Evde,İşte,Okulda YDS

YDS  Testleri 5

1. Such accidents are usually the result of carelessness and can be avoided by taking a few simple ………….
a. reasons
b. wonders
c. details
d. precautions
e. introductions

2. I can’t tell him the exact amount, but I can give him a …………. estimate.
a. smooth
b. rough
c. cruel
d. tidy
e. similar

3. Bangkok is one of the most …………… populated areas in the world.
a. consequently
b. wastefully
c. perfectly
d. completely
e. densely

4. Soil is …………… being eroded by the action of running water and wind.
a. constantly
b. correctly
c. bitterly
d. exactly
e. urgently

5. Don’t blame …………… for keeping her waiting. It was entirely …………… fault.
a. ours / his
b. mine / their
c. her / them
d. him / my
e. them / ours

6. I am afraid there is something incorrect …………… my ear. I can’t hear you properly.
a. from
b. of
c. with
d. at
e. besides

7. Nigeria spends a quarter …………… its income every year …………… oil imports.
a. on / for
b. about / through
c. in / over
d. within / above
e. of / on

8. The sun, …………… has a surface temperature of 60000 °C, warms the Earth from a distance of 250 million km.
a. whom
b. which
c. whose
d. when
e. what

9. Jamie Lee has lost the gold brooch her mother gave her …………… a wedding present.
a. as
b. such as
c. despite
d. like
e. rather

10. The official minimum wage in the Philippines is so low that several members of a family must work …………… earn the amount regarded as a smallest amount family income.
a. otherwise
b. moreover
c. on the contrary
d. so that
e. in order to

11. Naturally we were very relieved to learn …………… that this particular operation had been successful …………… that a second one would not be necessary.
a. neither / nor
b. either / or
c. so / as
d. not only / but also
e. whether / or

12. Three hundred years ago most people grew …………… some of their own food.
a. so far
b. all at once
c. at least
d. by the way
e. at a glance

13. He performed …………… the audience applauded him for eleven minutes.
a. more skillfully than
b. as skillful as
c. so skillfully that
d. skillful enough
e. the most skillful

14. With the destruction of tropical rain forests, a lot of species …………… with extinction.
a. have threatened
b. are being threatened
c. are threatening
d. would have been threatened
e. can threaten

15. Since 1960 the world …………… nearly one-fifth of the top soil from its agricultural land and one-fifth of its tropical forests.
a. was losing
b. is losing
c. had been lost
d. has lost
e. loses
16. Chemical preservatives …………… as substances which are added to foods to stop deterioration.
a. can be defined
b. define
c. have defined
d. were defining
e. had been defined

17. Since he …………… from jail, he …………… unable to sleep properly.
a. has been released / was
b. had released / had been
c. was released / has been
d. released / is being
e. had been released / would be

18. I wish you …………… your sleeping bag at residence.
a. can’t leave
b. won’t leave
c. don’t leave
d. haven’t left
e. hadn’t left

19. Be sure to make a note of his phone number ……………..
a. if ever they decide to write to us
b. so that we can let him know when we are arriving
c. which had probably been changed anyhow
d. that will explain where he can get the car serviced
e. as soon as we know where we will be staying

20. It is well known …………….
a. as mothers ought to be more patient with their children
b. so you would save a great deal of money
c. that the heating of most foods causes losses in the vitamin content
d. if several friends will help me paint my house
e. because Mel is so stubborn that it is useless to try to convince him

21. ……………, they vary in their arrangement and in their manner of presenting the supplies.
a. Whether the lives of all such authors are included in biographical reference books
b. If the book you want is listed in the catalogue
c. Since the table of contents appears at the front of the book
d. Although all good dictionaries contain essentially the same kind of information
e. As dictionary compilers do not themselves decide the meaning and spelling of words

22. Since the price of terrain is rising rapidly …………….
a. you have been lucky to find something at that price
b. he would have drawn all his money from the bank
c. the method of advertising would have been changed
d. there was no need to express your views so strongly
e. this land is not suitable for growing trees of any kind

