get that she cried for several hours.

A) Depressed about the job she was unable to get, Tristy cried for a long time.
B) Tristy wasn’t all that disappointed about the job so she didn’t cry all that long.
C) Being upset about many things, she cried until she heard that she had got the new job.
D) The job she had wanted wasn’t all that good, as she later learned, so she was not all that disappointed.
E) Getting a job wasn’t important enough to cry about.

15) It was a rash of Susan and Mark to get married when they’d only known each other for a few weeks.

A) As you know, Susan and Mark got married a few weeks ago, which was an insensible act for both of them.
B) The fact that Susan and Mark got married was not a sensible decision for they had known one another for a short time.
C) Susan and Mark decided to get married a few weeks before, but I think they are on the verge of a terrible mistake.
D) If you ask my opinion, Susan and Mark should get married only after they have known each other sufficiently.
E) Susan and Mark are married for only a few weeks, but they have already started to quarrel with one another.

16) It wasn’t until my elder brother returned from Germany that my elder sister got married.

A) After my elder sister had united her life with a man, my elder brother got back from Germany.
B) My elder sister’s marriage happened following the arrival of my elder brother.
C) It was on the occasion of the arrival of my elder brother that my elder sister got married.
D) My elder sister’s marriage falls into the period when my elder brother came back from Germany.
E) My elder brother decided to turn back from Germany because my elder sister was getting married.

17) Just as the student was concentrating on the lesson, his father distracted him by entering the room.

A) Before the student started to study his lesson, his father entered the room and spoilt his concentration.
B) While the student was trying to focus on the lesson, his father entered the room, but didn’t utter any word.
C) Although the father entered the room, his son continued to study his lesson.
D) As the student was attempting to focus on the lesson, his father entered the room.
E) The father’s entrance into the room prevented the student from focusing on the lesson.

18) The system had already got worse by the time the government took hold of it.

A) The system fell into failure until the government made a solution for it.
B) Although the system collapsed formerly, the government tried to solve it.
C) When the government started to get interested in the situation, the system was also out of way.
D) The system found way out of the terrible condition because the government had taken considerable precautions.
E) The government took remarkable precautions, so the system got better and better.

19) The future of the man will be in great danger as long as he is obstinate in not giving up smoking.

A) For the sake of the man’s living in safe in the future, he needs to stop smoking.
B) The man’s health cannot recover from that situation even though he decides to quit smoking.
C) As soon as the man makes up his mind and becomes decisive to stop smoking, he will turn back to his good days.
D) Because the man is entirely stubborn in not avoiding cigarette, his future will always be in danger.
E) The man needs somebody to dissuade him from smoking for the sake of his health.

20) The rain had become heavier by the time we left home, so we called off our plan for picnic.

A) Until the rain started to pour down, we had already cancelled our plan for picnic.
B) The downpour didn’t cause any obstacle for our plan to have a picnic.
C) When we set off for our picnic, the rain began to pour down, so we had to postpone it.
D) The downpour prevented us from going for a picnic though we had already planned to.
E) It was too late to have a decision because we had already arrived at the place of the picnic by the time the rain poured down.

21) He achieved worldwide fame after he released his first record.

A) His first album brought him more fame than anyone could expect.
B) He was already famous in his own country, but his first album helped him become renowned world over.
C) His later album made a bigger contribution to his fame than the former ones
D) By the time he produced his new songs for the album, he was popular enough thanks to the former ones.
E) It was surprise to everybody that he gained popularity throughout the world with only one album.

22) If it hadn’t been for my wife, I couldn’t have overcome the problems in those days.

A) But for my wife, things would have been much easier than lived.
B) With the help of my wife I can still deal with the problems today.
C) My wife was always standing beside me in those days; otherwise, I couldn’t have overcome the problems.
D) It wouldn’t have made much difference if it hadn’t been for my wife.
E) It was very important for me that my wife was always next to me, or lese, something would be different, now.

23) Be careful of the road for it is not the road it used to be.

A) Beware of the road because it has been deformed very much since you last drove on it.
B) I warn you about the road because it has changed recently.
C) The road is so dangerous that it is inevitable for you to have an accident.
D) As far as I know about the road, it has been exposed to many deformations.
E) In the past, the road was more dangerous than today; so it will be safer.

24) In terms of modern standards, the houses which were built in the past are different from the ones which have been built recently.

A) When we compare the houses with each other today, we come across several contrasts among them.
B) By modern standards, the ancient houses are not entirely separated from the new ones.
C) According to the modern standardization, there are some similarities among the new and ancient houses.
D) By modern standards, the recent houses are distinguished from the ancient houses.
E) What makes difference among the houses is their modern standards.

25) People think that the cars with high speed capacity can go on the slope road very fast.

A) It is a generally assumption that a car with low capacity in speed may break out on the long distance.
B) That the cars of high speed capacity can climb the mountainous road is a general idea of community.
C) It doesn’t matter in fact whether the car has high speed capacity or not for climbing the road.
D) According to great majority of people, cars with high speed capacity can go on the slope very fast.
E) The cars of high speed capacity are thought to be able to go fat on the slope.

26) When parents teach their children successful problem-solving skills, they provide tools that will help their children develop successful careers and personal relationships.

A) The parents who aim at having their children acquire problem-solving skills are aware of the fact that these abilities contribute much to their careers in the future.
B) Provided that the children are given the skills of solving problems by their parents, they will see the benefit of this in their career and personal relationship in the future.
C) With the help of problem-solving skills will the children only be successful in their personal relationships and careers.
D) It doesn’t matter whether the children learn the problem-solving skills in developing their careers.
E) When parents have their children acquire the problem-solving skills, these children will certainly be successful in their careers and personal relationships.

27) According to the last information, we are to take precautions where and when necessary.

A) The recent information expects from us to take precautions in the urgent time and place.
B) When and where it is essential, we were wanted to take precautions depending on the information.
C) If we take care of the last information, we can say that we need to take some precautions.
D) This recent information urges us that we should take precautions in the essential time.
E) Wherever and whenever it is necessary, we have to take precautions for the last information.

28) I will not drive fast through the countryside so that I can get more pleasure from the beautiful view.

A) Unlike the other times, I will be driving slowly in the lovely areas to appreciate the scenery.
B) You cannot expect me to drive fast through the country which has a wonderful view.
C) The more slowly I drive through this scenery, the more I might enjoy it.
D) Most often, I slow my car or even pull over whenever I see a spectacular view.
E) I will take my time driving in the countryside to enjoy the scenery better.

29) Much to Brian’s disappointment, most of the members were opposed to the new offer.

A) That there were almost no members who supported the new offer made Brian very disillusioned.
B) What disillusioned Brian was that the new offer was rejected by all the members.
C) Brian was bitterly disappointed by the fact that the new offer was entirely rejected by the members.
D) A majority of the members were disappointed by the fact that Brian did not support the new offer.
E) There were many members who were opposed to Brian’s new offer, which aroused great disappointment.

30) No sooner had the plane departed for London than its engines all stopped working.

A) One of the plane’s engines failed soon after it had taken off from London.
B) The moment the plane left London, one of its engines ceased to work.
C) Fortunately, the failure of the plane’s engines happened just before its take-off.
D) The plane’s engines suddenly stopped just before it set out to London.
E) Immediately after the plane had left for London, all its engines failed.


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