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Real depression cannot be as easily overcome as some people often suppose. It generally passes with time-but the time can seem endless. Activities giving companionship and a new interest can help. However for the sufferer to talk, again and again, about the causes of the depression helps most. People with depression need to be listened to and encouraged to find their own solutions, not made to feel yet more inadequate by good advice. They might need professional counseling as well as the support of family and friends.[/AKIN]

Q. According to the passage;in overcoming depression the support of friends and family ……….. .
a. can best be directed into giving good advice
b. is the only solution
c. may cause more harm than good
d. never contributes to any improvement in the patient
e. is not always sufficient

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Q. The author suggests that people with depression …………. .
a. should not be allowed much social activity
b. should rely solely on professional counseling
c. need, more than anything else, someone to listen to them
d. ought to remain alienated from society for a long time

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Q. It is understood from the passage some people ………….. .
a. seem to underestimate how difficult it is to get over depression
b. suffer from depression over long periods of time
c. refuse to get professional counseling
d. suffering from depression have been cured through the good advice of friends
e. with depression don’t want to talk about their problems

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