23. ……………, particularly if there has been an accident.
a. By 8 o’clock the car will be ready to collect
b. Fortunately, most traffic signs are now international
c. You should have got in touch with your insurance company
d. It is wise to study a plan of the communications system
e. Punishments for drunken driving can be severe

24. …………… because they help to prepare the scholar for the final examination.
a. A dictionary is a reliable guide to pronunciation
b. Examinations given during the term are useful
c. The competent composition teacher realized
d. Surely you understood the importance of being able to speak and write effectively
e. None of them was adequately prepared

25. A group of tourists were waiting outside the palace, hoping to see the King.
a. Bir grup turist, Kral görmek ümidiyle sarayın dışında bekliyordu.
b. Bir grup turist, Kral saraydan dışarı çıktığında göreceğini sanıyordu.
c. Sarayın dışındaki turistlerden bazıları Kral dışarı çıkmasını bekliyordu.
d. Kral görmek isteyen bir grup turist, saraya gitmek için bekliyordu.
e. Sarayın dışında bekleyen turistlerin çoğu Kral görmek için gelmişti.

26. The food industry in England spends 4,7 million pounds sterling a year on advertising to persuade people to buy its products.a. Reklâmlar sayesinde insanların ürünlere rağbet etmesi İngiltere’nin besin endüstrisine bu yıl 4,7 milyon sterlinlik kâr sağlamıştır.
b. İngiltere’deki besin endüstrisinin gelişebilmesi, her yıl insanların ürünleri satın almasını sağlayan 4,6 milyon sterlin tutarındaki reklâmlara bağlıdır.
c. İngiltere’deki besin endüstrisi, insanları kendi ürünlerini almaya ikna etmek için reklâma yılda 4,7 milyon sterlin harcamaktadır.
d. İngiltere’deki insanların bu yıl besin endüstrisi ürünlerine 4,7 milyon sterlin ödemesi reklâm konusu oldu.
e. Bu yıl İngiltere, besin endüstrisi ürürlerinin başka ülkelere satışı için reklâmlara 4,7 milyon sterlin ayırdı.

27. Brazil produces only one fifth of the 1,9 million barrels of oil that it consumes every day.
a. Brezilya’da her gün tüketilen 1,9 milyon varil petrolün yalnız beşte biri ithal edilmektedir.
b. Brezilya, her gün tükettiği 1,9 milyon varil petrolün yalnız beşte birini üretmektedir.
c. Brezilya’da her gün üretilen 1,9 milyon varil petrolün yalnız beşte biri tüketilmektedir.
d. Brezilya, sadece günlük tüketimin beşte biri olan 1,9 milyon varil petrolü üretebilmektedir.
e. Her gün 1,9 milyon varil petrol tüketen Brezilya, bunun sadece beşte birini ithal edebilecek imkânlara sahiptir.

28. Regular sleep and relaxation play an important part in maintaining health, particularly mental health.
a. Düzenli uyku ve dinlenme ile ilgili kurallara uymamak sağlığımızı, özellikle de ruh sağlığımızı tehlikeye sokabilir.
b. Sağlığımızı, özellikle ruh sağlığımızı düzenli uyuyarak ve dinlenerek koruyabiliriz.
c. Sağlığımızı, özellikle ruh sağlığımızı korumamızın başlıca yolu düzenli uyku ve dinlenmedir.
d. Düzenli uyku ve dinlenme, sağlığı, özellikle ruh sağlığını korumada önemli rol oynar.
e. Sağlığın, özellikle ruh sağlığının bozulduğunun en önemli göstergesi, düzensiz uygu ve dinlenmemedir.

29. It is necessary to do some new investigation on the disease rather than rely on what is already known.
a. Sadece bilinenlere bağlı kalmadan, bu hastalık ile ilgili yeni araştırmalar yapmak şarttır.
b. Hastalıkla ilgili olarak yapılan yeni araştırmaların bilinen hususlara da dayanması gereklidir.
c. Hastalıkla ilgili olarak, bilinen hususlara dayalı yeni bazı araştırmalara gerek vardır.
d. Hastalıkla ilgili olarak yeni bazı araştırmalar yapmak için, bilinen bilgilere dayanmak kaçınılmazdır.
e. Mevcut bilgilere dayanmaktansa, hastalıkla ilgili olarak yeni bazı araştırmalar yapmak gereklidir.

