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Several art museums and galleries and many individuals in the art world faced financial problems in 1975 as the effects of world recession deepened. On the surface things seemed to continue as before, with important exhibitions in major museums attracting large crowds. But smaller galleries, and the artists whose work was shown by their resourceful proprietors, fared less well, and over the long term it is the work of young artists that determines the course of art for the future.[/AKIN]

Q.According to the passage;the point made in the passage is that the recession in the 1970s …………. .
a. forced many young artists to give up their profession
b. led to the immediate closure of several major museums in the West
c. was one of the most serious in economic history
d. didn’t at first appear to hit hard at the art world
e. meant exhibitions were regarded as unnecessary luxuries

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Q One can understand from the given passage that if a generation of young artist is lost ……….. .
a. this would not have a damaging effect on art museums and galleries even in the long run
b. the future development of art will be greatly hampered
c. recession in the art market would not last very long
d. smaller galleries would benefit from it
e. the organizing of exhibitions would be even more costly

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Q. The passage gives the idea that, the people in the art world who were most strongly affected by the recession ………….. .
a. were young artists and the owners of small galleries
b. tried to balance their losses by buying up the work of young artist
c. were the well established art dealers
d. decided to stop holding exhibitions altogether
e. resorted to all sorts of methods of attracting large crowds to their galleries

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