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Computers should never have acquired the exalted status they now have. Fascinating and invaluable as they are, even the most advanced have less brain power than a three-year-old. But,they do, score on single-mindedness. The three-year-old uses his brain not only to think but also to do tasks like seeing, hearing and running about, which need incredibly rapid and sophisticated electromechanical interactions we too run on electricity. However the computer just sits there and sends spacecraft to the moon or re-organizes the world banking system-which is very much easier. That’s why man’s dream of robot servants is still a long way off.[/AKIN]

Q. The basic point made by the given passage is that the human brain ……… .
a. is much inferior to any known computer
b. is infinitely more complex and powerful than any computer
c. reaches its maximum efficiency at the age of three
d. is not as complicated and mysterious as has usually been thought
e. has been entirely reproduced in computer form

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Q. It is mentioned in the passage that the efficiency of the computer ………… .
a. will soon make it possible for man to be served by robots
b. depends on the speed with which the data are fed
c. can best be appreciated in the decision making positions
d. is the result of its being concentrated on one task at a time
e. depends upon sophisticated electromechanical interactions

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Q. The writer feels that computers ………….. .
a. are becoming unaffordable as they get more advanced
b. have contributed immensely to the improvement of living standards
c. have been unnecessarily overrated
d. will be a major force behind all future progress
e. are capable of doing all the tasks the human brain performs even more efficiently

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