30. Coronary heart disease is one of the major causes of death in the developed nations of the world.
a. Ölüm nedenlerinin başında koroner kalp hastalığının gelmesi, dünyanın gelişmiş ülkelerini önlem almaya zorluyor.
b. Dünyanın gelişmiş ülkelerinde, ölümlerin çoğuna koroner kalp hastalıkları olmaktadır.
c. Koroner kalp hastalığı, dünyanın gelişmiş ülkelerinde en başta gelen ölüm nedenlerinden biridir.
d. Ölümle sonçulanan koroner kalp hastalıklarının daha çok gelişmiş ülkelerde görülmesi düşündürücüdür.
e. Koroner kalp hastalığının genellikle ölümle sonuçlanması, dünyanın gelişmiş ülkelerinde sıkça rastlanan bir olaydır.

31. Konsere ilk gece bu kadar insanın katılacağını ummamıştık.
a. We hadn’t expected that so many people would be present at the concert on the first night.
b. I wish we had known that so many people would be present at the concert on the first night.
c. I expect that for many people it was the first time they had even attended a concert.
d. On the first night we naturally hadn’t expected many people would stay for the concert.
e. Obviously we can’t expect the concert to be well-attended on the first night.

32. Pek çok Afrika köyünde erkekler, zamanlarının ve enerjilerinin çoğunu avlanmak için harcamaktadırlar.
a. In many African villages, hunting takes up much of the men’s time and energy.
b. Many of the men in African villages waste a lot of their time and energy on hunting.
c. A lot of time and energy is spent in the African villages by the men who could be out hunting.
d. In many African villages the men spend most of their time and energy hunting.
e. The men in many African villages have nothing better to do with their time and energy but hunt.

33. Yeni yönetmeliğe göre, bu girişi kullanmak için özel bir izne ihtiyacınız var.
a. There is a new law which says you have to get special permission to use this entrance.
b. According to the new regulations, you need a special permit to use this entrance.
c. When the new regulations come into effect most people will not be allowed to use this entrance.
d. With the new regulations, you’ll have to get special permission if you want to use this entrance.
e. Arrangements have been made to issue special permits to allow people to use this entrance.

34. Bu ulaşım sisteminin uzak bölgelere yiyecek taşımak için gerçekten yeterli olduğundan emin değilim.
a. I am not sure that this transport system is actually adequate to carry food to the remote areas.
b. The transport system whereby food is carried to the remote areas does not seem to be working.
c. The system by which food is being transported to the remote parts doesn’t impress me as being at all efficient.
d. I cannot believe that such a transport system can be relied on to get food to the remote parts of the country.
e. You will have to convince me that such a system is capable of transporting food to the remote areas safely and quickly.

35. Kurul tarafından belirlenen adaylardan en çok hangisini destekliyorsunuz?
a. Won’t the committee support any of the candidates that have been nominated?
b. Which of the candidates has the support of most of the committee members?
c. All the candidates will be considered by the committee but which one has your support?
d. Will you support any of the candidates that the committee has nominated?
e. Of the candidates determined by the committee, which one do you support most?

36. Eğer sekreterler işlerini düzgün yapmış olsalardı, konferans başarılı olurdu.
a. The excellent work of the secretaries is what really made the conference so successful.
b. As the secretaries had done their work properly, the conference was successful.
c. If only the secretaries work properly the success of the conference is assured.
d. The success of a conference depends on the way the secretaries organize it.
e. If the secretaries had done their job properly, the conference would have been a success.

When Queen Victoria died in 1901, the world was entering a new and exciting period of change. For instance, in that year, for the first time, wireless signals had crossed the Atlantic and, in the following year, an airship flew from Europe to America. Already the motor car had come into use and was making life much easier. Telephones, also, were becoming fairly common. Politically and economically, people looked forward to a time of peace, wealth and progress. In fact, nothing seemed to stand in the way of such a future.

Q. It is obvious from the passage that the twentieth century …………….
a. opened with a decline in industrial and economic activity
b. inherited, from the previous century, very many serious social and political problems
c. began in a spirit of hope and confidence which was more or less world-wide
d. was ushered in by a wave of despair and discontent
e. introduced a period of economic and political unrest.

Q. At the beginning of the twentieth century, people …………….
a. were still not fully aware of the benefits of the telephone
b. believed that technological and economic progress could not be halted
c. preferred to make their long distance journeys by airship
d. were extremely upset bye the death of Queen Victoria
e. felt ill at ease in the face of so much change

Q. From the passage one can conclude that at the turn of the new century …………….
a. the drawbacks of industrialization became evident
b. it seemed that nothing more could be invented
c. progress and change were to be seen on every side
d. technological progress was hampered by an economic crisis
e. the main emphasis was on improved communications

There can be few more depressing stories in the entire history of man’s exploitation of nature than the wide-spread destruction of whales. Whales have not only suffered untold cruelty but now face total extermination. Already entire populations have been wiped out, and the only reason why no species has yet been finished off is due to the vastness and inaccessibility of the oceans. Hence, a few have always managed to escape, but how much longer can this go on?

Q. The author points out that of all the animals in nature it is probably the whales that …………….
a. have aroused most sympathy among ordinary people
b. have attracted the least scientific attention
c. alone can survive man’s hunting instincts
d. have suffered most from man’s cruelty
e. can finally avoid total extinction

Q. According to the passage, if whales have so far survived, it is because …………….
a. they have taken refuge in the vast expenses of the oceans
b. they breed fast and are difficult to catch
c. modern man has recognized the need to preserve them
d. various measures have been taken to save them from total extermination
e. man has finally realized that nature must not be exploited

Q. In the passage the author expresses his doubts about whether …………….
a. many species of whales ought to be preserved
b. the exploitation of nature can be justified
c. whales can actually survive in the future
d. man really is as cruel to whales as some people have claimed
e. there is any point in trying to preserve all species of animals

It is to be expected that, by the year 2050, people’s eating habits will have changed beyond recognition. With a world-wide growth in population very many new mechanical and scientific methods will come into being to step up food production. There may well be an end to food as we know it today. In fact, meals as we know them, may become a thing of the past. Food constituents and vitamins may be taken in the form of capsules, tablets and pills. The thought of these highly artificial food constituents replacing present day foods may not be very relishing, but they may be the answer to food shortage and world famine.

Q. It is suggested in the passage that, at a not too distant date, …. .
a. the world will face severe famine
b. the rate of growth in this world population will have been slowed down
c. the world’s food production will decline tremendously despite the population growth
d. methods of advertising food products will change drastically
e. our traditional eating habits will have been completely replaced

Q. The author points out that artificial food …………….
a. will unfortunately be deficient in vitamins
b. can be economically and easily produced
c. is not practical but it is delicious
d. may provide a solution to the problem of a world food shortage
e. will appeal greatly to the majority of people

Q. The main point emphasized in the passage is that …………….
a. present-day eating habits must be preserved
b. in the twenty-first century the wide-spread use of artificial food will be inevitable
c. famine and food shortage in the world can only be overcome by reducing the population growth rate
d. artificial goods need not conflict with traditional eating habits
e. mechanical and scientific methods are indispensable for the production of vitamins

There is nothing that man fears more than the touch of the unknown. He wants to know what is reaching towards him, and to be able to recognize or at least classify it. Man always tends to avoid physical contact with anything strange. In the dark, the fear of an unexpected touch can lead to panic. Even clothes give insufficient security: it is easy to tear them and pierce through to the naked, smooth, defenseless flesh of the victim. All the distances which men create round themselves are dictated by this fear. They shut themselves in houses which no one may enter, and only there they feel some measure of security. The fear of burglars is not only the fear of being robbed, but also the fear of something touching you in the darkness.

Q. According to the passage, what frightens people most is …………….
a. the thought of being robbed at night
b. the unexpected contact with something unknown
c. a sense of insecurity
d. being alone in the dark
e. the knowledge that they won’t be protected

Q. Because people are frightened of the unknown, …………….
a. they feel it necessary to put a barrier between themselves and the unknown
b. it is natural that they should always be in a state of panic
c. they feel safer in a crowd
d. they try to avoid physical contact of all kinds
e. burglars find it much easier to break into houses

Q. This passage is concerned with …………….
a. how people can regain a sense of security
b. the measures people are advised to take against burglars
c. the three main types of fear
d. people’s fear of the unknown and how they try to cope with it
e. how to bring one’s fears into the open

49. I can come any day this week except Tuesday.
a. I like to come once a week, on Tuesday.
b. I have only one free day each week, and that’s Tuesday.
c. This week, the only day that doesn’t suit me is Tuesday.
d. The only day that I can manage this week is Tuesday.
e. This week I even managed to come on Tuesday.

50. In my opinion his early novels weren’t any better than his last one.
a. I believe that the novel he has written recently has failed to draw the public attention.
b. I think he has at last managed to write a really good novel.
c. It seems to me that all his earlier works were better than his last novel.
d. My impression is that in his last novel he is merely repeating the earlier ones.
e. As far as I’m concerned, this last novel of his is at least as good as any of the earlier ones.

51. If I’d known where they lived I would certainly have gone to visit them while I was in Paris.
a. I didn’t even know they were living in Paris so I never thought of visiting them.
b. I wanted to visit them while I was in Paris but as I didn’t have their address, I couldn’t.
c. I visited them when I was living in Paris but now I’ve lost touch with them.
d. Last week I was in Paris but I didn’t feel like going to visit them.
e. They are still living in Paris but unfortunately I don’t have their address.

52. Luckily they managed to catch the last bus, so they didn’t have to walk the five miles back to the village.
a. Since the village was five miles away from where they took the bus, they had to walk all that distance.
b. Fortunately the bus they caught took them within five miles of their own village, so they only had a short walk.
c. They were fortunate enough to get the last bus which saved them the five-mile walk back to the village.
d. They were lucky enough to find a bus to take them the last five miles to the village.
e. It was fortunate that they were able to take the last bus when they were only five miles away from the village.

53. We’re still debating whether or not he deserves to be promoted.
a. There was much disagreement among us as to whether he’s a suitable candidate for promotion.
b. The question of whether he’s entitled to promotion has not yet been discussed.
c. His promotion will certainly cause a great deal of disagreement among us.
d. We couldn’t decide to what extent he really merits promotion.
e. We haven’t yet come to an agreement as to if he should be promoted.

54. Some people take large amounts of vitamins and minerals over periods of years. ……………. There is no evidence to support their view. In fact a recent study says that people who take vitamin supplements are not really healthier for it and do not live longer.
a. Children suffer more from vitamin deficiencies than adults do
b. Our bodies use vitamins in tiny amounts to build and repair tissues
c. Exercise and no smoking are essential for good health
d. They assume that if a little is good for them a lot must be better
e. To work out your own nutritional needs, it’s best to consult a doctor

55. Antarctica is a potent symbol of the environmental crisis. It has been called the last great wilderness on Earth. Many conservationists went [to] this unique area to be protected forever as a world park, ……………. Its future is uncertain.
a. but many governments want to begin mining operations there
b. If waste chemicals from industry are deposited there
c. and the only solution is to cut down the amount of harmful gases we discharge into this atmosphere
d. but this would cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life
e. even if the planet heated and mountains of ice began to melt

56. The primary purpose of notes is to aid learning. Whether the notes are taken from a lecture or a discussion, one obviously doesn’t want to put all the material on record. …………….The items selected in the notes should be sufficient to enable one to reconstruct the rest of the material.
a. Even so, note-taking from lectures requires more skill than note-taking from books
b. For many types of curse there are printed notes sold by booksellers
c. Rather, one makes notes of the most important items only
d. Unfortunately, some students can’t see that notes are their primary source of information
e. It is helpful to bear in mind that this is not the only way of taking notes

57. Scientists measuring the global climate here found that the world’s climate is changing. The average world temperature has increased by about half a degree Celsius since the 1860s. ……………. By the middle of the next century it is likely the world will be 1,5 °C warmer than today.
a. If the ozone layer thins, the extra ultraviolet light may have an adverse effect on plant growth
b. Flooding would also cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life
c. Most nations are willing to accept the inevitable consequences of global warming
d. Population of the land, sea and air occurs as a result of many activities
e. Scientists are predicting that this trend will continue

58. In Britain during the nineteenth century, middle class women were usually expected to stay at home and look after their households. But in the early years of the twentieth century, this was beginning to change. ……………. Some succeeded. For instance, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson became a qualified doctor and, in 1918, was England’s first woman mayor.
a. In the war years, thousands of women were needed to work in the factories
b. Middle class women were struggling to enter the professions on equal terms with men
c. Most women were indifferent to the issues of the items
d. Therefore, most men withheld their support from the movement
e. Some women are not allowed to work even though their families need the money they could earn

59. A friend is showing you photographs he took at your sister’s wedding. They are all good, but one particular photograph of your sister is quite perfect. You say in delight:
a. But this is gorgeous. Just look how her happiness shows!
b. Most wedding photographs are too carefully posed.
c. Her wedding dress looks awful in the photograph. Doesn’t it?
d. If only it hadn’t rained and you could have taken photos in the garden.
e. I wonder what she was laughing at in this photo!

60. Your friend has been rather rude to an old gentelmen in the post office because it took her so long to pay for the stamps. You want to show your disapproval, and say:
a. It’s not easy dealing with old people like that.
b. Don’t worry. He’s probably deaf and didn’t hear what you said.
c. The clerk who was serving him was losing his patience, too.
d. You shouldn’t have said that, you know. Remember we shall all be old one day.
e. Surely he could ask someone to buy stamps for him.
61. You are very upset to learn that the poem you sent for publication in a academic journal has been turned down. When a close friend asks you about it, you try to change the subject and say:
a. On the contrary, I’m confident that it will be all right next time.
b. After all, that’s what I expected.
c. Well, did you expect me to win?
d. They’ve been most unfair about it. So I’m really furious.
e. Let’s not talk about it, I really am disappointed.

62. A friend of yours is worried that he may not qualify for the annual prize. But you know he’s good; so by way of encouragement you say to him:
a. I should think there are plenty of candidates who are equally likely to get the prize.
b. Why do you have so much confidence? Have you seen the other entries?
c. Looking at your achievements so far, I am fully confident that you’ll be awarded the prize.
d. In my opinion, you are putting your expectations too high as competition is strong.
e. There are only five people applying, so you have a one-in-seven chance.

63. You have been invited by a close friend of yours to his birthday party. However, at the last moment, you find you can’t go as your brother is too ill to be left alone. So you call your friend and say:
a. I shan’t be able to make it to your party; my brother is much worse, so I have to stay with her.
b. I’m calling to tell you that the condition of my brother has finally improved. By the way, many happy returns of the day.
c. I must apologize for my brother who unfortunately annoyed various people at the party.
d. Hello! This is me apologizing for the way we behaved at the party.
e. I’m phoning to let you know how much we are looking forward to coming to your party.

64. Jonnie doesn’t seem too keen on going to the concert on Saturday. You think he should, and to encourage him you say:
a. I suggest you buy the tickets well in advance.
b. I’m afraid the concert hall will be very crowded.
c. Why are you so reluctant to go to the concert?
d. If I were you I wouldn’t miss that concert.
e. I wish we had gone to the concert together.

65. John : You’re looking upset. What’s happened?
Marry : Nothing serious. But I’ve just missed a bus and there won’t be another one for an hour.
John : ……………
Marry : So it does! Let’s go.
a. The timetable has changed. They now run every half hour.
b. Why, how fortunate! That means we can go and have a coffee together.
c. How annoying! Why don’t you use your bicycle more?
d. Take the No: 3 bus and walk the last kilometer.
e. These buses do leave early quite often.

66. Angela : Who were you talking to just now?
Janet : My brother. Didn’t you recognize him?
Angela : ……………
Janet : Well, five years ago he was just a kid of twelve.
a. No, I didn’t. But then I haven’t seen him for five years or more.
b. Of course I did. He has a most distinctive appearance.
c. I’m not sure. Has he put on weight recently?
d. Well, I thought he behaved perfectly well.
e. I didn’t realize he was back yet, so I wasn’t expecting to see him.

67. Roger : I hear you are looking for a new flat.
Garry : ……………
Roger : Why? What’s the matter?
Garry : She won’t let me have any visitors.
a. Well, 60 % of income goes on rent. I can’t afford it.
b. I think it will be difficult to find another one.
c. Don’t you know? My new house is nearly finished.
d. In fact my wife prefers one with a more central position.
e. That’s right. I can’t tolerate my landlady any longer.

68. Jennifer : I hope you won’t have your book published by Woodford.
Sharon : No, certainly not.
Jennifer : ……………. The last job they did for us was a disaster.
a. Perhaps you will be able to make it ready in a month
b. It would be wiser to try them once more
c. I understand why you insist on them
d. I’m glad to hear you say that
e. Don’t worry! They won’t reject it

69. Juliet : What are you planning to do this evening?
Kirkland : I had thought of going to a performance of the Russian Ballet, but now that’s impossible.
Juliet : ……………
Kirkland : I have to mark all these papers.
a. Would you mind attending the meeting for me?
b. What did you think of their last production?
c. Why is that? Why have you had to change your plan?
d. I’d love to go. What’s happening to your ticket?
e. Never mind. What have you heard about the production?

70. Father : Where are you going?
Ally : Just to the library. Do you need anything from the shops?
Father : ……………
Ally : O.K. I’ll get them for you.
a. No, thank you. Everything is ready for the meal tonight.
b. Only a loaf of bread.
c. No, but I wish you’d post these letters.
d. I don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner tonight.
e. Yes I do. I need sugar and some eggs.

71. (I) The role of the parents in child development is of big importance.
(II) Once a child starts school he finds himself in a totally different atmosphere.
(III) Parents are responsible for the physical needs of their children and for protecting them.
(IV) They are also their first teachers, and perhaps their most important teachers.
(V) Good parents provide their children with the emotional security and the intellectual stimulation that are essential for a happy and successful life.
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
e. V

72. (I) Personal computers have become a part of everyday life in the majority of organizations.
(II) They are encountered in many departments, from the shop floor to the managing director’s office.
(III) Therefore the failure of a personal computer can cause a great teal of trouble.
(IV) Another subject that is becoming important is the economic benefits of computerization.
(V) However, despite this, few computer users make an adequate effort to safeguard against troubles.
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
e. V

73. (I) In argumentative writing your purpose is to persuade the reader to accept your views on a debatable subject.
(II) You try to prove that you are right.
(III) It is natural that people make many mistakes in writing.
(IV) In its more elaborate form, it is a skillfully planned, tightly reasoned type of writing, frequently designed not only to convince an audience but also to persuade it to action.
(V) In its simplest form, argumentative writing is a statement of personal opinion backup by facts and reasons.
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
e. V

74. (I) The bones of the body fitted together in place make up the skeleton.
(II) Do you know that we have more than 150 bones in our body?
(III) The largest is the bone in the upper part of the leg.
(IV) The smallest is a tiny bone far inside the ear.
(V) When the body needs calcium, it takes some from the skeleton.
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
e. V

75. (I) Buildings, towns, monuments and other historic sites give us a sense of place.
(II) They remind us of our early years, of how our forebears lived, and how our culture and society have developed.
(III) They tell us what earlier generations aspired to and achieved.
(IV) They provide the context for new buildings, and for changes in our own way of life.
(V) Therefore the Government is directly responsible for the deterioration in the quality of living conditions
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV
e. V

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